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  1. No Man's Sky

    So many little things I've found by going awol; red and green star systems with unique minerals, animal and plant life. The fact that you have to intentionally leave the linear paths is great. Part of me still feels like half the game is just clever smoke and mirrors, but the way I keep encountering unique text, crazy $20+ million dollar ships and completely bizarre multi-tool designs leads me to half believe Murray isn't just the snake oil salesman some fools are convinced he is. Hey to anyone who caught my edit. It was a tequila night.
  2. No Man's Sky

    Ended up taking a black hole that totally screwed with my progression. Now 50,000 light years away from my appointed atlas waypoint and spun around so much I have no idea where up is, im beginning to appreciate what this is even more. Cue lost in space references. I was wrong to assume this is something I could play everyday, but I'm delightfully surprised to find its a game I'm happy to be lost in.
  3. No Man's Sky

    Sure, it's kind of gross when you realize that our hero is essentially another space asshole, exploiting his way through the universe. But not having to worry about resources would seriously take away from the already limited loop. My take away from tweets like that is always, ok. Sure. So do something better then. I really love what this game has to say about scale, especially, and I want to champion everything it else it's trying to do as well.
  4. No Man's Sky

    I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun with this game. Of course I would prefer a smattering of bespoke planets that didn't feel so...artificial from time to time, but I keep telling myself it's ok. The same with sometimes feeling like the whole thing is aimless, even following the Atlas path. The more I let go of those preconceived notions of what my gaming session should be the more free I feel. I'm just not sure if it's actually freeing or some kind of Stockholm syndrome but at this point I don't care. My immediate concerns are all I care about, and my immediate concern is more iron. Lots and lots of iron.
  5. Wizaaaaaards!!

    I was walking by this wall at work (marketing for industrial computer company) I've walked by a thousand times and nearly choked on my coffee when I happened to see this image (sorry crappy cell phone): So yeah, I work with Wizards. Have you encountered any boss wizard wizards in real life?
  6. Mad Max

    I've been having a ton of fun with this. I'm sure it helps that I skipped Shadows of Mordor, got it on a sale, that it runs really well on my PC, and that I love this wasteland. But still, I don't find the icons littering my map as a chore because (unlike with the most recent Ubi games) all of the activities are fun and lead back into the progression of Max or his car. I think the lack of a difficulty option helps here too because they've been able to tune that stuff so that it's always a challenge and requires better gear and equipment. And I really like driving around now that the car is improving. I'm a bit disconcerted at the disparity between the word of mouth and metacritic though. MGSV + low expectations have caused people to dismiss it I think and that's a shame. There's a lot to like here if you give it a chance. I would really recommend this, especially on PC where the performance and price shine. Think it's still 40% off at GMG.
  7. Life

    80's bad guys are just misunderstood. And usually have terrible fathers. Also, it feels weird to have a new username after 10 years. But sometimes you gotta flush the past and start over.
  8. Life

    Is my digital existence so fluid only because I have no friends or significant social presence? That's either really sad or really sweet. Well. It's all thumbs up emoticons for me. Except for the rim at shipe park, who has been a real bitch to me this summer. I'll call you baby I swear. EDIT:@Architecture lives closest to me. Threat?
  9. In which Twin Peaks thinks it's Dark Shadows.
  10. Twin Peaks Rewatch 17: Arbitrary Law

    Yeah, you can combine this episode with something else guys. Bring me back to James and take me away from the Mayor please.
  11. Twin Peaks Rewatch 15: Lonely Souls

    I am julee cruise's crazy hair. Also, damn. That was darker than I remembered.
  12. In which Donna and Cooper both play Dungeon Master to varying degrees of success.
  13. Yeah, that opening (which is really fantastic) I could've sworn it said: But I don't think it actually changes Chris's observation.
  14. Hank definitely gets short shrift. It felt like the Twin Peaks setup for local bad guy is that you start as Bobby, then you become Leo and finally you graduate into Hank. The muscle of the Horns, the former Bookhouse Boy, the foil for Truman. But his ultimate fate is even worse than beating by random Yakuza thug. Of course, many characters never really get the development they deserve. Though I still think decorating the diner was part of his fake 'win Norma back" act. Which is just part of his larger fake outward persona. That whole shtick is so goofy it somehow works to make him even more of a slug.
  15. I should say I think at the beginning of this episode they did a good job of showing how tortured Leland is mentally. And while I think Cooper and Audrey should've stayed an item (not necessarily consummated), at least now we have the chance to have some more Zane in our lives come 2016.
  16. I agree with SuperBiasedMan that the dark themes of the show are the real connective tissue and I think the 'cheese' was designed just to provide some necessary prime-time levity, (even though sometimes it's used as outright satire). I especially find the dark aspects of Twin Peaks so engaging and unlike anything else that it's easy to ignore the characters and segments that are goofy. Like cup of black coffee with rainbow sprinkles. The sprinkles don't belong, but if you take them out the coffee might be too bitter to enjoy at all. Cream is just too conventional for Lynch to employ. Which is maybe where Fire Walk with Me went wrong for some people, though I loved the hell out of it and it made me appreciate the darker aspects of the show even more. No rainbow sprinkles there.
  17. Twin Peaks Rewatch 10: Coma

    Is this real Ben, or some strange and twisted dream?
  18. You'll find out soon enough!
  19. Had a dream I chugged half a bottle of gin and then listened to episode 9 in a stupor. Don't drink gin and haven't even had a drink in weeks. Woke up hungover. Weird.
  20. Or just large narrative holes that we fill with our own meaning like someone with a minor case of serious brain damage stitches together memories with invented patches.
  21. So I finally watched Fire Walk With Me. I won't spoil anything for new viewers, but I urge you to watch it at some point, and it might even work best late in season 2 before the end. Previously I had ignored the film as it seemed both panned and pointless (who needs a prologue? I know what happened) but, man. Take Twin Peaks on the edge of a rubberband and stretch it into the Lost Highway spectrum. It was far more chilling than expected. Excellent. I really hope Chris and Jake cover it as an epilogue or something. Related to the conversation I think one of the things people find intriguing about the show is how the residents take the supernatural and mystical forces in stride. This might be a stretch, but in particular I feel like people on the "good" side of the Twin Peaks yin yang take positive mysticism as matter of course, while those more influenced by dark forces seem to have some kind of awareness of the evil energies that permeate the town. In that sense it seems natural his family would be concerned, while the horns (the two horns!) accept it as Leland's return to form. Thinking ahead to new Twin Peaks, I'd love to see Chris Isaaks return and I'd rather have Fire Walk With Me Donna (Moira Kelly). Both actors have aged really well and we all know what kind of horrorshow Lara Flynn Boyle has become. But maybe she can play Bob now since we've also lost ‎Frank Silva.
  22. I lost my shit at that scene last night. They're just so happy Mad Leland is back, instead of Mopey Breaking Down Leland. It's especially bizarre/funny coming right after a nightmare scene in the Palmer house. Jerry's jumping worm dance is the best. You're right, so many good moments in this episode. Donna's heel turn. Andy knocking himself silly. Watching last night was the first time I got the sense that maybe the old bellhop was mocking Cooper. I always felt it was just supposed to be quirky and awkward, but hanging up the phone, leaving him in that state and then constantly coming back to give Cooper his own trademark thumbs up I was struck that maybe he was...less than friendly actually. But I don't remember much else of this Season so not sure.
  23. Bookhouse Boys, come out and plaaaaaaay. He didn't die. He's a musician. Also, Jacoby has Laura nailed. Darkness and corruption.
  24. All of their scenes together feel like The Room. In a good way.
  25. Hawk getting a high-five from the biker was all you needed to know about his badassery. Idle thumbs people tend to overthink a lot of shit. Or, well maybe I underthink it.