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  1. [Released] That's The Stuff!

    Okay I updated the game, it works as intended now, you can reload and your progress is saved and all that. That was fun!
  2. Playable jam version here: https://mantiseyelabs.itch.io/thats-the-stuff Hello, friends, long time listener to Wizard Jam and Idle Thumbs (also I helped make the website, sorry), first time Wizard Jammer! I mostly wanted to participate because it's the last one. Anyway I picked "That's The Stuff" because I've always wanted to make a weird inventory management game. Also it seems like something I'm pretty likely to finish because it doesn't involve any complicated game mechanics or interactive systems (more on that later). Maybe. Plus I can write the entire thing in javascript. The basic idea is you collect "stuff". You have limited spots to store your stuff, but you want more stuff because... having stuff is cool. You can polish your stuff, change your stuff's color and probably level up your stuff. Along with the stuff there are also various non-stuff items you will collect on your journey such as stuff polish and stuff spraypaint. How do you collect stuff? You click a button that will let you find some stuff. You'll find stuff and also inventory items (for your knapsack). You can also earn gold chips, which you can use to buy things that are non-stuff, such as more slots to store your stuff and more space in your knapsack so you can store more inventory. You earn gold chips by having stuff, with different stuff generating gold chips at different rates. None of this is implemented yet, instead I spent entirely too much time working on UI and animation. So here's a gif of that: And yes the game will only have four colors. The game may not be fun but it will hopefully be very addictive! That's the stuff!
  3. [Released] That's The Stuff!

    Whew, got this in just under the wire: https://mantiseyelabs.itch.io/thats-the-stuff I am terrible and didn't implement saving, so none of your progress will be preserved if you refresh the browser window or whatever else. I'm hoping to have that fixed tonight! But the important thing is I got it submitted mostly.
  4. [Released] That's The Stuff!

    Alright, thanks to the long weekend got in a bunch of changes: You can now buy things in the store! Spend your hard earned gold chips or just buy some with real money! You can trash (delete) any stuff that you want Stuff finding is slower the more you attempt it You can view more details about your individual stuff Lots of alerts and popups when bad things happen Sweet logo screen animation (which I missed in the gif, so it'll have to be a surprise for later) with custom Wizard Jam 10 logo Still need to implement knapsack and all the items you keep in it. Leveling your stuff also needs to be added and probably a few other things I forgot.
  5. [Released] Beppo's Hole (in one golf)

    Well the game works for me and it's pretty great! I guess what I needed the most to enjoy golf is Jake and Chris saying like four different phrases over and over. Anyway my crowning achievement was getting an eagle (which I think is good?!) on the last hole. Also I saved a screenshot but I have no idea where it is so I can't post my score. Rest assured it is awful though.
  6. [Released] That's The Stuff!

    A progress report. You can find stuff! Lots of other things to wire up but here's a nice gif for everyone: --- Thank you!
  7. Oh man I'm so happy that my tweet ruined Chris and got him to play Desert Golfing super far. I played to hole 4000 just so I could verify that the 3XXX super hole didn't exist (it doesn't) but I restarted yesterday to get my leaderboard score a little higher (currently ranked 1469 of 1613). Playing holes 1000 - 3000 are super recommended if you want to devote the time to it. They're way harder and pretty crazy, and the gradient change is awesome (though I guess the surprise is ruined now). The holes beyond like 3200 or so are almost entirely flat and I don't think there is any more worthwhile content beyond it. I believe someone told the developer that they were on hole 3200 or so and the guy told him that they could probably stop at that point.
  8. Yeah I guess it's not a huge deal now that I think about it. My own hilarious example is Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which is a fine (if not silly) movie that contains a weird fake version of the Bay Area. Basically every time they go somewhere in that movie it makes zero sense, and they do stuff like go from downtown SF to the Golden Gate Bridge in maybe two minutes (they're on opposite sides of the city) and immediately into Muir Woods after the bridge (it's like another 30 - 45 minutes of driving from the bridge) and I am just like "yeah okay whatever". So maybe "offensive" is too strong a word Certainly it's dumb though.
  9. We were worried not about the existing posters but that there would be a crazy influx of sock puppet accounts, but I guess they prefer platforms like Twitter where harassment goes totally unchecked. Honestly if any regulars here had been horrible that would have been the most shocking thing to me.
  10. I believe the most recent Transformers movie also had some scenes that took place in China for the same reasons as Iron Man 3, except I think the Transformers ones were in all versions of the movie (not sure about that though, and I haven't seen the movie). I heard an NPR story about it and it sounded like it was just an inexplicable 10 minutes where they were fighting in China, but the places they were fighting in made no sense because they were in different parts of the country. It pretty much sounded like some horrible movie studio just found famous places in China and used them as the backdrop for a fight sequence without much thought beyond that. It's weird because stuff like that seems like it could just come across as offensive if you're not careful. Like if your intent is to make your movie have more appeal in China, wouldn't you at least want to come across like you actually gave a shit?
  11. Oh man, Pac-Man Battle Royale. We had a weird recruiting arcade party at work once and we rented one of those and it was awesome. The reason it's not at every bar is because it's fucking massive (though apparently there's a smaller one, I guess). Still bigger than Big Buck Hunt or whatever, plus you can't shoot a bad looking Pac-Man with a fake shotgun, so I guess there's that.
  12. I also feel bad for ignoring the Nazism discussion but I just wanted to mention that all the rules required for a person to be eligible for president are also required for vice president. VP basically has to be able to become president, which is why Bill Clinton can't be VP, for example. People next in the chain obviously don't have to follow the rules, they will just be skipped over if they are in line to become president for whatever reason. The clause that states the president has to be a "natural born citizen" is also not specific about "you must be born on US soil" or just "you must be a US citizen by birth". It's also there as a paranoia thing due to the time it was written. In grade school it's often taught that "you have to be born in the US" but it's less cut and dry than that. If your parents are married and one or both are US citizens then you pretty much become a US citizen by default (there are only some minor prior residency requirements) regardless of where you are born. A friend of mine in middle/high school was born in Sweden but both of his parents were American so he was a US citizen at birth even though he didn't actually live in the US until he was 5 years old.
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    Did you lose your work or something? You should totally use github (or some other kind of version control). I recommend github because it's super simple to use if you download one of their desktop apps (Windows and OSX are available). If you don't want to give them money then your repo has to be public but for $7/mo you can get up to five private repos. I think for a public repo basically nobody will ever find it unless you actively promote it, but the privacy thing is nice to have I guess. It's mostly just an awesome way to avoid losing all of your stuff though.
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thanks! The level drawing is just some squares. I'd like to make them textured but my pixelin' skills are not the best so it might stay that way forever. Also I really like your game! I haven't said anything because I'm a jerk I guess but it sounds neat and I really like the look of it. It almost reminds me of an Adult Swim show, stylistically. Even the main menu has a very hand-crafted look to it.
  15. Amateur Game Making Night

    Latest progress on Ghost Roguelike: https://vine.co/v/Mb5gJbUrLpV Next I need to figure out a win condition for each map. I'm thinking something like in 868-HACK where you can just exit the level at any time and the focus is more on your score which you can get from collecting something (TBD) and killing other ghosts. Maybe add in some kind of bonus based on how many turns you took before exiting. It's just throwing things at the wall at this point. I only have two more days (until midnight on Friday) for it to be a 7DRL, but I think I can get something that at least resembles a completable game.
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey I've been working on my 7DRL as well! Two days in now. I think the core mechanic is going to be the bombs: defeating enemies, blowing up walls etc. https://vine.co/v/MqtvXMEYOX3 It's ghost-based because a. I can't draw very well, b. ghosts are pretty cool and c. trying to somehow connect each playthrough together while still having permadeath lead me to some kind of spirit-based game. It's not a fully-formed idea yet, but I wanted some kind of permanence between playthroughs that's not just "you get your previous gold/items/stuff!" I think the idea is that all ghost are connected and by altering the levels and also killing other ghosts you alter the collective in some way. I haven't quite worked out what that alteration is (could be as simple as affecting base stats for new playthroughs) but the idea is there. Might also be too much of a deal for seven days. There's still a lot of groundwork to do and the weekend is over so I'll have less time to work on it during the week. Oh well, fun stuff!
  17. Game Jams

    Also, concurrently, the Procedural Death Jam, if you want to make something rougelike-like that's not technically a roguelike: http://proceduraldeathjam.com/ I don't know if the 7DRL challenge is super strict about the definition of a roguelike as far as entries go though. The 'Berlin Interpretation' is kind of weird. You could also enter both game jams with the same game!
  18. Game Jams

    Looks awesome! But, is it even possible for cyber-punk to be "too over-the-top"?
  19. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey, my Flappy Jam game is ranked the 6th hardest! That seems like some kind of accomplishment to me! Five votes, but whatever, top 10!! Also 194th in 'coolness', 50th overall? Waiting on a sweet contract from Activision, or a buyout offer from Rovio maybe.
  20. FMA is awesome but make sure you check the license on each song before using it since a lot of them require credits or no modification or have other restrictions. I'm not entirely clear on if putting a song into a game (but otherwise leaving it) counts as modifying it either.
  21. Game Jams

    Is this a general game jam thread or Cyber Jam specific? Because if it's not the 7-Day Roguelike Challenge is happening March 8th - 16th! I'm gonna try that one, I think. http://7drl.org/
  22. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yep, that's how making stuff like this works. You think of the best way you know how to do something and end up learning that it probably wasn't the best way to do it at all, but at least you learned something from it! I want to say eventually you learn the right way and make stuff perfectly, but every day I see some code I wrote a year or six months ago I almost always go "what was I thinking?" and I write a lot of code professionally (not games). So... I don't know! Keep it up, either way!
  23. Amateur Game Making Night

    Cheesing through stuff is the best part of game development! Mostly because it means you are worrying about making an actual game and not an engine (which a lot of people seem to get sucked into, myself included). I suspect people who use Unity barely ever have this issue though. Also I like your game! That bird sure can eat a lot of pellets or whatever. But I think it's a nice take on the "genre" without just being a bird that goes up and down and avoids obstacles. Woah, I really like it! I actually originally thought the blue was some kind of placeholder texture or something (like that orange one in Half-Life 2 maps) but this one reads a lot better as a blueprint.
  24. Amateur Game Making Night

    I like it, though I learned I'm not a fast enough typist to be very good.