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  1. Vampyr

    I'm loving Gamepass (I don't have an Xbox) but it is weirdly inconsistent in letting me download stuff and sometimes even play it. Also, the Outer Wilds does not seem to be on the PC version of Game Pass, which is a bummer. But I can't complain.
  2. PSN ID exchange

    I'm a little old for this but I'm not complaining: Santa got me a PS4. ID is rockknowsnofear. I've been added to the community already, but I thought I'd post here. I'm a dad gamer and so am basically available at mum/dad times and for mum/dad durations.
  3. Destiny

    rockknowsnofear. Thanks!
  4. Destiny

    Awesome! Mech, please add me to that community. I will look up the clan. I am very new to PS4 stuff.
  5. Destiny

    I'm in the same boat and am planning to do the same thing, just level up from scratch. Any more experienced Thumbs have any ideas on that? Am I being silly and should I just take the level-40 upgrade?
  6. Clueless Gamer

    Has anyone else been watching Conan O'Brien's "reviews" of games? The whole thing is played for laughs of course, but I think he actually does a great job of highlighting how silly video games can be. His take on Resident Evil 6 is hilarious at times: Obviously we're all fans of games here, but I feel like most of us can have a laugh at how silly games can be. I was in stitches at this but I will most likely play Resident Evil 6 at some point, and I hope very much that I have anywhere near as much fun as I did with Resident Evil 4. I don't really want to talk about Resident Evil 5. Does the absurdity of a game ever completely put you off? Speaking for myself, my suspension of disbelief for games will go way beyond where it goes for films.
  7. I look forward to hearing what more knowledgeable Thumbs think. I have an HD 7870 screaming to be replaced (hopefully soon), but I'm not buying a new monitor soon so I really just need the best card I can get for 1080p gaming.
  8. I like Private Internet Access. It has China, though I haven't connected there myself. I use it for Ireland and it works well.
  9. Banner Saga 2 - Now with Dysentery!

    I'm excited about Banner Saga 2: Saga Harder (yes, all sequels should be named this way) but I unfortunately won't play it for a while I think. Work is ramping up and I have Stellaris at home. Still, I'd love to put an episode together on the game for History Respawned.
  10. Other podcasts

    Forgive me for basically double posting, but I didn't want people on this thread who might not read the Plug Your Shit thread to know about the podcast I mentioned here a couple of weeks back: Episode One came out two weeks ago, the audio from Bob's interview on Red Dead Redemption. Episode Two, out tomorrow, is more of a discussion cast between myself and Bob. Episode Three, in two weeks, will be the audio from our latest episode, on Far Cry Primal. We'll be releasing episodes every two weeks and gradually going through the back catalogue of our video episodes. You can find us on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.c...istoryrespawned and iTunes at and on our own website at
  11. Plug your shit

    Hi guys, I've mentioned our video series History Respawned here before (, but I wanted to drop in and let everyone know we now have a podcast! Episode One came out two weeks ago, the audio from Bob's interview on Red Dead Redemption. Episode Two, out tomorrow, is more of a discussion cast between myself and Bob. Episode Three, in two weeks, will be the audio from our latest episode, on Far Cry Primal. We'll be releasing episodes every two weeks and gradually going through the back catalogue of our video episodes. You can find us on Soundcloud at and iTunes at and on our own website at Hopefully some Thumbs will find the podcast interesting!
  12. Other podcasts

    Will do! I'll post it in the Plug Your Shit thread when iTunes confirms the feed is open. We haven't applied yet so it might be a while.
  13. Other podcasts

    Apologies for being shameless, but we're launching our new podcast, based on our video series "History Respawned," in a few days. It's eventually going to be two a month we think, with one episode featuring us talking about specific ideas and the other being a podcast version of the video episode for that month. The first few episodes will likely be converted from video episodes. Episode 1, for example will be our episode on Red Dead Redemption: Anyway. May not be your cup of tea or you may prefer to watch the videos, but that is a thing that is happening. We're going to call it The History Respawned Podcast, I think. It may just be listed on iTunes as History Respawned.
  14. There's also the fact, frankly, that I can get through about three games of HOTS (give or take) in the time it would take me to get through one game of DOTA. That's something that didn't matter to me too much a couple of years ago but it's huge now.
  15. Played my first couple of games in a WHILE tonight. Forgot how much fun this game is. As tradition dictated, I loaded up Dota, got scared and played Heroes instead. It was pretty great.
  16. Zunless Zee (Sunless Sea)

    Looking forward to having a look at this on the free weekend. Half thinking about it for an episode of History Respawned, though it would take some thinking. Looks like a fun alternate history.
  17. I really like it too! I'm not sure how long I can hang in there though... I didn't keep up with Hearthstone and now find it completely inscrutable. I think Duelyst will be different, hopefully I'm not just being optimistic.
  18. Alien Isolation - The nightmare of Milky Joe

    Yeah, I'm back to the game after a long break. Mostly I'm intimidated by the apparent length. I do love the atmosphere though. I want to tell myself I can play another six hours and say goodbye but I'll get annoyed at missing out on the story I'm sure.
  19. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    That's awesome. I'm not really sure where to start with this game. Really I just want to be a miner and/or space trucker.
  20. DOTA 2

    Well, I think that you would genuinely get a feel for it over time, especially if you're playing different characters. Speaking as someone who has not played that much DOTA at all but has had some fun with it, it seems to me if you stick with the Lords Management beginners golden rule of running the hell away as soon as you're worried you might die and just trying not to feed, you'll start to get a better feel for it. Also, if people give you crap just ignore it.
  21. Distant Worlds - taking te plunge

    Sorry I can't be any help, but I'll give this a bump... I bought Distant Worlds Universe in an earlier sale, tried to play it and couldn't get traction. Definitely down for any advice too...
  22. Spacebase!

    I think that's the best way of looking at it. It kind of sucks, but these things are going to happen now and again to the best of us. I'm mostly sad they didn't get to finish it, though I have never played the game, so I might be mourning my imagination of what the game was going to be anyway. There's also something weird about the way some gg folks piled on to this after Tim Schafer made fun of them. This is absolutely not what Ninety-Three is talking about, but it really just gave me further incentive to assertively extend my benefit of the doubt to Spacebase.
  23. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I just started and it was running GREAT on my far from cutting edge setup but has suddenly started lagging. Just the base game, not the beta. Might need to have a look. Also, I think I am very slowly falling in love with this game. I've just done a few courier missions so far, landing my spaceship and hanging out.
  24. I haven't played in quite a while. I was busy, then played a game one night and had a jackass team mate complain that "Jaina so bad" just as we were being kicked out after a loss wherein I didn't really play well but I hardly cost us the game. My biggest problem with Lords Managements is that I'm just not interested in getting to a point where I'm throwing my controller (or mouse or keyboard) but that I land in a situation where other people enjoy the benefits of coming out the other side of that scenario. I don't know. I'll add my details to the spreadsheet anyway and look out for people.
  25. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Yeah, some great prices there... I'm really feeling the push on Elite: Dangerous all of a sudden.