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  1. Idle Thumbs is now regularly streaming video games on Twitch, at! This thread is where we'll try to keep you apprised of upcoming streams, as well as post our backlog of recordings. Starting today, readers can now subscribe to our Twitch channel! As a subscriber, your money will go directly toward supporting the Idle Thumbs podcast/streams. You'll also receive access to goofy/hilarious chat emoticons! Join us! Upcoming Streams No Man's Sky, Part 2 — TBD Chris streamed his first impressions of No Man's Sky. Maybe he'll stream more! No Man's Sky: Chris' First Time (Twitch, )RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 10 — TBD Chris loads up RimWorld for the first time upon its Steam release, years after backing it on Kickstarter. It promises to be a sci-fi Dwarf Fortress that you can actually figure out how to play. A love triangle immediately developed between Nick Breckon, Danielle Riendeau, and Danielle Riendeau's mom. Enjoy. RimWorld With Chris, Part 1 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 2 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 3 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 4 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 5 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 6 (Twitch, ) RimWorld With Chris, Part 7 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: The Rise and Fall of Cool Zone (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 1 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 2 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 3 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 4 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 5 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 6 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 7 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 8 (Twitch, ) RimWorld: Video Jamestown, Part 9 (Twitch, ) Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 12 — TBD On April 17, 2016, Chris and Nick set off on a mission to drink a lot of cocktails and suck slightly less at Dark Souls III. One of those goals was achieved immediately. The other took five hours, and counting. Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 1 — (Twitch, ) Mai Tai (1944 original), Royal Hawaiian Cocktail, Hurricane Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 2 — (Twitch, ) Halekulani Cocktail, Carioca Hawaiian Cocktail, Jungle Bird Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 3 — (Twitch Pt.1, Twitch Pt.2, ) Iuka's Grogg, Sidewinder's Fang, Cream Gin Fizz, Mai Tai (1970s resort variant) Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 4 — (Twitch, ) Rum Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 5 — (Twitch, ) Dark 'n' Stormy Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 6 — (Twitch, ) Gin Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 7 — (Twitch, ) Trader Sam's Shipwreck Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 8 — (Twitch, ) Tommy's Margarita, Cynar Negroni Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 9 — (Twitch, ) Tommy's Margarita, Whiskey Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 10 — (Twitch, ) Coffee Dark Souls 3 and Tiki Drinks, Part 11 — (Twitch, ) The Two Sisters Hitman (2016) — TBD The crew dives into the episodic Hitman game's Escalation missions, which introduce progressively challenging assassination parameters. Chris was killed many times by laser tripwire, and everyone else was stabbed many times by scissors. Recorded May 22, 2016. Hitman (2016), Part 1 with Chris and Spaff (Twitch, ) Hitman (2016), Part 2 with Chris and Nick (Twitch, ) Hitman (2016), Gary Busey Elusive Target with Chris (Twitch, ) Archived Streams ​BioShock with designer JP LeBreton Frequent Idle Thumbs guest and game designer JP LeBreton worked on the original BioShock, and takes us through some of the game, including his level, Arcadia. As a bonus, JP also brought in and played "Arcadia Demade," a Doom II remake of his own BioShock level, re-creating Arcadia's spaces and encounters as faithfully as possible using only stock Doom assets. Worth watching for the Houdini Splicer encounter alone. Recorded June 23, 2012. Bioshock with JP LeBreton, Part 1 (Twitch, ) Bioshock with JP LeBreton, Part 2 (Twitch, YouTube) Bioshock with JP LeBreton, Part 3 (Twitch, ) Arcadia demake (Twitch, ) BioShock 2: Minerva's Den with designer Steve Gaynor Steve gives us a play-by-play of his critically acclaimed BioShock 2 DLC, Minerva's Den. Recorded in November 2012. Minerva's Den with Steve, Part 1 ( ) Minerva's Den with Steve, Part 2 ( ) Crusader Kings 2 Arise, King Vanaman. We played six hours of "Who Wants to Marry a Baby?" or, as it is sometimes referred to, Crusader Kings II. Follow the lineage of our faithful and ill-begotten servant Ragnar. Woe the life of Brian, our hapless son unwittingly in the way of King Vanaman's succession. Watch us kill some wives and imprison half of Ireland. Recorded July 22-30, 2013. Original Forum Post Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Chris survives three hours of backseat Dark Souls driving. Recorded July 13, 2013. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Twitch) DayZ with Evan Lahti Sean and Chris are guided through the brutal world of DayZ with the help of PC Gamer's resident DayZ expert and evangelist Evan Lahti. Watch Sean find a bicycle and go for a lovely ride through the apocalyptic wastelands, realize it was all a dream and fear for his life. Recorded August 18, 2012. DayZ with Evan Lahti, Part 1 (Twitch) DayZ with Evan Lahti, Part 2 (Twitch) DayZ with Evan Lahti, Part 3 (Twitch) Far Cry 2 Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2? Far Cry 2. Recorded August 24, 2013. Far Cry 2, Part 1 ( ) Far Cry 2, Part 2 ( ) Far Cry 2, Part 3 ( )​ FTL: Faster Than Light After many ill-fated attempts at managing his ship's crew's journey through some particularly vengeful patches of space, Chris plays through his first ever successful FTL campaign live, with lots of incredible back and forth from the audience. Recorded August 11, 2012. FTL, Part 1 (Twitch) FTL, Part 2 (Twitch) Headlander First Impressions Just over 27 minutes into Headlander, Chris discovers something that makes him happier than perhaps any video game ever has. Chris Plays Headlander (Twitch, )Hitman (2016) Escalation Missions Chris and Spaff dive into the episodic Hitman game's Escalation missions, which introduce progressively challenging assassination parameters. Chris was killed many times by laser tripwire, and everyone else was stabbed many times by scissors. Recorded May 22, 2016. Hitman Escalation with Chris and Spaff (Twitch, )Just Cause 3 — July 3, 2016 Chris loaded up Just Cause 3 for an impromptu stream with his wife and Idle Book Club co-host, Sarah Argodale. Towns were destroyed and robots were ridden. Just Cause 3 — (Twitch, )Kerbal Space Program We choose to do what is hard, and not the other thing. In retrospect, it might have been a mistake. Recorded April 20, 2013. Kerbal Space Program, Part 1 (Twitch, ) Kerbal Space Program, Part 2 (Twitch, ) Kickstarter Countdown Once upon a time, you, the readers, helped bring Idle Thumbs back from the grave. This stream is a historic document of the moment the Thumbs officially reanimated. Recorded March 22, 2012. Kickstarter Countdown, Part 1 (Twitch) Kickstarter Countdown, Part 2 (Twitch) LucasArts Memories Chris and Jake play through old LucasArts adventure games, including Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and Loom. Recorded April 6, 2013. LucasArts Memories (Twitch) Minecraft For a while, Idle Thumbs ran a Minecraft server. It's currently closed, but take a trip through the Thumbs server that was, with us and all the other Thumbs who logged in for the stream. Recorded July 7, 2012. Minecraft Part 0: Prologue (Twitch, YouTube) Minecraft Part 1: Actual Minecraft Playing (Twitch, YouTube) Pikmin 2 Head-to-Head Most people probably didn't know that Shigero Miyamoto's team made a competitive RTS game, and fewer know that it's super good. Jake and Chris play a couple hours of Pikmin 2's relatively unknown, but surprisingly robust split-screen versus mode. Recorded February 2 and 16, 2013. Pikmin 2, Part 1 (Twitch, YouTube) Pikmin 2, Part 2 (Twitch, YouTube) Rogue Legacy When we're two hundred years dead and buried, we hope the kids of our kids' kids' kids are still bringing you this podcast out of some strange never-ending sense of family destiny. In the meantime, we bring you our experiences playing Rogue Legacy (which is basically that, except killing guys in castles and not podcasting). Recorded July 2, 2013. Rogue Legacy (Twitch, )Ruination Cast As part of our Kickstarter campaign, backers were given the chance to help us ruin an episode by giving us a list of topics we had to discuss. The following four and a half hours is the result of that list. Recorded October 7, 2012. Ruination Cast (Twitch) Ryan Davis Memorial Stream / Surgeon Simulator 2013 Celebrate the life of a great man with an hour of ridiculous video game bullshit, as we attempt to perform delicate surgical procedures with only the most tenuous control of our own motor functions. Recorded July 9, 2013. Ryan Davis Memorial Stream (Twitch, ) Shadowrun Returns Nick Breckon warms up for a podcast recording with a copy of Shadowrun Returns and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Recorded July 27, 2013. Shadowrun Returns, Part 1 ( ) Shadowrun Returns, Part 2 ( ) Spelunky An innocent stream of a new procedural platformer can very quickly segue into a year-long obsession. Recorded August 2013-February 2014. Spelunky (Twitch) Chris' Spelunky Daily Challenges ( ) Nick's Spelunky Daily Challenges ( ) Street Fighter IV Chris, Jake, Sean, and Nick warm up for a podcast with some ultra-competitive Street Fighter IV. Recorded July 16, 2013. Street Fighter IV ( )Super Black Bass A bass fishing sim for the SNES, Super Black Bass was one of those games from your childhood that you played a lot even though you knew you were only understanding half of what was going on. Sean shows Jake and Chris how it's done. Recorded Jun 9, 2012. Super Black Bass (Twitch, YouTube) Super Pole Riders The creation of QWOP developer Bennett Foddy, Super Pole Riders would go on to feature in the Sportsfriends collection of friendly sporting games. Recorded August 27, 2013. Super Pole Riders (Twitch) Tennnes Tennnes is a simple-but-deep same-screen competitive tennis game, a throw back to '80s sports games, with the mechanical fidelity modern game design allows. We took a break in the middle of an Idle Thumbs episode to play a bunch of it. Recorded October 30, 2012. Tennnes, Part 1 (Twitch, YouTube) Tennnes, Part 2 (Twitch, YouTube)​ Viscera Cleanup Detail Sean plays Viscera Cleanup Detail, the space-station sanitation simulator. Recorded July 16, 2013. Viscera Cleanup Detail (Twitch, ) Wizard Jam 2016, Part 2 — Saturday, July 9, noon Pacific We'll be gathering to play through the results of the forthcoming Wizard Jam 2016—and, time permitting, selections from Wizard Jams past. Wizard Jam 2016, Part 1 — (Twitch, ) Wizard Jam 2016, Part 2 — (Twitch) X-Com with JP LeBreton and Evan Lahti The original X-Com has a notoriously steep barrier to entry, but PC Gamer's Evan Lahti and Double Fine designer JP LeBreton help guide us (and you!) into the game in a way that we've heard actually works. Recorded September 15, 2012. X-Com with JP and Evan, Part 1 (Twitch, YouTube) X-Com with JP and Evan, Part 2 (Twitch, YouTube)
  2. The Tragedy of Ragnar Arise, King Vanaman. We played six hours of "Who Wants to Marry a Baby?" or, as it is sometimes referred to, Crusader Kings II. Follow the lineage of our faithful and ill-begotten servant Ragnar. Woe the life of Brian, our hapless son unwittingly in the way of King Vanaman's succession. Watch us kill some wives and imprison half of Ireland. Twitch Archive Download save file (begins shortly after the accession of King Sean I) Ragnar's tale, as recounted by Something Awful member Dezinus:
  3. Idle Thumbs Streams

    If anyone finds this again... I'm still streaming at Come hang out!
  4. WIZARD JAM 9 ~Showcase Weekend~

    I'll be streaming as many games as I can get through -- hopefully all of them -- on this Saturday, August 3rd, at noon Pacific time.
  5. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I'm going to stream off my personal account because Chris is busy and I can't get verified on Thumbs.
  6. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I have yet to play or see anything about Getting Over It. My entire Saturday is free. Should I try to beat it in a marathon stream?
  7. Apologies. As evidenced by the end of the last stream, my internet has been having some problems. It was bad again today, but I'll try a test stream tomorrow.
  8. I did. I have. I am. Sorry! The next episode of Thumbs has some explanation. But yeah, the vial farming was burning me out a little bit. I may stream another game for a week and come back to Bloodborne when I'm feeling more fresh. Or I may just play Bloodborne more sporadically than I played Dark Souls, to kind of spread out the farming, haha. Not sure. I'll definitely beat it, but yeah, I wish it had Dark Souls' health system. :/
  9. Sorry I've been a little absent guys. Came down with some kind of sinus infection this weekend that has kept me from doing, well, much of anything. But I think I should be fine for a longish stream tomorrow during the day to get back into things.
  10. I know I said I'd be back today, but I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow when that network switch will arrive, so that I'll be able to actually read chat.
  11. Update: Sorry folks, no stream today. I have been totally owned by incredibly loud construction going on outside my apartment. Which, for the next month, probably means I'll only be doing 5pm Pacific streams. As it happens I'm busy tonight after 5, so tomorrow it is.
  12. Hey all. I'm about to PM SL128 a list of all the clips, so that should hopefully be that on clips. As for Bloodborne, I've been considering waiting on that until I can get a streaming setup that would allow for the internalization meter/etc to continue, but given the reality of how long it'd take to get that up and running, I'll probably just go ahead and start streaming it tomorrow.
  13. Alright, gonna stream some DS2 tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm Pacific. Let's do this.
  14. Just a quick update: I'll be back streaming next week. Possibly on Monday afternoon/night.
  15. FYI but no stream today. We have a date with La La Land. But tomorrow I ought to be doing a mega-long stream. Probably something like 3-10pm Pacific, with a break or two somewhere in there.
  16. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Planning the goofiest stream for tomorrow afternoon. It's gonna be good. Dark Souls 2 around noon or 1pm Pacific, then goofy (maybe really good) stream at 5pm.
  17. Yeah, okay, I will start the stream by doing this stuff.
  18. Yeah. I have to remind myself that if I'd beaten this guy in three tries (I still think I might have gotten him in one) I would not be complaining about it at all. Still. Their design intention was clearly to create a lengthy final boss fight, so some of this stuff remains disappointing. But. I will triumph today, regardless.
  19. That was my original plan, but I'm a little busy this morning, and I want to give it my undivided attention. The fight itself is whatever, but the fact that his animation is buggy is a real shame. It's kind of a slap in the face to see him glitching from one anim to another when you're trying to hit these absurdly precise timings. Also, I really don't think it should ever be that hard to heal in a boss fight. Maybe if it's a short one, or has some other trick to it. But not the final boss. Anyway, I'm just dumb for not taking off the ring.
  20. 7. Take off the ring that makes me a level 1 character I'm going to try again today. Same time (4pm Pacific). Definitely will not be going as long as last night. But I'm going to beat this stupid, stupid guy.
  21. God, I am very tired today. This is going to be one hell of a loopy ending.
  22. Alright, I think tonight's the night. Will start streaming around 4pm Pacific. Though I have to leave by 7pm, so we'll see.
  23. In my defense, I did not think I'd beat the boss -- that everyone was constantly pumping up as a big deal -- on the second try. Which actually begs the question: what's the difficulty level of DS2 in comparison to DS1/DS3? So far, at least in my playthroughs, I'd say DS3's bosses were trickier on average than DS1's. But then again, I was new to playing the game, so maybe I'm just better at combat now and DS3 will seem like a cakewalk when I replay it?
  24. Streaming around 2pm Pacific today. I'll stay at it for a good while since I cancelled on everyone yesterday.