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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everybody! I've been away for a few years but now I'm back and ready to game controller free! What's the latest in waggle?
  2. Divinity: Original Sin

    I need this game in my life--time to buy a new video card.
  3. TQ holds up extremely well and is worth playing for sure. By the way, the design and art leads who developed TQ are now known as Crate Entertainment. They successfully kickstarted their next game Grim Dawn.
  4. Something witty about OnLive

    One thing to note regarding their cancellation policy: once you put in your credit card number you cannot remove it. Your only option is to replace it with a new credit card number or completely cancel your account forever. If you cancel your account you will permanently lose your 'Player Tag' as well as access to any purchases you made. Cancelled accounts cannot be re-activated. You can cancel your subscription to the PlayPack, but if you buy full access to any games you must have a valid credit card on your account to retain access to those games. At this time you also cannot change your email address on your account once it's setup.
  5. Something witty about OnLive

    After spending more time using OnLive these last two days I realized it works best--at least for me--on games that aren't in constant, fast motion. Up till now I've been playing some RTS games and a couple RPGs and things worked well. When I played DiRT 2, Fear 3 and Homefront the image & texture quality suffers to the point of being close to unplayable. I did some searching on different forums and apparently this is happening to a lot of people, even those who have fast, high-quality Internet connections. I like the concept of OnLive but to me it seems more like a proof of concept rather than something I'd use today. Excuse me, I now have to go tweak my video card settings...
  6. Something witty about OnLive

    The OnLive deal just got a little sweeter... today they announced members can permanently get 30% off everything they buy as long as they subscribe to the Play Pack. That puts 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' at $31.49 for the game alone or $37.79 for the game plus a free MicroConsole, controller and some bonus stuff. Sorry to sound like a commercial for them, I just get excited when I see something that seems like a good gaming deal.
  7. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Wait a minute--I've been under a rock lately when it comes to gaming news. So you get to name your own price on this Humble Bundle thing and the money goes to charity?! EDIT: Alright, I just read the FAQ. What an amazing thing this is. Makes me proud to be a player of video games. I will do my part to raise the average Windows payment.
  8. Something witty about OnLive

    I've only tried demos at this point but the Deus Ex offer is really tempting me!
  9. Something witty about OnLive

    True. It's nice to see some publishers playing along. Right now they're also giving away a free MicroConsole and controller with pre-orders of Deus Ex, Space Marine or Saints Row: The Third. Not a bad deal for someone who isn't already planning to get those on console and/or can't run them on their PC.
  10. Something witty about OnLive

    I tried a few demos and was quite impressed by how well OnLive works. I like the idea of OnLive but the problem I have with it is the existing library of games. They're just not offering anything that makes me want to subscribe to the play pack or purchase the OnLive version of something I can get on my 360. If they start to offer more PC titles, games my aging PC can't run, then I'll take notice.
  11. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    My PC is too old to run this. It looks like I'm going to have to sign up for Xbox Live.
  12. So, how is everyone?

    I want to believe...
  13. So, how is everyone?

    There is a Thumbs shaped hole in my life as I begin listening to episode 1... pretending to hear it for the first time.
  14. The random bs at the end of show 50 was the perfect way to go out--very thumbs. Thanks for the incredible archive of shows you guys. So much of the conversation is timeless and can be listened to again and again. I feel like I've really gotten to know you three over the last year and my week just won't be the same without your show. I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to any and all future casts you decide to do. Swizard!
  15. Idle Thumbs 49: Bargo Busters

    Bargo Busters = Best.Gaming.Podcast.Name.Ever is available. "Someone" buy it and make this happen!