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  1. Cool stuff to do in Portland?

    Forest Park is right near downtown if you want to do some hiking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_Park_(Portland,_Oregon)
  2. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    A little late but here is a big symphony sample library: http://sso.mattiaswestlund.net/
  3. Other podcasts

    Re:Comedy Podcasts I too fell off of Chewin it. I listened to a few episodes but its generally not that hilarious. I started off in comedy podcasts with You Made it Weird and its led me to quite a few comedians that I like. However a little bit of the host, Pete Holmes, can go a long way sometimes. Which is why I have 15 unplayed episodes sitting on my phone. I would recommend his episode with Thomas Middleditch if you wanna see how good it can be. Or the episodes with Moshe Kasher. The Champs is another good one that doesn't update very often. Its Moshe Kasher and Neal Brennan interviewing only black comedians/entertainers. Doug Loves Movies is a generally good time. Doug Benson gets some comedians/actors to play a sort of game show in front of an audience. I don't think I would be a huge fan of Benson's stoner standup but the show works pretty well. The Nerdist and Marc Maron I will generally only listen to if I am interested in the guest.
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    Robot race cars: http://www.autoblog.com/2015/11/30/ready-for-formula-e-driverless-roborace/
  5. QWOP with knives

    http://my64k.itch.io/rivalry My brother is living in Melbourne and sent me the link to this. He said it was the best thing he saw at PAX Aus. It was made by a 14 year old and he is trying to get it greenlit but you can play the alpha in your browser.
  6. Painting tabletop miniatures

    Stripping paint is actually pretty easy. There are various ways to do it but I think I would just leave figures in simple green overnight then scrub them with a toothbrush. You just have to make sure that whatever you are using to strip the paint doesn't melt whatever your figures are made of.
  7. I too listen at work and since I am in a noisy office more is better for me. I think based on all the other stuff they put out that most of their fans want as much Giant Bomb as they can get and would love an even longer Bombcast. I think the Thumbs have tried not to become the bombcast. There was a lot more extended fucking around that made it "On Air" in the early days when they were still figuring what they wanted the show to be. I would be curious to know how long a normal recording session now is vs. how long an episode is.
  8. Post Apocalyptic Books

    Wool - Hugh Howey Seveneves - Neal Stephenson Dies The Fire - SM Stirling
  9. I have only played Gang Beasts with 4 people and that seems like the optimum number. Though playing it with 8 does seem like it would be glorious.
  10. The Atrocity Archives - Charles Stross and its sequels which are similar to The Rook in some ways.
  11. Unlike Brad the fact that Valve essentially kept the models and mechanics for all the DOTA2 lords the same as DOTA is what makes me not like it. It just feels lazy which isn't something I would normally associate with Valve. And I feel the same about the overall art aesthetic it is just a sort of boring/bland fantasyish thing. Everything after that is pretty typical Valve to me though. They have put a lot of effort into polishing the crap out of those mechanics and building in the spectator system etc etc. I just wish they had been more bold in making changes in the design phase.
  12. Far Cry 3

    I made it to the second island, captured all the outposts and towers, and then stopped playing almost 2 weeks ago. At this point I would rather play Just Cause 2. It did all the fun parts of Far Cry 3 better and there is an even bigger island to take over and explore.
  13. Far Cry 3

    He did make sounds of disgust during the mission where you photograph dead bodies.
  14. Elemental Fallen Enchantress

    I gave them 2 chances with Demigod and then Elemental. I am not going to throw away money on a crap Stardock game again.