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  1. The 2nd game has been chosen! The roll of the dice has decided on... Jump and dash around crazy levels, taking apart your fellow robots! The basic rules of the game are as follows: 1. Attack opponent robots to steal their energy 2. Energy makes you larger, better and brighter. 3. Detonate to convert your stored energy to points. Catching opponents in blast will multiply your banked score! There are all kinds of gameplay modes for us to try and enough other things that will surely entertain us for the evening! Coincidentally I totally have a single gift copy of this game. Same rules apply as before: If you accept it, you are playing with us on that Monday! (it's gone!) We meet on Mumble at 7PM UTC. Monday the 29th we play the game!
  2. Oculus rift

    You're fucked! But just be careful when wearing glasses inside of the Rift. The lenses scratch quite easily. Contacts would probably be better. My own personal Oculus update: It's nice to have received one so early... But the judder persists in 95% of all applications, rendering it unusable. SIGH. Can't even use it to test my own stuff.
  3. Idlethumbs changed my life forever

    Ah, I only later realized that maybe it would've been nicer if I hadn't said anything and you just suddenly heard your own email being read. I got excited. My bad for the spoilers.
  4. How cool would it be to play a Zelda game where you're cast in the role of a character who think he's the hero Link (and you assuming he's the hero), but then the eventual realization that you're not "the chosen one"? I really hope that they turn a bunch of LoZ tropes on their head for the new one and don't just retell the same story they've been telling for the past 30 years. They're finally doing something about the gameplay, so it would be so, so nice if they did he same for the story/lore. What if, what if, what if AAAAAAH!!!
  5. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    So this is a thing...
  6. Idlethumbs changed my life forever

    Your email totally got read on the 'cast, GraysonEvans!
  7. Seems like Bionic Commando was a big success! To everyone who played, definitely post what you thought about the game and the evening! If you check the OP, I added a big link that allows you to submit multiplayer game suggestions. At the end of the week a game will be chosen at random from the list generated. I think there should be a price limit though, but I'm not sure how high that would be.
  8. I might have fucked up the times because I don't understand timezones... Either way, if all of you are in the Idle Thumbs steam group, the event notification will happen at the appropriate time (an hour and 7 minutes from now). I.e. the same time we always played GTA Thumbs on. P.S. Fuck timezones and daylight savings.
  9. I put in a different link that goes directly to the download page (thanks for that, Miffy) so you can circumvent that account creation crap. I would definitely recommend that everyone at least try the single player up to the point of the tutorial to get familiar with the swinging mechanics (and appreciate the terrible story and not very good singleplayer). There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to the mechanics. Pro-tip: E = heavy punch (Y), F = light punch ( I also highly recommend playing Mouse & Keyboard, even if the button dialogs are all console.
  10. The latest Hamachi version will do. And can do, jutranjo; if you add me on Steam I'll send it over.
  11. Quoting this from the OP, in case anyone missed it. I don't remember needing an account, but then Toblix confused me in that he had to create an account before he was able to download it...
  12. Life

    That's a really nice, incredibly Dutch looking house, Osmosisch! Congratulations!
  13. Well, I thought about that, SAM, but I'm not sure that we have a sizeable enough multiplaying community to sustain 2 sessions of this? In my experience, either not a lot of people actually show up or it kind of peters out after the first one. That's why I picked the Monday, because on that day we at least have a regular group of folks showing up. Either way, I suggest sticking to our guns for the coming Monday session, considering it's kind of short time to start moving that one around.
  14. It would fit into the Monday night GTA4 slot (8PM UTC), but I realize that is a time that's kind of anti-US and pro-EU. If anyone has any ideas on that? I wouldn't mind switching the Monday to a Sunday, but it's always gonna be the case that a whichever day it is, it's gonna be bad for someone. We just gotta pick one or the other and stick with it, I think. So what do you all think? Monday or Sunday? Sounds good, Justin!
  15. SAM: It is done! SBM: Most excellent to hear!
  16. Oculus rift

    Wait, long sightedness means you can see things fine in the distance, right? If that's the case you'll be a-ok without glasses. Probably! It has to do with the fact that, when wearing the rift, your eyes focus at infinity.
  17. So for those who missed it, in August we're planning a little meet up in Utrecht with the Idle Thumbs community. We haven't decided on a whole lot yet, except THE DATE WHICH IS Saturday, August 23th for the date which will be somewhere between August 22nd and 28th. If you're interested, we're using a little scheduling site so we can select the ideal day; if you PM Roderick, Dutch Idle Thumb Extraordinaire, and send him your email he'll hook you up with a link to the site. Like I said before, we haven't decided on a whole lot, so let's use this space to do just that! Our current idea is to just find a place where we can all go have a beverage together and, weather prohibiting, maybe sit outside and enjoy some sun while enjoying a beverage. Current list of deviants: Lu Roderick elmuerte I_Smell Osmo and... YOU!?
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    So how are developers and game journalists being buddy-buddy going to destroy gaming as we know it?
  19. Yea, I really enjoyed myself; it was fun! Nice to meet all of you (and Rodi again). Rodi, our wizard beacon. Like a bat signal for fellow Thumbs. Enjoying a beverage in a cozy place! The food was scrumptious! (Depicted from left to right: Rodi, elmuerte (he looks completely like his avatar!! I was so happy!), hedgefield. The amazing photographer: me) And it would have been nice if I_smell hadn't completely forgotten. Shame you weren't there!
  20. Feminism

    This week has been so goddamn shitty. Utterly rage inducing bullshit. What's WRONG with these people? FUCK. I so hope that both Quinn and Fish are alright and get all the support they need.
  21. Unite

    Predictions: - One huge popped collar I do really hope they respond to the things Epic has been doing with UE4.
  22. That's alright, we have hedgefield now. But for reals, that sucks and that is great and that sucks, in that order! Hopefully if this Saturday won't be too scarring for the Dutch contingent, we'll do it again sometime.
  23. Star Citizen

    Citizens Unite!