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  1. Guitar Hero 4 "Not Just About Guitars"

    They'll think of a tagline like they did with "Legends of Rock", like...like...Band Legends.
  2. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    WHAT??!!! Their is no custom soundtracks!!! Rockstar put this feature in a Xbox 1 game four years ago and had the feature on the PSP games but they didn't bother with this one feature!!! And the soundtrack doesn't look it would excite me bar Nas "War is Necessary", but everything sounds average, but no country music thank god. And 60% within only 30 hours, I thought Rockstar touted having 100 hours of gameplay in this version.
  3. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    If anything I'm waiting for the PC version, IF I get a new PC, I might have to think "fuck it" and get a 360 for this (and a few other games not on the PC). From what I heard so far, it's great....but, I'm just wondering if this game actually has a custom soundtrack feature and if there is a chainsaw (Even if it is not like Vice City, blood spraying about and more like San Andreas with less violence I don't care, it's GTA tradition.) This game just screams detail, I don't care if it's a another Oblivion (Played it, finished it, so I won't play it ever again), the gaming experience will be worth it.
  4. The Great "Rock Band" European Rip-Off!

    For a moment I thought this thread was about some game company making a game similar to Rock Band and releasing their own controllers for it....wait a minute... Anyways, this is bogus, totally bogus. This should open the floodgates for the amount of people not buying this great game and sticking with the sub-par pre-Harmonix Guitar Hero games.
  5. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    It's either listening to Oukast or Van Morrison, my "Shuffle" button.
  6. Best reviews I've ever read

    Well that's wierd, I didn't know that in the UK games didn't have to be rated to be put on the shelf. In Australia, the title has to be rated, otherwise it is stopped from being sold by the Government.
  7. RE0 Wii

    I don't simply get it, why don't you get the Gamecube version? That's what my friend is doing, borrowing the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1.
  8. The Format isn't over yet, the HD-DVD still have to compete with media downloads (Like it matters here, Australian internet speeds are horrible) and DVD's. Yeah and with HD, the customer is absolutely clueless, I know a couple of friends that have a 30" inch Sony Bravia, I keep giving them hints "You have a HD television" but they don't seem to care, just the fact that they have a big television. We were even watching tennis through the analog-aeiral setup and watching DVD's on a non-upscaled DVD player.
  9. GTA IV

    The only GTA I've finished is San Andreas, but vice city is the one I enjoy the most. At first I was pissed that they hadn't announced the PC version, but they did and now I'm more excited about this game.
  10. Gears of War for Windows

    I'd give it a 8.5/10, what could've of been a average shooter in the light of Halo is surprising fun, because of the "Extremely Awsome" moments it has in the game, which since Resident Evil 4 have been a common trait in most video games these days. I don't get the innovation of duck/Cover system, kill.switch did it on the PS2 a couple of years ago.
  11. Guitar Hero IV "this year"

    There doing it again!!! Their getting another series and constantly releasing that have no new features and add what's cool and hip (and lame) in the industry today, just like Tony Hawk. It seems Rock Band is beating Guitar Hero in terms of quality, is it selling well over there in the US? Skate, according to critics was better then the latest Tony Hawk and outsold it 2-to-1, not bad.
  12. Soul Calibur officially jumps the shark

    I think they jumped the shark when the memory card glitch occured in III, never has a game company broke a track record of glitch-free, "Finished" games in a shitty way.
  13. Need for Burnout: Paradise Lost

    Yeah, apprently the guys over at Citerion...well the lead designer Alex Ward doesn't like the PC, with it's so called "Complex" controls, stupid idea to not release Black only on consoles. Anyway, Burnout 3 was one of the very few games with my PS2 purchase where I went "Holy Shit!! How awsome is that!!!" and I think kinda got me back into gaming for a while. Revenge was kinda dissapointing, I didn't like how the crash events turned out, now the latest Burnout they pump out will divide people to what changes they like.
  14. Dr Who Xmas special

    I never thought of Doctor Who as a kids show, even the new series which looks all sexed up, new and all.
  15. Crysis

    I think I wait down the track until I get a new computer which might be never, would rather play it when computers become more advanced then half-assed with the computers currently available.