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  1. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Ah yes, the DLC area! thanks, osmosisch. I was wondering where I should head next. Need to do Nito, then back to Andor, and into the DLC! I'll try out the death counter. My time played on my main dude is like 140 hours, assuming it counts PvP deaths, I'll generously give myself 4 dph (deaths per hour), which gives me a death over/under number at 560. I'll take the over on that (fasicinating). Update to come.
  2. GDC '14: With Tom Francis

    Can some of the blame be put onto the new casual recording style? Those couches might be in cahoots. Also, the snippet of #Missing150 had a real neat melodic sound to it, chop up some samples and get your Aphex Twin on, Chris.
  3. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I'm replaying it now on NG+ and on top of using something other than a halberd as a weapon (+14 uchi atm) I am also trying to never be hollow. It seems like I'm now in a level range (100-115 or so) where there are lots of invasions happening, and I've died a fair bit since my PvE tactics seem terrible in PvP. So... In terms of grinding for humanity, is killing the best way to collect it?
  4. What about Neil Young's PONO player which also will be using FLACs? Mbe a Titanfall PONO crossover is inevitable!
  5. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    Can I just say that these paintings are hilarious and someone should make paintings of all of you who made the original paintings possible! Brilliant stuff, my deepest admiration to you all. and three cheers to the thumbs while I'm at it!! <3
  6. "Bespoke" Is this a in-studio term that became part of Telltale's nomenclature? Somehow my mind's instinct was to think it was a shorthand for Bike Spoke, which made little sense. Now that I've looked it up, I get it, but it's an odd choice.
  7. Netrunner!

    OCTGN! I'll have to give it a look. I have a lil Board Game crew in town but can't get anyone interested in this. A good friend and I played several times, roleplaying our factions, it was hilarious. Then he moved out of town due to "employment". Sheeeesh!
  8. 2 things: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Saw it in 3D on the big screen here and I found the 3d a terrible distraction. I'm not sure how it works but this was clearly post-process 3d, not filmed in 3d. There was a scene with Herzog in the foreground, mid-frame with a deep cave behind him, but the photoshop magic wand tool the effects artists used had a good 3-4 inch cave halo in the foreground with Werner, while the rest of the cave outside that halo was in deep 3d. (I hope that description makes sense, it was comical) BS:I, I got into the pre-release hype a fair bit, pre-ordered a special edition, played the cog mini-game thing as well, both gave me codes to unlock additional gear. I really liked how the gear was given out to me. Never did I see a pop-up yelling at me about DLC, instead about and hour or so into the game I entered a room that just happened to have a bunch of presents waiting on the tables within. The heads or tails couple were there and I belive there was a subtle bit of in-game text that mentioned the awaiting gifts. Nice decision on that one. Not a big fan of the whole shield system. Even on hard so far it's been a lot of 'fight til I lose shield, stay in cover til shield comes back, return to fight'. It's not as fun as it sounds Grats on 100, thumbs. Here's to 100 more with or without F. Steve Breckon.
  9. Especially seeing as it appears to be they've reached a 100th episode, I'm glad they aren't recording it in sub-optimal conditions. Maybe they got the chance to toss a couple conf-grenades in the mix as well. Time will tell.
  10. Sorry for stealing 2 hours from you all:
  11. Hahaha, great! You guys should celebrate F Nick's return by posting some new googlable headshots of the crew for use in various forum pho'shops like this gem by tegan.
  12. PAX East 2013

    oh man, if I was a bolder gent with time on my hands a Cool Spot cosplay would be in the works
  13. Deus Ex 3

    Hey readers! I just installed DE:HR last night, and have been avoiding any thread talk or the like to keep the experience as spoiler-free as possible. Of course I'm playing on Give Me Deus Ex, no question about that. Since I am afraid to look through this thread I hope you will indulge this question: For stealth playthroughs, did you find that the game's cover system worked better with a gamepad or with Mouse n Keys? My limited play last night with M/K had me questioning if the cover movement system would flow better on a gamepad. Maybe I just need to get used to the spacebar/WASD system, heck, aiming will be lousy on the gamepad... I think I've made my mind up. Thanks!
  14. Nintendo 3DS

    Oh cool! Some EO4 action. I just picked it up and am looking to crack into it this weekend on a long train ride. I'm genuinely excited to see there's chat about it here and I shall return!
  15. PAX East 2013

    hahaha, yes! Well, if there's no official meet-up organized you'll still (cool) spot me wearing the thumbs shirt with an olive green shoulder bag. Come on up and give me the secret baboo and we can share an uncomfortable conversation! Now I really wish I had the super gold shimmery shirt so I could dress to the thumbs 2 days in a row.