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  1. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    Just finished the game, I'll agree that the first one was better for the story. The puzzles are still way too easy, Layton is a hundred light years ahead in that department. Still, the perfect game to spend a Saturday afternoon on the couch. Can't get enough of Tethers screaming at the gnomes!
  2. Civilization World

    This game is ridiculously addictive... I need to stop playing it
  3. Civilization World

    I'm in game 159 in the egyptian dynasty... JulioC
  4. Civilization World

    I'm in... anyone else?
  5. Frozen Synapse

    dpp on tx3
  6. Portal 2

    I downloaded/read the Last Days of Portal 2, that was a nice investment of 2 bucks and about an hour and a half of my time... I just wish I knew it was available for the iPad before I got it on Steam, but I guess it's my fault for not being up-to-date with gaming stuff
  7. PAX East 2011?

    Boston is usually pretty strict about carding people and it's common to have a bouncer at the door during the weekends. But I haven't been to that place so I wouldn't know for sure. I'd give them a call to check.
  8. Shadows of the Damned

    reminds me of Alan Wake for some reason
  9. So, QWOP, then...

    I played this a long time ago... I managed to get to the end, where you .
  10. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    Puzzle Agent 2 confirmed for this summer! I really enjoyed the first iteration, but I hope it will be more challenging this time.
  11. This week on Top Chef they had to make cookies for Cookie Monster and Elmo... I had a good laugh watching it
  12. PAX East 2011?

    It sucks that it won't be at Hynes anymore, it was very easy to get there from where I work... but at least it seems that it's a bigger venue, so here's hoping that we can ACTUALLY get in and watch the panels.
  13. Buying a New PC

    Intel is infamous for killing socket formats... I bought an i7 920 couple of years ago and I have no obvious option for upgrade without a new motherboard. At least most games nowadays are more GPU-intensive than CPU.
  14. PAX East 2011?

    Damn I completely forgot to buy the tickets... and now the 3-day passes are gone . I'm going Sunday for the panel at least!
  15. Buying a New PC

    If you're not into nVidia for some reason and you want more power, the Radeon HD6950 2Gb is a good option. It can be "unlocked" and become a 6970 with a simple firmware update. Have in mind that the choice of GPU is directly related to the max resolution of your monitor. If you're playing at 1680x1050 for example, you can even shoot for a cheaper card. However if you have a 30" monitor you might want to get a better card to take advantage of the higher native resolution (where it will look the best).
  16. This is getting nonsensical... First, I'm gonna point out AGAIN, from what you described, what should be the problem here. You changed the plan from 20 to 50mbits and that made thinks WORSE. So forget everything about wireless. If you screwed up when changing from G to N, that's a separate issue, we can deal with this later, but it becomes increasingly hard to diagnose a problem when you add more moving parts to the equation. I'm going to guess that your internet is cable, and not DSL, since you're talking about coaxial cables. That white round cable that you can hook on your TV goes to a cable modem. What everyone here is asking you to do is to connect any computer DIRECTLY to the cable modem using an ethernet cable (the same type of cable that goes to your router). I can't believe you don't have such cable, if you don't it's ridiculously cheap or you can ask your brother-in-law for one. Use one of the many services online to gauge your internet speed, like speedtest.net. It should hit 50mbits. Open the command window (Windows+R, cmd) and write ping -n 100 www.google.com. Count the number of lost/timed out packets. This should tell if your connection is reliable or not. If these tests pass, meaning no lost packets and 50mbits, then the problem is with your wifi setup. If not: -The cable signal getting to your home is weak. It could be fixed in the ISP side, you should ask a technician to come. You're a paying customer and they should give you the best service. You can check the signal levels in your cable modem firmware (it's usually and ask for advice in the dslreport forums. -The cable signal within your home is weak. Through how many splitters the connection is being divided? Make sure there are no unconnected ends in any of your coaxial cables in your home, this attenuates and drops the signal quite frequently. I've had this happen with me once and with a friend as well. -Your cable modem is crap. Get the latest upgrades, connect to your modem from your computer and update it. This will be my last contribution to the matter... good luck.
  17. That tells me that they screwed up during the upgrade. If you didn't change anything else in your setup when you made the change from 20mb to 50mb, then the problem should be there and not your wifi.
  18. Since it's worse since the upgrade I'd guess it's the ISP's fault. Call them and ask for a technician to have a look. Alternatively, I'd ask for help at dslreports.com, but you have to be able to better explain your problem. I'm having a hard time understanding it myself.
  19. Monday Night Combat

    How does it work on PC? Dedicated servers?
  20. Sony NGP (PSP 2)

    I find that more compartmentalized games are more compelling on the go because you can set how much you can play before you have to stop and not be frustrated to stop in the middle of something. Some games that come to mind and were extremely successful in my opinion: Picross 3D, Rhythm Heaven, FF:Crisis Core, Puzzle Quest and Lumines.
  21. Sony NGP (PSP 2)

    There are two very good reasons to have the 2 analog sticks: Call of Duty and Monster Hunter.
  22. Sony NGP (PSP 2)

    There are many unknowns when it comes to pricing, about the console itself and the 3G plans available. Also, Sony will be the second to market in this new portable cycle, meaning that someone that buys a 3DS will only consider the NGP much further down the line. It may have spectacular specs, but in a world where you can buy competent iPhone/Android games for a buck or for free, the 3DS and the NGP will have a hard time competing based on pricing alone.
  23. Cataclysm

    Yeah... but when CC is close to the rest of the pull I cant swipe or thrash, just use demoralizing roar and tab lacerate. But the worse is pulling without rage... maybe I should use enrage, but the extra damage I take sucks in some trash mobs in heroics.
  24. Cataclysm

    My bear mounting that camel... never gets old, I always chuckle a little bit.
  25. Cataclysm

    I got to 85 a week ago, I'm playing a bear tank now with ilvl 346... I find REALLY hard to tank heroics for now, but mostly because this is my first character and I had no previous experience, so I'm messing up pulls and bosses all the time. I'm also playing cat in PvP, it has been EXTREMELY frustrating because horde in my battle group is useless. I don't know if all the good players are in rated BGs, but damn it's infuriating to lose because half of the team have no clue what to do. Now I'm afraid of what 4.0.6 brings us... nerfs all around for feral in DPS, we'll see how it goes but I foresee that I won't be able to hold aggro when playing with 14k+ DPS guild mates. I guess it's their fault if they don't watch the aggro meter, but I'm sure I'll hear some shit about losing it.