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  1. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Yea, it's an Intuos 3, so no top strip. Duuuude.
  2. Stealing

    Just color-palette? No. I don't see why that would even require permission or credit. What's the story there then?
  3. The Big VR Thread Hubba hubba. Can't wait to see more, especially what their input solution is going to be. If a year ago anyone had said Valve would beat Oculus to market with a VR headset, I would not have believed it.
  4. Grand ThVmb Auto PC Here's your chance, Miffy!
  5. Show me your desk/gaming space

    I've catsitted a deaf one in my house for a bunch of days. I remember it like it was thursday, august 14th, 2014! Infuriatingly curious about everything, yet so very adorable. Especially when sleeping. Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Design Theory Texts

    Chris Crawford on Game Design. You'll likely not agree with everything he says, but that's bound to happen with someone as opinionated as Crawford. The book itself is quite an enjoyable read, with loads of anecdotes and history about past games he's worked on as well. He's a really interesting character. It's pretty crazy to consider how far ahead he was at the time when it came to thinking and writing about game design.
  7. Show me your desk/gaming space

    TWO YEARS LATER... PERIPHERCALYPSE! Say, Apple Cider, what's that thing behind your monitor?
  8. Are you looking for an alternative? 'Cause I think what's missing in your life is a Raspberry Pi 2.
  9. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    It happened, it was totally hilarious. We did an ill chosen tractor race, a sweet race on a long straight with random jumps, a forced-first-person helicopter race, and one with jets that had us flying in between skyscrapers. I feel like we're only scratching the surface too! Much more fun stuff to discover.
  10. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Well, well, well.
  11. http://www.kickstart...longest-journey Shhh, Ragnar, shhh. You had me at hello. Pledged! Now give me more Dreamfall!! I've been wanting this project to happen for soooo long now. Hugely excited!
  12. Finished the 2nd book and uh... Yea, I'm really interested in the world and story, but the puzzles so far have been an annoying distraction from that. I just don't enjoy most of them, mostly because I think the game does such a poor job communicating what it expects you to do. I found myself AGAIN walking around aimlessly for long times, unsure of what I was supposed to be doing. They're just so vague and the solutions so specific; it bums me out a bit. Then there are the characters that just monologue at you for the longest time; just talking at you while you're just standing there rotating the camera around. There has got to be a better way to do that. I suppose most my complaints are really a matter of budget. Time and money and all that. Seems that it's scope is bigger than what they can muster and there's just a lot of jankiness, which is unfortunate.
  13. Intoxicated:

    Now what megapiels
  14. Intoxicated:

  15. IDLE THUMBS 200

    Congratulations on 200 episodes!
  16. The Big VR Thread

    I'm not that clever.
  17. The Big VR Thread

    An in-game corridor or a real life corridor? And I wouldn't count out Oculus yet. I think this years E3 will be huge for them. Some impressions from the folks at Tested of both Morpheus and Vive.
  18. Idle Thumbs IRC is the #1 reason why I don't post as much on these forums as I used to. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? YOU DECIDE.
  19. Happy Valentines Day

    Rave time! LET'S DANCE
  20. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    A programmer friend of mine actually applied for a job at 22Cans inception. He must be so relieved that he never heard back from them. What a disappointing mess.
  21. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Eesh, yea, I can only imagine what Alexander must've been feeling in that moment when that question started to form. And how quickly the bottom falls out of said question as soon as it's put under any kind of scrutiny.
  22. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    2 times in 2 days now that I had been taking out wanted individuals and that some asshole player hogs in on my bounty, gets hit by a stray bullet because it's flying inbetween me and my target and me getting a bounty on my head as a result. Every time I don't want to make it worse and just get out of there, but the jerks take me out before I can. SIGH.
  23. Diablo III

    Me and Wrestlevania did a Rift run and happened across 6-8 different goblin kinds right next to each other. The whole dungeon floor was littered with goodness. I smashed a Bloodshard goblin and was instantly at 450 bloodshards! There were so many goblins I was like a dog not knowing which squirrel I had to chase. CHOICE PARALYSIS!
  24. They're taking my Freeze Peach!

    I suppose it makes sense that frozen princess peach has no use for clothes...
  25. I love, love, LOOOOOOVED the music part of that making of! Also quite nice how it's actually a making of and not a "We, like, worked really hard on this and it's definitely a revolutionary thing that is the best thing that has ever been made until the next thing we make". Fun watch!