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  1. After all the talk I went back and rewatched Generations, it seemed star trekky as hell, techno babble, weird disjointed dream like sequences. And after all the discussion about the films making Picard the new Bruce Willis, this one seems to flow in the same vein as the series. In the finalle fight scene picard gets battered about and doesn't do a good job when it comes to physicality. Kirk aqquits himself better because thats what he did in TOS.
  2. I might be super later on this but, have you guys watched Cracked's After Hours show on Star Trek and how its actually a dystopian society? It's obviously written to be funny but, they actually come across some pretty interesting points.
  3. Ty for the help gwardinen, I got it to work. First off, im only 6 eps in and im already sick to death of watching slow panning shots of that fudging ugly ass space station. Wow, I had really forgotten how bad that intro is. Secondly, Dr Bashir IS super annoying, he's like if you took all the bad parts of Barkley and Riker and mushed them together into a super stalker.
  5. Hello all, slowly making my way through this mega thread from the beginning so I dont rehash any previous conversations. I have watched every episode of TNG and Voyager most of Enterprise, but I too found DS9 difficult, however the chat has convinced me its worth another shot. Does anyone know a good source to stream these things? If you know an illegal way to access this content pls do not PM with it, it would insult my very delicate moral fibre and my federation principles.
  6. Thank you, creators of Ori and the Blind Forest, for allowing Chris Remo to utter the sentence: "What is Moon?"
  7. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Yer, but it aint all bad, everyone else seems to be almost completely ignoring manufacturing which means im almost 2 levels ahead and completely outproduce everyone, couple that with being ahead on planets and industry and I think ive got a winning formula.
  8. Ah! Theres your issue, its actually ARVD, Always Rush Vlads Divine. You need the lifesteal to pair with all that damage.
  9. Im not sure I like what Hero's of the Storm is doing. Us Dota players like to joke that LOL is a dumbed down version but, if were honest its not far off from Dotas complexity. But HotS looks so stripped back i dont think its even the same type of game, it seems like it would have more in common with Worms than Loma's. Ive really soured on SD, it just seems to encourage the 5Carrylolololol teams that just end up winning because you dont get to counter pick a balanced synergistic team in response. At least in RD you can fight over the Carrys and counter pick them, and get to choose what support heros you get and who plays them.
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Id definitely be up for another inhouse game, especially after mechanics refresh in the 65 man. Im also having an interesting time in another 8 man, someone abandoned day 1 and now the AI is just crushing everyone elses stats, he's currently in the lead on stars, ships, industry and econ and is probably only going to die because of wierd way he deploys his ships to defend planets. He's already absorbed one afk human player, I tried to come in behind and mop up and keep the planets for myself and the human player responded by sending mutual assured destruction suicide attack fleets to all of my beachheads and set my wars efforts back about 2 days.
  11. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    On an even less positive note, I am now just getting ABSORBED by a behemoth in the 65 man game. He is attacking single planets with fleets the size of entire armada. He manufactures my losses from the whole war in a single day. Its actually quite humorous, and I wish I could be alive to watch these super giant players smash into each other.
  12. Yer, the satisfaction of pulling back a losing game with tight solid play cannot be understated. I play regularly as a 5 stack and we've slowly been climbing the skill ladder, at the beginning we used to stomp or get stomped coz we were experienced and coordinated but, tended too mess up the late game. Now we've just gotten really good at grinding it out past the 40 minute mark even if we have a bad start and then capitalising on our opponents poor late game self control. That key fight where you first use that new item or you catch them out position and swing the game back in your favour is just awesome.
  13. Yer, thats a big hurdle for new players. Have you read "Welcome to DOTA, you suck!" Yet? http://www.purgegamers.com/welcome-to-dota-you-suck#.UxzgBdOnzFo
  14. Keep going, you never stop feeling dirty, you just slowly start too like it.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Thanks Darken that really helped http://imgur.com/qBzZMaO
  16. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    I am terrible. Whats the best way too take a screenshot, so i can show you my positioning? I'm on windows 7 and using chrome. I am terrible for not knowing this. I am terrible.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    yer, its just the touch screen thats really causing the issues, but the map itself doesnt behave like a smartphone touch screen, its almost on an Inverted axis.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Good lord the android interface is awful! The menus are ok but, scrolling on the world map is just abysmal.
  19. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Yeah! Do you own psialkorups? Near my border, dont wanna head for it if you've already secured it. Im going left towards that decent sized conflict over there.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Lol, we seem too have formed a Thumbs Cabal, I am green squares, I didn't get a start email, so im behind but, ill help. Left or right?
  21. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    No! Never! Once in a life time! I dont think I can go on. . . .
  22. It really is a shame, the IdleThumbs chat channel has died a complete and utter death, I havent seen a post in it for at least 2 months, is the DOTATODA any better? I'm an officer for the Dota Insight Podcast guild and ive found its necessary too keep the nonguild chat channel open all the time so I dont miss any invite requests. From my experience, I feel it could be a flaw in the system in general. The chat channels really helped me make some new friends and find people too play with early on (I was new to steam as well as Dota) but, I have now become kind of self sustaining. My friends list is full of people that play Dota, I have 2 or 3 groups that I play with regularly, who often introduce me too new players. And my generally pleasant demeanor in my Match Making often lands me a post game friend request. All this is too say, i donet "need" the chat channel anymore and i can see that being a common theme among other players. After that first initial burst, the incentive too participate in the chats diminishes. The one exception for me being the Giantbomb chat, which is the only channel I idle is that is consistently active.
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    Aw man! Have I missed it? How late am I? All the recent podcast encouraging reminded me too check the forum more often
  24. Hey all, after all the talk on Thumbs and the Bombcast ive started managing lords on a regular basis, still struggling to find teammates though as im new to steam as well. Im new, but I dont play a terrible Windrunner and im gonna be on for most of today, about 10:30 gmt to 15:00. Anyone fancy a game? Im UK based but ive got a good enough connection to go worldwide, add me on steam and drop me a message Digital_unicorn Also any chance of an invite to the clan? Cheers