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  1. My amazon copy doesn't ship to me until next week.
  2. Titanthumbs

    Origin - Skratches
  3. Wish I could join you guys today, but I'm working. I'll try my best to watch it live though. Best of luck to both Sean and Olly.
  4. Arma 3 Beta Shenanigans

    This new multiplayer DLC is both weird and cool. A new reason to get back into ArmA 3 perhaps?
  5. Played an exciting and eventful long session with Plyem and YoThatLimp. For what I believe is the first time in weeks that we've played now, we actually encountered other players. More than just once. Of course it being DayZ, those assholes opened fire on sight and killed two of us. But still Plyem was able to exact revenge and loot gear off of them while still under the influence of blood loss. We eventually decided to join up with Vanaman, who was apparently in Elektro on another server. Unfortunately on our way along the coast in one of the towns, YoThatLimp was killed by another player who shot him on sight. I managed to loot some gear off YoThatLimp. But couldn't for whatever odd reason, seem to even locate the body of our mysterious murderer. Lost some good stuff to the server due to some odd bug. Anyway, after about 4 hours of DayZ we called it a night. On a sidenote, they really need to fix the item trading system. Items disappearing when dropped just gets super annoying after a while. Why can't we have a simple "hand item to..." function? If you can give someone blood or saline or even force feed them food and water, why not have the ability to give them other items as well? Seems reasonable enough to me, but then again I'm no game developer/designer/programmer.
  6. Yes we are meeting up in Guglovo at the same time as always. Don't worry about the light, I've three headtorches and batteries. As long as my character doesn't revert again we should be fine. I was lucky to have my character restore back to a few weeks ago, when I had a mosin with scope and bayonet attached. I just did a scavenge run this morning to gather more supplies. Few things I've noticed since the new patch: shotguns hacksaws military berets that look cool, but offer no head protection radio transmitters, that can be used to communicate on a specific frequency variable zombie models spraypaint cans to paint your weapons new soda cans: Pipsi, Spite, NotaCola and Rasputin Cola fresh fruits seemed to spawn more often as opposed to rotten ones weapon cleaning kits (apparently they are bugged and shouldn't be used on "pristine" weapons as that'll degrade them to "worn". server browser now has column for time of day So I've managed to gather up a good deal of supplies for our event later today. My backpack is completely full with extra junk that I can share with folks once we meetup. In fact, I have no space left in my inventory for food. So please help me get rid of this junk: bayonet attachment for M4 weapon flashlight for M4 3 headtorches 3 batteries flashlight handcuffs with keys 2 weapon cleaning kits 75% full green spraypaint can (I used it on my mosin and now I can blend in to the foliage with my camo pants, green helmet, green backpack and green vest). Shitload of bandages Ammo for mosin, revolver and pistol.
  7. Oh great! Now, I'll have to log in and have a look just to make sure my character is ready for tomorrow.
  8. Before I transcribe another one of my adventures here, I'm gonna say upfront I'm not proud of what I did. I just did it instinctively. So after the events of my previous run, I respawned along the coast somewhere between Solnichniy and Kamyshovo. After getting my bearings, I headed up the road towards Msta and was lucky enough to find a Mosin and an axe in the first house I looked in. I found a water bottle, some cans of food and a kitchen knife in Msta. I still hadn't found a backpack and my pockets were all filled to the brim. I decided to move up along the road towards Staroye. More junk and some food, but still no backpack. I found a sweatshirt and some cargo pants that let me carry more stuff but I was still running out of inventory space. In Staroye, while trading blows with a zombie I started bleeding. I eventually killed it, but realized I didn't have any rags or bandages to stop the bleeding. I wasn't even wearing a shirt I could tear into rags; just the sweatshirt and cargo pants which you can't tear into rags. So I frantically started running into houses checking for anything at all I could use to stop the incessant bleeding. I must have been very careless in my search because all the houses I checked were empty. After running around in circles and I was ready to give up. This is where it ends. Once again, I lose my gear to bad luck. So while waiting for myself to bleed out, it occured to me that I could still "cheat" and keep all my gear. I found the nearest house, dumped everything I had into one spot in the center of the house, closed the door behind me and stepped outside in nothing but my undies. I then took a screenshot of the house and made a mental note of exactly where it was located in Staroye. My insane idea was to bleed out, respawn and then make a beeline straight to this house to pick up all my stuff. Assuming the server didn't reset and nobody else on the server casually walked into the house by the time I get there, my stuff should technically still be there. I just decided to take that chance. And to my surprise it worked! I got everything back, just the way it was. Yes, I admit, in a way you could call it "cheating". But come on, if nobody else on the server picked it all up by the time I respawned and ran back then I call it fair game. Posting a few screenshots in spoiler tags to shorten the post.
  9. I have such a love-hate relationship with this game. I played for a few hours this morning just so I could gather up some supplies for next week. I had a revolver, pistol, baseball bat and an axe for weapons. I had two small protector cases full of ammo for the revolver, pistol and mosin. I had plenty of bandages, a pristine syringe, a saline bag and morphine. I had also managed to pick up a pristine headtorch and three 9V batteries for our night run next week. No problems with food, water or blood loss. Then I get the losing connection message. I decide to move myself to a corner of a nearby building and just let the server disconnect me. But the server doesn't shutdown or disconnect me from the game. Instead, the game skips around a bit and I find myself lying on the ground moaning in pain. When I try to stand back up, my body just slumps back down to the crawl position. Somehow I must have fallen from a height and broken my legs. So no more walking for me. In panic, I just start applying bandages to myself. I take some vitamin pills and use the morphine hoping to dull the pain. Something must have worked, because miraculously I find myself able to walk again. Extremely pleased with the situation, I decided to log off the server and stop playing before my luck ran out. But 20 mins later, found myself logging back in, unable to contain the excitement from my previous session. And as luck would have it, only a few minutes into the game I was shot dead by someone I hadn't seen. Goddammit. Now I don't know if I should go back and start scavenging all over again. It's just so depressing and yet I've a smile on my face as I'm typing this out. EDIT: I've now learned through magic of google and the DayZ wiki that morphine can be used to fix broken bones. Huh.
  10. As far as I know, rags or bandages will only stop the bleeding. You won't start regaining blood immediately after applying rags/bandages. I think blood regenerates (at a really slow pace) as long as you keep a healthy level of food and water. The best and fastest way to deal with blood loss is to get somebody to donate blood or give you a saline bag. This is all based on knowledge I've picked up playing DayZ myself. So I could be wrong.
  11. Well, having my character reset and then losing all my cool gear was a bummer, but I still had fun. At least it felt like some us had an adventure of sorts. After respawning and scavenging for new stuff, I came across this little shack. It was filled with a whole bunch of new-spawns who were repeatedly being attacked by a single zombie. A zombie feed-station? I managed to grab this screenshot before the zombie started chasing me.
  12. Just a friendly reminder: We're playing again around 4hrs from now. So if you haven't moved your character to Guglovo yet, please do so and save us all some time.
  13. Guglovo is perfect. So if you're planning on playing next week, please move your character near the water fountain in Guglovo. Gather supplies, gear up or whatever else you need to do and get yourself to Guglovo. Get it done preferably before we play next week so we save time and can proceed swiftly to spread fear amongst other players on the server. Now lets cross our fingers and hope that we also luck into finding a good server that lasts us for the entire run.
  14. That sounds like a plan. Let's decide which small town or other landmark we want to meet up at. You know what? Let's make this place our standard thumbs meet up location. Henceforth, we should all meet up at that location before the start of our event. Hopefully people from our group will find time to move their character to that spot before our event next week. This would save us hours of wandering around trying to find each other.
  15. Posting a few screenshots. I think this is the most number of people I've teamed up with in DayZ or Arma. This is when all 9 of us were finally together on a hill near Shakhovka. We decided to split in two squads and approach a town from flanking directions. Our two squads met up in Guglovo near a fountain. Look at us. We are an overwhelming force together as a group and yet such an easy target for any random passerby.
  16. Just so you guys know, I might be a little late. But I'll be there for sure.
  17. We're playing again tomorrow at 8pm GMT (or was it 7pm). Join our steam group and you'll see the event time based on your timezone. Also join the mumble channel. Details for that are on the first page of this thread.
  18. Life

    Hah Iceman! That's also the new nickname my co-workers have given me. Anyway my appointment with the plastic surgeon went quite well actually. He said it's not serious enough to operate on and just told to me to absolutely stay the hell out of the cold. I have to apply this Flamazine cream they use on burned skin twice a day and take some painkillers, but everything is good! I have another follow up appointment with him on monday. So I'm hoping atleast the swelling will go down by then. Thanks for the well wishes everybody!
  19. So I pretty new to DayZ. Never played the mod and I've only just started playing the standalone version. I have a couple of questions maybe some DayZ veterans can answer for me. 1. I've been attacked on numerous occasions moments after respawning by dudes who themselves have just recently respawned judging from their outfits. They just run at you with their fists raised. I even plead to this one guy "I just spawned. I've nothing on me man, Fuck Off" and he still kept following me. I had to eventually log off the server and find a new one. What's the deal with these assholes? Is this a common occurrence or am I just being stalked by this one guy? I recently found my first gun, a bolt action rifle. For the longest time I couldn't find any ammo for it. When I finally did find some 7.62mm rounds and tried to load them in the gun, I would get the message "It doesn't fit in there". I looked up the gun in one of the DayZ wikis out there and sure enough I had the right type of ammo. So what the hell? Fortunately for me, I met a stranger with the same rifle in a town scavenging for supplies. Then I had this pleasant conversation with the guy: "Hey man, you know why my 7.62mm rounds won't fit in the rifle? Is it bug or something?" "Are the rounds in a carboard box?" "Uh, what? What do you mean?" "Are they pristine and in a box as a set? "Uh yeah they are..." "You need to empty the box and then load the individual rounds." "Uh....shit" Of course you do! You can't just stuff the entire box down the barrel. Duh! 2. Do guns have durability like other items (pristine, worn, damaged etc.)? If so I don't see it being represented anywhere on the UI. 3. I found a defibrillator. It would've taken up 4 slots in my pack. Would a defib be useful at any point really? Is it worth it to make space and carry that thing around?
  20. Life

    So it's been super cold outside here in Toronto for the past few days. This morning when I left for work I believe it was -240C and with the wind chill factored in it was -370C. I usually walk to work and it takes around half an hour from my house to get there. I make it to the building and see that the power's out. The maintenance dude tells us to gather around in the cafeteria and wait until the city's emergency power guys get here. So we're just sitting around in the dark using our smartphones as flashlights. After about an hour the power's back on and we were able to get back to our normal routine. Now here comes the fun part. One of my co-workers notices that my right ear is super red and swollen. I touch my ear and say "I'm fine, it's just cold". A few minutes later the entire floor is around me telling me that I should "go see a doctor because that's not normal". Once again I insist I am fine and that I don't feel any pain or anything. Moments later, my Boss practically drags me out of my chair and drives me to the hospital. He takes me through ER and I see a doctor who says I might have severe frostbite. I had a chance to actually look for myself in the mirror. And yep, bright red, swollen with blisters. Fuck me. She freezes the area, cleans the blisters and bandages my entire head. Then gives me super drowsy pain medications (even though I insist I am not in pain). She makes an appointment for me to go see a plastic surgeon first thing tomorrow morning. I ask her if that's really necessary. She just looks at me and smiles. Now I've been home for about 3hrs, the pain meds are wearing off and I feel like an idiot. I am just sitting here stressing out. I wonder just how bad the frostbitten area is? Am I going to need surgery? Am I going to lose my ear? Fuck me. The funny thing is my left ear is totally fine. My right is swollen as hell and I look like an idiot. So if there's a positive side to this it's that I look like a circus freak. More updates to come after I see the plastic surgeon tomorrow.
  21. I just had an eventful evening of DayZ with a bunch of folks (Lu, SirPocket, BadEend and MalcolmLittle). I wish I had the sense to record everything as a video but screenshots will have to do for now. Apologies for posting links to the screenshots to my steam page, but it's much easier for me this way. Our first accidental death was also the funniest one. While defending our group from a zombie, SirPocket accidentally struck BadEend with an axe. He started bleeding out and was immediately unconscious. Quite unexpectedly, his body glitched out and started being dragged along the ground on its own. Perhaps, as he claimed, it was being carried away by opportunistic zombie ants. We tried everything to stop the body or even the bleeding, but nothing worked and he was eventually forced to respawn. The second accidental death will perhaps be better explained by MalcomLittle himself. We had finally found each other and were making our way across a dam, when he suddenly falls to his death off a ledge. Apparently that was his fourth (?) consecutive death falling from a height. Sadly our group did not actually accomplish much during our journey. In our group of five, I was the only one located in North America and my lag eventually got much worse. We decided to switch servers, which unfortunately reset my character for whatever odd reason and that brought an end to our journey. Here are all the screenshots I took on my steam community page.
  22. Ugh. Alright, have fun I guess. I wanted to try this out but as usual I can only attend events scheduled on weekends. But if you guys have a good group going then by all means go for it.
  23. First this cool song: Which led me to this other video by the same band, featuring Jake "video games" Rodkin.
  24. Arma 3 Beta Shenanigans

    New peeps who want to get in on some Arma action, join the mumble channel at the event time. Don't friend Lu. Apparently he hates it when you don't follow simple instructions.
  25. Arma 3 Beta Shenanigans

    I understood like four words out of that sentence.