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  1. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I played through Far Harbor over the weekend, and enjoyed it. The writing on a couple quest points was a bit ambiguous about what they meant. I would want to resolve a thing one way, none of the options seemed like the thing I wanted, but then just doing one of them opened up those options even though it didn't really seem like they were related or dependent on one another. And at least one side quest didn't take my game's narrative state into account:
  2. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    I have a dragonborn barbarian that only saw a session or two before the game dropped. It would also be pretty easy to bring him into an adventuring group, as he's basically just wandering the land looking to bring glory to his clan.
  3. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    I don't get home from work until around 4:30PM, so any time during a weekday that's not in the evening is a no-go.
  4. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    5E sounds good. It might be good to just go with a new character for me, as well.
  5. I started with Dark Souls and went through in order, only recently (as in 2 weeks ago) going back to Demon's Souls. I found Dark Souls 2 to be easier than 1 (at least until the SotFS revamp), and 3 is about the same. Bloodborne was initially tough because I tend towards a defensive play style, and it took a while to get used to how quick and aggressive you need to be. Demon's Souls was by far the easiest for me. Some of the individual areas and elite monsters are still challenging, but almost every single boss encounter was incredibly simple and I rarely had to try more than once. It will definitely punish you if you're not being careful, but I think that as the first Souls game, a lot of the mechanics were still rough. A lot of the bosses have pretty simple patterns and a lot of the boss arenas have deliberately designed safe areas that let you catch your breath and heal up mid-fight, something that I think just doesn't happen in the later games. It's still a great game, and an interesting look into the series' origins.
  6. Oh, and I would totally listen to the DOOM soundtrack all day long for weeks on end. I'm hoping that an official release happens soon.
  7. I replayed Q4 recently, and while I wouldn't say it's a great game, it's also not a bad game. Just one of those games that's right in the middle, so it's kind of hard to find anything to say about it. The advent of Space Jam mashups is due to Shut up and Jam Gaiden doing it with a chiptune for the game's main theme: The sequel is actually still in development, though it was originally targeted at December 2013 in the Kickstarter campaign.
  8. DOOM

    Comments are disabled on the video. I'm curious to find out if they were always like that or if they were disabled after a flood of people started mocking the player. The general thought I've seen from a lot of people is that it was a response to the negative reaction to the multiplayer beta. It seems like hoping it would become a breakout hit was less risky (and a lot cheaper/easier) than hyping it up to possible disappointment and backlash.
  9. DOOM

    I love the music in this game so much. I just finished the campaign earlier this afternoon, and the final boss is great. Not what I was expecting, but exactly what it should have been.
  10. DOOM

    Yeah, it's much more towards the classic run-and-gun. You don't quite move at the million miles per hour of the original, but it's still pretty quick, and the mantling enables some much more vertical area design that's fun to jump and climb around in while rattling off gunfire.
  11. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Perturbator just released The Uncanny Valley:
  12. Chris' declaration that Jake could not have been in high school when Deus Ex came out sounded like the most passive-aggressive way of calling him "old."
  13. http://devildaggers.com/ This came out yesterday. It's an arena survival FPS with some hardcore early 3D graphical styling. And it's fucking HARD. I'm at the point where I can regularly survive for about 60 seconds. My best is 93. Some things to keep in mind: Hitting "R" instantly restarts, letting you hop right back in when you fuck up/die. Turn up the volume! Sound is extremely useful for telling you where things are around you and what those things are. Steve is a noob:
  14. I had the same issue, but I think it's because there are so many people looking to co-op there that summons are snapped up as soon as they put a sign down. I never waited more than 5-10 seconds when sunbro-ing the fight afterward.
  15. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    Friday is good for me.
  16. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    My intro was at Dark Souls, and a little while ago I bought Demon's Souls to see what it was like. The overall structure is more like DaS2 (hub area and segmented spokes off of it), but an individual area is a bit like DaS or BB in that there's only one "bonfire," and progressing through involves a lot of shortcut-finding. I stopped playing mostly because I got distracted by other, newer games at the time, but I've been thinking about going back.
  17. Can we just finally squash the idea that summoning is somehow cheating or playing the game "wrong?" If you want to push through the game by yourself, more power to you, but summoning was put in the Souls games deliberately to allow people struggling with their experience to get a bit of help. Hell, the Warriors of Sunlight are just that concept brought into the setting and incorporated into the lore. Summon some help! Get through a tough battle! And maybe stick around for a bit afterwards and help out the next few players who need it!
  18. This is exactly how I learn boss fights. Find the arena, drop a sign, and sunbro a few battles before doing it myself. From has also been making it easier and easier to co-op with people you know as the games have gone on. If the Thumbs wanted to run with some people from the forums, it's as simple as setting a multiplayer password in the menu.
  19. OH MAN, the Untended Graves! So cool! Also, the area that leads up to Aldrich! I've also been having much better luck in general with beating bosses solo. I've always tried to do it, and then decided to summon if things started to get frustrating, but somehow it hasn't been too much of an issue this time around. I might finally be getting good at reading attack patterns and properly timing rolls.
  20. Pathfinder: The Low Moon Guild

    Or a healer. A healer would be nice.