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  1. Tales of Monkey Island

    Just three? Here are the ones I found:
  2. No Spore till 09

  3. PRINCE OF PERSIA Script Review

    Mechner had hoped to branch out into movies for a long time. He had actually written The Last Express on spec and shopped it around. That's why I'm pretty sure he actually co-wrote Prince of Persia. Besides, Writers Guild of America is very anal about proper, uhm, crediting so what you are suggesting simply wouldn't fly. Not that any of it matters. Bruckheimer reportedly junked the script and got Boaz Yakin to do a Page One rewrite.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I've just seen Primer. It's a relly interesting take on... well, on something, and what it is may be considered a spoiler, so just jump right to Amazon, buy the film and don't look at reviews It speaks volumes about how stupid I am that I had no idea what's going on thorough the entire movie, but the beautiful thing is that it all makes sense. Every piece falls into place during rewatching and rethinking, but at first it's just this major kick in the gray matter.
  5. Prince of Persia Classic

    Not even? What would be wose, if your X-Box crashed? There's a little cutscene if you don't make it and there's another in the end that only appears if you do. But one way or another, you get the girl. I'm hoping Electronic Arts will take notice and we'll have enchanced Flashback before long.
  6. Prince of Persia Classic

    To be fair, not much hapens when you don't get to the princess in time.
  7. But seriously, what did you expect? It's not a PC game (not exclusively), it's not even a DS or Wii game. And it costs more to make than some countries to maintain. It's hardly a surprise they're not doing a niche turn based old shool RPG. That would be just bad business. Yeah, but I think it's actually pretty simple. I believe this whole VATS thing is a variation on Max Payne's bullet time. You normally use real time, and once your APs charge up (which only happens when you don't do anything), you can unleash a targeted shot. It adds a tactical angle, but it's hardly Jagged Alliance And let's look at the bright side. Stop calling it "Oblivion with guns". Call it "post-nuclear Deus Ex"! Blargh.
  8. PRINCE OF PERSIA Script Review

    Depends on your philosophy. Prince of Persia you can flesh out, make your own, go to town with it. Last Express on the other hand is pretty much defined, so if you were to do it, especially with rotoscoping as elmuerte suggested, what would be the point? It would be the game but without interactivity. Of course, that's just theory. No one would stop a Hollywood exec from making Last Express a Van Damme vehicle set in the future. But from the outset, PoP allows for more creativity than Last Express.
  9. Prince of Persia Classic

    I could be crazy, but I'm pretty sure you had a save, like ctrl +s or something. Just one slot. On Amiga at least. But as I say, I could be crazy. Back then everyone was playing pirated copies and no one knew how the fuck the games worked unless they figured it out for themselves
  10. PRINCE OF PERSIA Script Review

    I admit I haven't played the games too much - especially the Sands of Time trilogy - but nothing about the film's story, except for the dagger, seems familiar to me. It's an even older plot point. That's how Deianara offed Heracles.
  11. Here: http://www.latinoreview.com/scriptreview.php?id=63 And it's co-written by Mechner himself! Sounds interesting for sure, but El Mayimbe has been known to get overexcited in the past.
  12. Vending machine conspiracy continues!

    Ultima Underworld was eariler. And you're all forgetting Descent.
  13. From http://ps3.ign.com/articles/789/789358p1.html: No Spector this time, but if these new guys turn out to be smart people, that may not be a bad thing. On the other hand, I think Harvey Smith works freelance now, so it's still possible he'll have a hand in this.
  14. Gobliiins 4

    Of course, but even so, they have the rights. At least the American rights and that - assuming they actually still have them - may pose a problem for those expecting a localised version (including me).
  15. Eastern European Games

    Just as Polish as The Witcher with all its polish.