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  1. Favourite endings to games.

    Yer jonothan coulton is awesome! But i also agree with the seriousness of it, a superficial player might find the concept "zanny" but if u really think about it, what would a giant self aware scientific super computer buried under the ground do after it killed everyone in its way? Test super cool stuff until the end of time. The Rat dens also made the world seem so much more real, all the little details that valve are so good at just completely sold it for me. Quick question, it may sound stupid, never played half-life want to start, should i start with 1? is it worth it or should i just read a synopsis? half-life nerds please dont hit me im not very strong
  2. Favourite endings to games.

    Portal still alive, nice tidy and i just played through it again today just so i could get this song
  3. Favourite endings to games.

    i agree, even tho combined with my other posts it seems like this is one of the only games i care about, this was one of the games for me where like chris the complete disregard for the previous game mechanic in the final duel was enfuriatingly difficult, granted it wasn't completely different but u spend the entire game training up a team and enter the final battle completely on your own against a boss who could kill u in two hits, causing a perpetual stalemate of heal/hit until u run out of med packs or force. As a get out clause i didn't play through again and choose to have bastila fight with me, to avoid spoilers can anyone email and tell me wat happens?
  4. Mass Effect 2

    Im not quite whether its a case of either being better or worse just being better or worse at different things, which is quite baffling seeing as it means Bioware didn't build on the successes of KOTOR quite as much as they should have maybe? For KOTOR the combat system got to be slightly frustrating, the turn based system could get really unfair especially against multiple enemies and i think perhaps the force recharge should have been more obviously tied into the turn system, as i recall it was more of a time based recharge rather than a turn based recharge ei u get x amount of force points per turn, correct me if im mis-remembering that. But i complete love the star wars universe, and the storys plot and characters were really great. but for ME the only thing that fell down was the side quest and sometimes the hour long history lessons, i think we can all come together and agree that if bioware had made KOTOR 3 using most of ME it would have been the perfect game
  5. Mass Effect 2

    I think they struggled with this once they decide on carrying over previous saves coz there were like 6 alternate endings and somewhere along the line in one of them u kill wrex so it pretty much made it impossible to be a major character, which is stupid, if they had already thought of the save game thing they shouldn't have given us the option to kill a major character, granted as soon as i saw his silhouette in the party screen its so obvious u shouldn't kill him (y all the people who did kill him didn't notice this i have no idea) anyway thats my stick, erm, more details on the planets is a must, less character anti-climaxes and more original and unique side quests "the wizard will blow u away" ign.com