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  1. Oh man. I've been looking for something to hang on the wall behind me. Hmm.
  2. I don't personally resent intrusions, especially when the game opens up like this and I'm directionless. I think pushing the rudder in one direction or another is necessary to keep the stream moving and to not have people pulling their hair out, so feel free to guide me to one level or another. I think once I'm going down a relatively linear path, I'm probably best left to my own devices until I hit a serious wall. Also, I think I'll stream a bit today starting around 330pm Pacific.
  3. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I just successfully pulled off the second challenge in the Hitman Kotti Paradigm, in Cheatin Hitman style. I am really bummed my CPU isn't beefy enough to stream this game. Does anyone know if it's even possible to stream Hitman smoothly on a single CPU? I'd consider upgrading if so; have an i5-4670k atm.
  4. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Dark Souls stream tonight. Starting 3-4pm Pacific or so.
  5. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Haha, oh man. Crazy idea and maybe something that'd be fun for the next one. I think to do that right now I'd have to stop playing Planet Coaster and Dark Souls though, and I really would like to finish that park/game.
  6. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Lame. I will stream Dark Souls tomorrow. Probably during the day.
  7. Thanks for reminding me of these maps. Might actually help me visualize what is going on. Though I suspect, in the end, I will agree that DS3 is the best approach to world design.
  8. I'll be streaming tomorrow I think. Probably early afternoon, around noon or 1pm Pacific. Might have to actually gain a few levels this time.
  9. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Ugghhh Planet Coaster has water rides & log flumes now. Going to be tough to pick between that and Kerbal. Maybe I'll do a bit of both. Will probably stream around 4pm Pacific today.
  10. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Would anybody watch if I streamed some Kerbal Space Program this week? Side question: is the Dark Souls 3 DLC good? Or should I just move on to Dark Souls?
  11. Idle Thumbs 288: Pizza Tonight!

    I think I found the origin of the Waluigi thing. I guess it has to do with his haircut?
  12. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Haha, cool. Glad you're feeling better. Speaking of which -- I really want to stream more, but my allergies have left me in a gross and grumpy state. :/ Hopefully soon. PS. My girlfriend is out of town starting tomorrow, so I will actually probably stream a few times over the end of this week/weekend.
  13. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Yeah. Not sure when the finale will be at this point, but saving that for a warmup.
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Going to stream some Planet Coaster in a bit. And then maybe, if I've got the energy, I will start Dark Souls.
  15. Rimworld

    I've been playing on Cassandra/challenging and feel like I've conquered the base game enough to move on to extreme scenarios. My latest base is positioned in the northern-most starting point possible; average yearly temp -16F. After about a half hour, I've got a little McMurdo station set up and I love it. I hate having to worry about freezers -- especially with solar flares, etc -- and I really hate heat waves, so this has been somewhat of a relief, albeit an ultra-challenging one. Don't think I'm going back to temperate zones after this.
  16. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Going to get back on the stream train this week/weekend. Curious if anyone has an opinion on what I do next. I created this poll so you can rock the vote:
  17. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Yeah, I'll have to do a pre-finale stream where I take this guy out just to stay warm. Gotta get that 100%. Also:
  18. Idle Thumbs Streams

    The real danger isn't that I'll give up -- it's that I won't.
  19. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Chances are high: we're going to do a Hitman stream on Sunday starting at 1 PM Pacific. I will also restart Dark Souls soon. Hopefully will give some lead-time on the day, but I may also just start up a few streams here and there just to fit it in when I have time.
  20. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Due to a night of drinking with Chris Remo, I will not be drinking with Chris Remo this Sunday. Maybe I'll do another weekday stream?
  21. Idle Thumbs Streams

    In lieu of a Sunday stream -- which I sadly cannot do this week -- I'll be streaming Dark Souls at 12 PM Pacific on Friday. I hope you guys will join me! And if not, Chris might try to stream something else on Sunday anyway.
  22. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I think less alcohol actually hurt my game. Also, thanks everyone for watching me bumble through that. Also, thanks Kyir for continuing to give a blind/drunk man directions.
  23. We are actually planning on it! Sometime after the end of Wizard Jam 16. When we nail down a date/time we'll update this thread, and also announce it on the podcast.