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  1. Can you grant me build permission on the idle minecraft world username is bjvbruggen thank you...

  2. Great thank you. I made the Idle Thumbs podcast a specal one in my podcast download and play program. And totally forgot until the alarm went of this morning (GTM +1)...
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    "Each monster's is different." From the UK guys about monster hunter tri.
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    OMG that's terrible... "Better than taking a leak on a long drinking night."
  5. I think that there comes a new title from Epic, Tears of War for the PSP so i think it's gonna be the weeping game... They gonna announce that...
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    "It will make your wife pregnant." -
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello i'm Berend Jan a 32 year old male from the Netherlands. I play games from my 8th year, first on my MSX then C=64, NES, N64, SNES, All other nintendo platforms. First solo/split screen then i went to the BBS and internet platform and now i'm playing split screen whit my friend again beer drinking and having fun. That's it in a nutshell, oh and i listen to the podcast for some weeks now and i think it's a great way to overcome the boring bicycle rides to work and the walks with the dog are much more fun now
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    Darn i forgot, IGN is always positive. "It's better than a rainbow in the sky." IGN.COM it's to positive... It would be cool dough that when a game is bad that they put it on the box also. "It really sucks cocks in hell. 1,67/10" -NOTIGN.COM that would be a must buy form me. Only for the box alone.
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    Ohhh boy oh boy, hilarious... "This game is so bad you feel raped... AGAIN." IGN.COM "It should be banished, because it will rape you though a hole." IGN.COM "Raping is bad, but this game makes it feel so good" IGN.COM "The best thing about this game is that it can be turned off." IGN.COM "Arghhhhhh my eyes." IGN.COM "Buy an empty DVD it's more fun." IGN.COM