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  1. Just wanted to share this incredibly versatile gif I was compelled to make.
  2. Walking Dead Season the Second

    GOOD JOB, NICK. So did any Dota Today fans notice The Chasers cameo? Also possibly Gone Home's Christmas duck? They did.
  3. The Last of Us - Left Behind

    I loved just about every minute of this. The amazingly heartfelt relationship, the parallels and contrast between past and present situations and settings, and the ending was spot on. I'm also really curious to know what Hot Scoops thought about how they approached the relationship themes. (PS. Druckman is a Thumbs Games Themes Stealer)
  4. I'd also love to get in on this, if it is actually a thing! Steam ID is Doorselfin
  5. A couple of weeks ago I made a thing that's not exactly the theme song for the 70's TV sitcom The Cast of Us, but it's not too far off.
  6. God, some of the looks Molyneux gives Sean while he's talking are terrifying. I feel like he could stare me into a hole. Great job, Sean!
  7. So I played an all-mid game last night with a few people. I picked KotL. In retrospect I am a huge asshole.
  8. Oh man, I just played my first Keeper of the Light game last night, and holy hell is he fun. I didn't even really get a chance to use his spirit abilities all that much, but the constant nuking with Illuminate was so damn satisfying.
  9. Virtue's Last Reward

    I played this all the way through, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it I think I vastly preferred 999. It's perhaps because this time I was expecting the BIG REVEAL, which ended up being perhaps a bit too large in scope and open-ended for me to really get a sense of satisfaction at the end. I also didn't really like the polygonal characters this time around, but that's just nitpicking.
  10. Far Cry 3

    Haha what. This seems a bit excessive, but I do something similar by not unjamming the radio towers. That way all you see is a bunch of black, and some major encampment/quest markers. No topography, nothing. I only unjam them when I'm running out of things to do, since they unlock a few sidequests. Also that blindfire revelation, what. That's amazing. Best FPS cover system ever.
  11. Far Cry 3

    ANECDOTE: It was the middle of the night, and I stumbled across an enemy outpost across a large river. I got myself into a great vantage position, hiding in some long grass behind a tree. I pull out my silenced sniper rifle, and start taking strategic potshots, taking them out in a clean, orderly manner. No-one has seen me. As my magazine runs empty, I'm feeling pretty chuffed with how well I'm managing to stealth this encounter. I begin to reload, and as my Far Cry guy (Cry Guy) is banging the fresh mag into the rifle, a crocodile pounces from the water and pulls me under. I proceed to mash buttons in a quicktime event where Cry Guy is stabbing the everloving bejezus of this crocodile. I finally triumph, and swim to the surface to grab some air. When I poke my head out from the water, I'm staring at about five guys unloading their assault rifles at me. WAKKA WAKKA. The best I've found is a pair of 'Pink Handcuffs' in underground ruins, supposedly untouched for decades.