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  1. E3 2015

    The Oculus Special Live Event due to start in 12 hours!
  2. Chris Crawford's Siboot

    I had seen some things of this game, but I didn't realize he was going for a Kickstarter again. Backed! I really hope this succeeds.
  3. The Last Guardian

    I'm finding myself talking a lot about Prince of Persia 2008, for some reason... I disliked the prince, because it was at a time that I had reached peak Nolan North. The guy was in eeeverything, always playing about the same guy, except the writing varying in quality by a lot. I haven't played it since then, but I just remember being annoyed at the bickering; it was all rather one-note. Also has one of those infuriating cliffhangers that Ubisoft likes so much. There were a lot of good things in that game (e.g. the way that game handled "death" was a little ahead of its time, I think), but deserved most of the scorn it got, in my opinion. A lot of the gameplay was a step removed from it being a giant QTE obstacle course.
  4. Sense8

    I didn't mind Sense8 being slow. That's a thing I rather enjoyed about it. It takes its time, but I think it pays off by the end of the season. I also think it can afford to take its time, as all episodes are out. I don't think the format of this show would've worked if it had been an episode a week thing. Netflix's form defining the structure of shows, I guess. I really liked all characters, even if some are still a little thin. It did a great job of building tension that had me on the edge of my seat! All in all, I really liked it!
  5. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Yea, I actually had no idea that was a bug until you pointed it out to me that that was not by design...
  6. Steam Box

    I waited a few days before I cracked, then I pre-ordered it! I'm the worst as well.
  7. Return of the Steam Box!

    Says around 80 hours with a disclaimer on "DEPENDS ON WHAT BATTERIES AND THE STATE OF YOUR BATTERIES, etc." Still a looooot.
  8. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Wow, you kind of just found the perfect video why the lock on rockets are garbage in a race. It just devolves in horrible lock-on rocket hopscotch. Cannons are way more awesome!
  9. Show me your desk/gaming space

    I see you've got the Warthog throttle, do you have the stick as well, if so why is that not your main stick? And is that a CRT?! I haven't seen those in ages!
  10. Life

    That's really good to hear, Grayson. All strength to you!
  11. I love love LOVE this man. Never fails to make me laugh!
  12. The Big VR Thread

    I'm not sure that game would be possible in VR, so I'd bet against that. If they were to do something like that in VR, it'd be so different as to be unrecognizable as Mirror's Edge, I think. It'd have to be first person to start, but you cannot take away control from the players head without making them sick.
  13. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Got another US session for Sunday at the same time as last week. There's also the regular Monday session which is also at the same time. Mind you, Sunday afternoon for the US session is mostly because I'm "hosting" it so to speak. If there's a US based person who takes over that role, there's no reason why it couldn't be later in the day. Drawback of course being that it'll probably be too late for any EU folk to show up, but hey, we get Mondays!
  14. The Big VR Thread

    If you go to run (windows key + R) and type dxdiag, it should give you the processor model right there on the little system info window. Assuming you're running Windows of course.
  15. The Big VR Thread

    Recommended system for the Rift: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater 8GB+ RAM Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output 2x USB 3.0 ports Windows 7 SP1 or newer Which means I'm all set! They also confirmed it to be running at 2160×1200 at 90Hz split over dual displays. Those are the same specs as the Vive headset from HTC/Valve!
  16. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Ooooh, no luckily no such issues. Are you referring to the extremely soft and comfortable fleece blanket on my rad chair?
  17. XBox E3 2013

  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I know there's people concerning about "Quiet" but don't worry. Kojima created her character as an antithesis to the women characters appeared in the past fighting game who are excessively exposed. "Quiet" who doesn't have a word will be teased in the story as well. But once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words and deeds.
  19. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    Just a friendly reminder that in less than an hour, we'll be playing this!
  20. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    I guess this goes here.
  21. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Fixed! Thanks a lot.
  22. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Don't think this has been posted before: 'Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers' Some preeeetty comprehensive research on 2D cameras in games. Check it out!