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  1. The 'Does this thread exist?' thread

    I was talking about his efficiency.
  2. Life

    Good work Dasein - called to the bar You're officially Lionel Hutz.
  3. The 'Does this thread exist?' thread

    Nobody mention this to Toblix. In the same vein as Frodo, 'Blix's fate is tied to the forum; too many wayward threads and his head will asplode. He'll be along shortly to tidy everything up in semi Germanic fashion.
  4. 2014 Predictions!

    TychoCelchuuu stepping in with his heart warming prediction there! Don't forget cancer!
  5. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    I've doctored for a few people who have been stabbed, it doesn't hurt as much as renal stones. Poor you. Dr AG
  6. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    It does help to stay hydrated but unfortunately, some people are just prone to getting them. They fucking hurt too. Renal calculi make babies of strong men. Dr AG
  7. Games giveaway

    I second Rodi's post; PM for keys, regular dudes only. Also, ihavefivehat is a top dude. AG
  8. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Don't tell lies Rodi, you're going to Total Rekall to get a memory implanted about being a pirate. If you come back with three boobs, it'll be your own fault. I'll give you a praxis kit toward the cost.
  9. Games giveaway

    Nappi, Erkki, Miffy. I have a copy of Age of Empires II HD if any of you guys want it. My eldest son bought the four pack with his birthday money and we have one copy spare to payback the half life love. Let me know via Steam or message on here.
  10. Games giveaway

    I need to say publically, that Miffy is a very nice man that would be welcome in my family home and should be in yours too. End of announcement. Thankyou.
  11. Games giveaway

    Erkki you are a great man! I'd love HL1 if you still have it, that would be awesome. I'll pm you my email address. Thanks
  12. Games giveaway

    Miffy you Canadian educational loveboat! We are still Steam buddies 'tis true. Thanks to Nappi, Isaac has Half life 2, so it would just be episode 1 he needs. I'll message you on Steam when I next see you online. Cheers my man Also, Justin, thanks for the link, I'll check that out after he's played the real deal, I want him to have the half life experience first
  13. Arma 3 Beta Shenanigans

    I need to get all up in this but LIFE! MONEY! I MISS YOU GUYS...BOO HOO WAAAAH :tdown: :tdown:
  14. Life

    The dark nights don't make me miserable until about February. Fuck February.
  15. Games giveaway

    Does anyone have a coupon/copy of half life and or half life 2 and the episodes? My son is desperate for them but I'm not paying top dollar as they seem to regularly be on sale* Thanking you dudes *and I'm skint
  16. Intoxicated:

    If there was a 'like' button, I would like Rodi's post. IMBIBE.
  17. World of Tanks

    Anybody playing this? I'm just downloading this on the strength of my brother in laws enthusiasm for it, just wondered if any Thumbs have had the pleasure?
  18. Life

    Twig, you shouldn't definitely tell your mother you are worried about what the 'spot' on her brain is and that she should tell you all about it. I don't mean to doom monger but if this turns out to be something bad, there may be a million things you wished you had said etc but didn't. I've seen lots of times where someone kept symptoms secret and they turn out bad and their family wished so hard they said something about it. I'm not saying your Mum (I'm British) has a serious illness, just that you should air those feelings and tell your Mum that you not knowing is worse. Do it dude!
  19. Life

    Congrats to you and yours Synth!
  20. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Toblix was 'ere
  21. Games giveaway

    Are we friends on Steam Twig?
  22. Games giveaway

    Hey Twig, I'd like crayon physics for mah little'uns if you still have it brother. ArmchairGeneral on steam.
  23. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    I saw this and thought of Toblix. Watch until the end. It gets weird.
  24. Weird Medical Shit

    Can I be the moderator of this thread? I'll chip in with humourous tales from the Emergency department from time to time, all Dr Hibbert like.
  25. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Arrows should have a clear start, a middle and an end, or point, as it's sometimes known. It's not like I fucked it up and couldn't bothered to unbugger it or anything.