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  1. Breaking Bad

    I thought the second series was pretty tedious. Felt that I had to soldier through it to get to more, better stuff - just felt that it went off the boil somewhat after the brilliance that was 1. 3 is better 4 just goes crackers and 5! HOLY SHIT! CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS SPLIT IT INTO 2.
  2. Life

    That sounds like a pretty good arrangement to me! I remember a conversation we had on a bus a year or so....chuffed to see that it has worked out nicely!
  3. Life

    Fistbump, homes!
  4. Life

    (I'm in Koln all week, which is close-ish. Maybe some improptu beers? If not, not to worry )
  5. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    How about releasing 'The Outsider'? Also: Star Citizen.
  6. Life

  7. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    So... Reading about the levels of tech that you guys have got, have I attacked the alien base too soon? I have Carapace, but no upgraded weapons. It's tough going...but I also can't withdraw. Am I boned? As an aside, in reply to the poster that said steam won't ban your accounts for using a VPN to play games early (rahter than buy them cheaper) if they find out, they will terminate your account; someone posted on steam forums and a valve employee replied: It violates section 3A of the subscriber agreement: "You agree that you will not use IP proxying or other methods to disguise the place of your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, to purchase at pricing not applicable to your geography, or for any other purpose. If you do this, we may terminate your access to your Account." Not saying this will happen. But it might.
  8. Life

  9. Non-video games

    Has anyone played this new X-Wing: Minatures game? It seems like a lot of money for what you get (1 x-wing, 2 TIEs), (with add-ons that cost a fortune), but also reviews as pretty fast and fun. So - for those who have played it, is it worth it?
  10. Life

    This is a good thought, and not something that I'd ever really thought about. As soon as I plugged them in, I configured 128bit AES on them - think it was default actually, so it was pretty much plug and play. If it comes as default, I can't imagine many people being caught out by this, but worth looking into, thanks
  11. Life

    Good stuff. Always connect your modem into the 'master socket' and network the rest using Cat5/6. In the UK at least, phone extension wire is not data quality, so you will get slower speeds plugging your modem into the extension socket. Sounds like you're going ethernet anyway. I use the DLAN homeplugs, they're quite old, but they give me around 280/300 mbps, which is plenty, considering I live in the country and my ADSL is only 8mb. All other internal networking is done via wireless N, which is the bottle neck.
  12. Life

    With regards LAN you should look into the ethernet over power adapters. Saves a lot of mess and bother. They work perfectly.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Quite enjoying the Green Lantern animated series...although there is slightly curiously named main character - 'Killawog'. Surprised at that one.
  14. FTL

    I'm getting that impression from other stuff that I've read.
  15. FTL

    This game was driving me nuts last night. Played for 5 hours straight, been a long time since something has held my attention for that long. Not tried on easy yet - just playing normal. It's hard.
  16. Books, books, books...

    DNA still has written some of my favourites lines in books that stay with me for years: "The daylight shouldered its way in like a squad of burly policemen, and did a lot of what's-all-thising around the room."
  17. Photos of things

    I suspect you're right
  18. Photos of things

    When you posted pics of that festival, I thought, "That looks like Chapeltown Festival at Potternewton Park", but also thought that can't be it. Then you posted Leeds museum pics... so was it Chapeltown Festival?
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Been enjoying catching up with Burn Notice. It's cheesy as hell, and the characters get a bit annoying sometimes, but it's strangely addictive. I guess I just like the spy stuff.
  20. By the hammer of Thor!

    Great scott!
  21. Counter-Strike Idle Terrorism.

    Yeh I had that drop to main menu thing a few times last night. It seems to have settled down a bit now and works ok. 90% of the time.
  22. Counter-Strike Idle Terrorism.

    So, worth a punt? The AK, when you got the hang of it, usually guaranteed a headshot. Aiming at the torso, while crouched, 2 shot pattern, the recoil from the first could mostly be relied upon to get the rifle in line with the head.
  23. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    There must be room for a medic as a force multiplier.
  24. Lies of Locke Lamora

    Yup, great first book. I didn't like the second one as much, but have read them both, twice. Lynch is about as slow as GRRMartin in writing new books, so we will just have to wait it out.