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  1. Is it just me or are you guys sick of seeing this posted everywhere too? And the reposts, don't get me started…… Let's watch something else, like this……
  2. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Man, that'd grow old faster thn Draw Something
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    In what sense?
  4. The difficulty that places on believers though is slightly more complex than just, 'well obviously that part of the bible is wrong/innacurate'. If the book is divinely inspired, it MUST be accurate, even if we have the wrong understanding or interpretation of it. Because if its wrong, then God is wrong and then what's the point? Your presenting people with a much bigger question than you imagine.
  5. As was Madmen. I think might sue them, their dangerously close to stealing my twitter handle, which makes me both excited and enraged by this!
  6. Well that's exactly what I'm talking about, perfect example, I bet you you can't find the word rapture in the origional manuscripts of the bible, or Trinity or Transubbstantiation or Virgin Mary Mother of God. Whether or not the bible is the word of god or not, most of what main stream religion teaches from it is exclusively man-made. Which is my problem with this sort of thing. Right, that WAS hilarious, so I won't distract from that anymore, anyone got anymore hilarious dumb politican videoss?
  7. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I'm so confused, what is this image?
  8. Yer, regardless of any beliefs I just hate it when people magiically forget what Metaphor and Symbolism are the second they start talking about the bible and other religious texts. Fundamentalists don't help by doggedly twisting the book into their pre-conceived mold and making everyone else thinks that's what it is. And this isn't just a Christian thing, I bet that the Koran has a lot more in it than the word Jihad, but that doesn't really get put forward. Also, I feel so sorry for you guys in the states, at least herre when someone gets inexplicably placed in political office its probably because he was University buddies with more powerful politicians. Which at least means he WENT to university.
  9. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    Would the Origional Dawn of War count? After you've learnt the basics, that turns into a bit of a snack food game, that's quite easy to play wiith ur brain half turned on, and then you can ramp up the difficulty when you fancy a challenge. The Meta Strategy game in the later expansions also provides a nice bit of permanence outside the campaign, that you can pop in and out and play a random battle when you get 5 minutes.
  10. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    Yer, I checked my box when I got home, it is Sierra, I was getting it confused with Edios coz the box I have is a Soldout Software repackage and the logo are a bit similar. Anyway, I think their great games, a lot of polish, no horrendous bugs. And all revelant info is readily available, especially with a game where a lot of the win-states depend on having a certain level of house develop in your city, having all the house development needs well surfaced is great. And the same system runs into the other scenario sscoring mechanics.
  11. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    NdeYep same. The monument building was quite interesting, a lot of resource management and building placement, but not in the sense you imagine. You could designate which store houses would receive the stone, so would need to place them near monuments, but you also want them near the trade routes so that passing traders can add to your stockpile. Then Masons and Workcamps need to be near population centers to have access to recruits but, far enough away to not wreck the poperty values. But, the systems all run under the surfaces, they could have done to surfface it a little more just to make some of it more streamlined. Like the bricklayers go get bricks and move them once thers enough stored up but, when th game fancies it, not when you think it should.
  12. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    Haha! F***! F*** Ptah and his damn fires! I built you a temple you stupid Jackal!! Ahhhhh!! Stop burning my granaries!!! Oh great, now my fire station is on fire! Ahhh!! I'm really selling this as a relaxing game, lol, ill get some more deets when I get home and look at the case, it might not be Edios.
  13. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    I'm gonna sound so dumb for saying, but when I'm looking for some strategyLite I always end up playing Pharoah, a weird little RTS from eidos I think. Kind of mix between Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon, set in ancient Egypt. There's little to no War or combat and the most pressing concern is managing unemployment and keeping your richer citizens in fine clothes. Some nice, sedate scenarios building up to some more advanced ones, like building monuments and tombs.
  14. Haha, this was in the related vids on funny or die, http://m.funnyordie.com/videos/305c5fe67c/ultimate-gamer-diablo-iii-with-kaley-cuoco We've all thought it, lol.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Yep, pretty sure I'm safe in saying the more the merrier.
  16. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I cracked earlier on that one… 'We don't really know what this is. But its metal as fuck.'
  17. Hitman: Absolution

    Haha, funniest yet, congratulations. Chris, that was mostly a jokey comment, I'm not defending this video, just offering a potential empathetic reasoning behind it. I was under the impression that some of the appeal of the series is the silly disguises¿ I would argue that it has at least partial content links to what my impressions of the game were, he doesn't charge out of the fire gunss assault rifle blazing, there's at least some service given to the way that most people played this game, with a garott wire and pistol. Once again, I'm not defending this crass awful thing, I'm just saying, I've never seen a stealthgame yet that had a good representative trailer that made me more excited for the game. Video game marketers just don't know how to make them, Deus Ex didn't even come close, but I freaking loved that game.
  18. Hitman: Absolution

    I for one have certainly started to associate this game with SEXUAL AROUSAL. The Giantbombcast made a good point on this, if they made a truely representative trailer or gameplay trailer for a hitman game, it would be 2 hours long, 20 minutes of which would be quick load screens and guard patrol route mapping. Its a stealth game, were already invested, this trailer is for the guy who only buys games that look like Call of Duty.
  19. Hitman: Absolution

    Well duh. We all got boners, I just ASSUMED that we were going to talk around the boner…… aw crap, now I've got another one… …
  20. Hitman: Absolution

    Wait, so they were dressed as Nuns exclusively so they could pull off their habits to reveal S & M gear? (Buzzkillington Nose bridge rub and sigh……)
  21. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Aye, congrats guys! Very fun game. Well if some of us are fatigued just sit a few games out and come back refreshed, let's put the call out for more players and see if we can get a few more involved. Anyone else wanna get in on this?
  22. A book that I think would generate a ton of discussion for the Thumbs guys is Space by Stephen Baxter. I read it when I was younger without a lot of previous scifi reading baggage, so some of the common themes were fairly fresh to me. But, a lot of the reviews and such, say that he takes the "future of the human race" scifi genre and updates it to a more modern pace and technology. I thought it had some fantastic ideas, and different ideas, about where were heading as a species and what the end state for modern politics and policy might quite likely be. It really opened my mind to different outlooks and styles of writing and science fiction. And Baxter is also a really great writer, who's easy to read and does a fantastic job of putting across complex ideas about technology and physics. Also its called Space for goodness, have you ever heard anything more idlethumbs in your life? It might as well be called Video Games and be written by Jeff Goldgame. I really think the book show shouldn't be too influenced by us as listeners, but even if you don't have it on the show, I think its well worth a read on its own. Also, you should totally discuss The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick. Classic, brilliant, parrallel universe, IDLE THUMBS!!
  23. All performance violinist seem to have that complex. My theory. Demon possession. Either that or they all just went to the Andre Reiu concert.
  24. I really hope you don't have to be from the UK and like soccer to appreciate these, because they are hilarious if you do. For any americans, all you need know is that Emile Heskey is bad, I mean really bad. Here some that he does where he riffs on random obscure players that have unfathomably high stats.