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  1. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    That's great to hear I have my schedule on my channel now so hopefully you can make some of those sometime. Currently I'm contemplating hopping around games a little bit just to see where I can start to build an audience (more saturated games have bigger payoffs but can be much more difficult to get any viewers at all) but I'll definitely do some more Isaac thanks to your pledge.
  2. Plug your shit

    Great article! I'm not normally keen on travel writing but the novelty of this one hooked me in and then the quality kept me reading. Hopefully this is a great boost to your resume and more places will look to publish you soon.
  3. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Read through and I agree with you, Rebirth definitely became less of an experience on account of the musical and visual choices, as a piece of artwork it is diminished. However, in some ways I think it reflects the change in gameplay well, in a lot of ways the game became more gamified, more palatable to a wider audience. The original had a lot of creepiness to it, a sort of atmosphere that almost made it a poetic delve into the mind of Edmund McMillen, Rebirth is more like an arcade game, something that you can keep coming back to for more, something that bystanders will enjoy watching. It's clearly been the more profitable and arguably successful model, and when it is disgusting or creepy it has that same sort of shock value as Cards Against Humanity, something that's funny or just plain gross rather than eerie or chilling. And perhaps that's the right direction to go. It depends where you see the value in the game. As you've seen, I really appreciate the mechanics and depth of the game, the core gameplay loop is something I very much enjoy going through and shedding some of its horror/creepy vibe has had very little effect on me, but a noted effect on sales.
  4. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    Just followed you and checked out a couple of your streams. The Ghost of a Tale stream was having some frame rate issues though, I don't know if you realised that while recording. I look forward to seeing some game dev streams from you too. Also, for some reason when I click that link it puts a full stop on the end and can't find the page, not sure what's going on there. Streamed some Binding of Isaac today. ProblemMachine came over and gave some support which is much appreciated though. sadly you were the only viewer for the entire stream though so it looks like I'll need a bit more publicity before streaming that again is worthwhile. There's a definitive snowball effect to getting viewers. The more you have, the higher up the list you are and the more you'll get.
  5. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    So I started streaming recently at I started with some Magic: the Gathering but I've moved away from that now and I want to start doing some more varied video games and become a bit of a variety streamer. My first foray into this was a playthrough of Gone Home, because somehow I hadn't played that yet. You can watch the full thing here if you'd like: Going forwards I'd like to do more of this kind of thing, including (but not limited to): Far Cry 2, Firewatch, and perhaps a Pokemon game. I've spent today trying to make my channel look a bit nicer too with panels and a header image and what-not, getting that #brandsynergy going, plus, I thought in the spirit of "dress for the job you want, not the job you've got" that it might make some people believe that I actually know what I'm doing. I've been checking out some of the other Thumbers streams and I'll get you guys onto my autohost list as soon as I discover how to do that.
  6. Plug your shit

    Ah silly me, for some reason I thought I had given enough information to be able to identify me (although I suppose you could discern it from mine being the only video content on the site). Here's my archive. I normally go by Foyfluff on the internet these days, but my account on the IdleForums is older than my invention of that name.
  7. Idle Thumbs 277: Coming Attractions

    That explanation sounds entirely reasonable and I am very willing to get behind it. I definitely can't imagine it being 100% intentional, as the translation isn't that bad.
  8. Idle Thumbs 277: Coming Attractions

    'Hidden my game by mom' was pretty funny and definitely an enjoyable way to spend 20 minutes, I'd definitely recommend it. Also, just to confirm, it is available on Android. I'm not really getting the impression that the translation is purposefully shaky though, I think the game is just weird in general.
  9. Plug your shit

    I think this is a great idea. Often times I'm more of a lurker than a poster, and it's really great to just sift through things that other Thumbs have produced, because they're often pretty great. But today I'm not lurking because I have my own shit to plug! I love Magic: the Gathering. I decided a few months back that, considering I was spending so much time playing and enjoying the game, I should use my own expertise to create something. So I made a blog and wrote a couple of posts. Then I wondered if maybe I could leverage this further and actually get paid to write about MTG (mostly just to offset the cost of playing haha) so I looked around the net and found MidnightMTGO. I got in touch with the owner, and within a couple of weeks I was writing for them and it's a bit of a dream job to be honest. I've been able to write semi-professionally (which was a big goal of mine) about a game that I really enjoy playing. I've also been able to start producing YouTube videos about Magic: the Gathering for the site, which has just been a blast. It's been a really fantastic opportunity for me so I thought I'd talk about it a bit here, even though I know Magic: the Gathering doesn't have the biggest following around these parts.
  10. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    As someone that keeps relatively up-to-date with the Hearthstone scene, it's not really the new expansion that has caused this effect. When Whispers of the Old Gods first came out, the influx of high-costed, powerful cards such as the Old Gods themselves caused a lot of people to move to slower, greedier decks. Of course, then the meta shifted to beat those decks with lightning-fast zoo decks and aggressive, curving-out based decks, and now the meta has just about shaken out. The new cards from One Night in Karazhan are having an impact, but mostly people are adding them into already proven decks rather than creating new archetypes. There's still one more wing to go though, and it's definitely been more interesting to play while the new wings come out. I think there's a decent mix of decks, though slower/controlling decks aren't doing too great, and curving out is pretty much the best way to win currently.
  11. Neptune's Pride

    Today I purchased the premium to start up a game for some friends. Unfortunately something bugged and I ended up paying for it twice and still don't have the premium capabilities. However, as soon as that gets sorted out, I'll gladly start up and participate in a game.
  12. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    I'm sorry already
  13. Far Cry 3

    Haven't beaten the game yet, but picked it up last week and sat down with a friend and played somewhere around 18 hours straight of it. Overall I think the game is fun, though obviously flawed. Firstly, the game feels great if you do it stealthily, but unfortunately the mechanics just don't allow you to reliably take enemies down despite taking a good 5 minutes to plan your entry and all of your moves. In fact, the few times I have managed to pull off stealth well I felt like I was breaking the game. Mechanics were suddenly unraveled as the mess that they can be when I can shoot people with a silenced assault rifle and as long as nobody sees (or does see but is standing in excess of 15m away and will thus turn a blind eye) the surrounding enemies just do not care. Surely they heard the sound of my gun? No? Well, the bullets whizzing straight past their heads? How about the noise of small pieces of lead entering a body at high speed and subsequently causing the owner of said body to scream in pain and crumple to the floor? Oh, that's still a no then. Now that'd be all fine and dandy if the game reflected that these are the games mechanics and this is how you should approach them, but rather it insists that this game can be played stealthily. "Distract your enemies with rocks!" it cries. "No!" I reply, "That doesn't work." Get past that and the game can be quite enjoyable. The wallet crafting debate is understandable, though as far as I could see it was a viable game mechanic, even if it isn't very logical, but I guess it makes sense. "You want the better guns? Put some effort in." Seems to be the case. Exploration is incredibly fun, and it's ridiculously easy to find yourself sidetracked through an underwater cave or gliding through the air to find a suitable bar to play poker in. Hunting is enjoyable, gathering not quite so much. The sidequests are largely varied (more so in hunting) but the main story is quite weak. I'm always expecting the game to take a turn where it suddenly becomes more self-aware and deviates away from the spiritualist stuff. "Follow the path..." "Honour Rakyat tradition..." "Face your insanity..." But maybe I'm just hoping for too much from an otherwise decent campaign. Haven't yet touched any multiplayer features, but look forward to the co-op.
  14. Game Ideas

    Well yeah, the monolith is probably the only thing stopping this from happening.
  15. Game Ideas

    I slightly died inside while reading this, realising that this indeed could be a grim future reality for our own civilisation, or much more likely, a horrible game show.