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  1. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    The long-in-development heist/hacking game Quadrilateral Cowboy finally has a release date: two weeks from now on Monday, July 25th! The basics of this game have been known for a while, but I'm excited to see how it plays out in a full game. I also have no idea how easy it will be to chain commands and time everything perfectly while getting through a level—I'm terrible at thinking ahead! We'll find out soon! Sadly, I will not find out soon: the Mac and Linux versions are still two months away. That's how I missed out on Big Blum Mode!
  2. Artifact - The Dota Card Game

    Next year Valve will release...a game! Do you like Collectible Card Games? Do you like Dota? Do you like having aggressive behavioral analytics run on you at all times? Then Artifact is for you! I don't see a site yet. Are there any details out there? (There are none in the trailer.) I'm excited to see any sort of game development at all at Valve; we'll see if this actually comes out next year!
  3. Was that the frogmoth sound when Laura disappears? Also I liked the prominent white horse figure in Carrie's house—just like Sarah Palmer's old vision!
  4. I don't want to live in a reality where James isn't cool.
  5. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    Definitely! I agree more with what you said than what I said. There are parts of Laidlaw's outline that say "exciting video game setpiece goes here" to really bring out those moment-to-moment strengths of the prior games. It seems like Laidlaw did everything he could do to get the team excited and I wonder why it didn't catch on.
  6. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    The flurry of negative reviews for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 all seem pretty honest in their frustration. In some aspects, recommending the Episodes now is like recommending Spacebase DF-9, another game publicly abandoned by its company post-release. The one negative review added recently to Ricochet is petty, though.
  7. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    I think the letter is a really good possibility space for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 — ice battles! Using Source's optical illusions to create a Dyson Sphere! But trying to make it Half-Life 3? It isn't a big enough story for that.
  8. Jurassic World Evolution - Nick's GOTY.cx 2018

    A Tyrannosaurus Rex with Dot Gobbler's face.
  9. Bethesda Game Studios wants us to please stand by as they announce something at the URL fallout.bethsoft.com! In 22 hours! Fallout 4? That would be fun! Fallout 4 on what's basically the same engine as the last decade-plus? That still might be fun! Something that isn't actually Fallout 4 at all? Sure, why not? As long as it means more bobbleheads I am happy.
  10. CHRIS: "Let's talk about Bad Coop." JAKE: "Oh man, he's pretty bad. But he is good at arm wrestling." Nobody can sell that line like Jake!
  11. I enjoy that you are continually, slowly talking yourselves into a genuine Season 3 Rewatch podcast sometime in the future.
  12. Forum theme woes

    Fight the good fight, Doug!
  13. Since Sonny Jim gets his gym set that takes up the whole backyard this episode, last episode was the absolute last time they could use that catch game. They definitely found that one in the editing room!
  14. Finally saw this episode and listened to the podcast. I couldn't tell if Sarah's double voice matched up with her low, seemingly-possessed vocals from the Season 2 finale. Could she have been in this state for 25 years? If you're going to put two Tarantino veterans in an a scene together where they discuss fast food options and casually shoot somebody in the head, uh, don't. I kinda wished the game of catch went on longer. One throw to Dougie; no reaction. Sonny-Jim walks to the ball, picks it up, throws it again. The same thing. Then on the third throw Dougie's Sam Raimi-reflexes kick in and he catches the ball perfectly, still with no reaction on his face.
  15. Yes, I don't know if it was ever stated, but I got the impression in the original series that the Gas Farm is within walking distance of the Double R.
  16. Designer Notes 27: Lucas Pope

    Finally listened to this and this is an all-time great Designer Notes. Pope getting extremely existential trying to figure out how to be a Game Dev Dad was open and honest in the best way.
  17. ME FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS: "I wonder what the neurologist will discover when Janey-e takes Dougie to the doctor? Will they discover what's blocking Cooper from surfacing? Or maybe that his brain patterns are reversed, or something like that?" Then Janey-e just takes him to their regular doctor for weight/heart rate/blood pressure. I laughed.
  18. This is the correct reaction to have. I am looking forward to the next curveball that gets thrown at us. As far as I can tell, it is. I've been trying to identify scenes that are shown out of chronological sequence but I can't think of anything not identified that way.
  19. What a straightforward episode! I guess after the last one you kinda have to do that. I was wondering if Johnny Horne was going to be on this new series and I guess he was.
  20. RE: Jake's problem with "teens together -> teen getting stabbed and turning into Jason" resulting in giving Jason too much information on teen locations, maybe a cooldown period for Jason to actually appear might be enough to let the teens scatter?
  21. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    I remember sitting in the theatre when the woman at the pizza place register answers the phone in time with the music and wondering, "How many takes did they have to film for that?" It was a meticulously planned moment with no impact.
  22. Just re-read my post from the Fire Walk With Me thread, in which Robert Engels said a post-series Twin Peaks movie would need to include at least "one of the four people who knew what was going on," which included Cooper, Windom Earle, Major Briggs, and another character the audience member didn't remember, plus a wish to use Phillip Jeffries again. Except for Windom Earle, all of these characters have (sort of) shown up again in Twin Peaks: The Return.