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  1. I absolutely hated Once upon a Time in America. But speaking of things that everyone seemed to love that baffles me: Point Break - there is this weird evolving nostalgia that has started to surround this film that gained ground after Hot Fuzz and broke into enormous adulation when the remake was announced. I like very little of this film except Lori Petty asking 'Have you no soul?'. I think the remake is better, but both are bad Jumanji - I think I was too old for jumanji by the time it came out and it felt like yet another sugary Robin Williams vehicle alongside Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams and Hook. Lost Boys - This seems to be wheeled out by older people to bash Twilight, I would say that Lost Boys was the Twilight of its time. Very pretty boys being vampires and very little else worth considering.
  2. Cheers - am in Thailand so I think honey will be my best bet.
  3. Is there something I can use other than Maple Syrup that will give the same sort of effect?
  4. Dead Cells

    That isn't accurate on the current version I am playing (after saying I might not have time, it is all I have played for the last 3 days). I got to the Forgotten Sepulchre through a place called the Stilted something or other... Man, things have been changing like crazy. If I can I lean towards bear trap and turret combo, with either a shield and arrow combo, or a whip and ice blast.
  5. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Ugh, my prediction from two years ago was entirely correct - this has been flooding both Twitter and Facebook. I am actually tempted to start muting people as a result. Rockstar are one of those establishments that will be going long after I die and it makes me sad that they will be held as something of a gold standard for story telling in video games.
  6. Dead Cells

    I just bought this on Xbox One, mainly because of the way that the developer described the company structure there. Not sure when I will play it.
  7. Recently completed video games

    In the process of completing Gene Rain - it is the game equivalent of watching The Room. Functional, but basically dumb as shit and utterly confusing in terms of plot. From their website: The historical background we set up is fictional. We hope that this design will bring you a brand new world which is not so rigid, where all forces are fighting for their own ideas. As for who are demons and who are heroes, the difference is just inside your head... The game is by no means as rich as Deadly Premonition, but it is the same kind of trashy stupid.
  8. Id's Rage

    That slide reminded me of the one thing Warface got right, really satisfying sliding in First Person.
  9. Recently completed video games

    Finished Assault Android Cactus as it came free with Xbox Live Gold this month - really fun little shooter that has Geometry Wars influences but comes up with a fresh take on it that causes its own freneticism. There are 9 unlockable characters with their own primary and secondary fire (that also doubles as a dodge function) the art style kind of sucks but other than that it is pretty great.
  10. Paladins: Champions Of The Thing

    #Fernando4life On a more serious note, Paladins is a pretty good little game and can be really fun with others. But, unless they changed this, you cannot change your character once you get into a game. So, if the meta is against you, good chance you are going to get completely, frustratingly steamrolled.
  11. I got a job as a tester because of video games. As a result I started writing about video games as I met people who spent large amounts of time analysing games, and then Goobergate started making me re-evaluate my political beliefs (I guess the closest I would have been, circa 2012, was neo-liberal with a few left-leaning tendencies) and read more about philosphy, morality, and what things like patriarchy really meant. Stuntman Ignition made me run very near things and jump down stairs for about a week as I considered everything a combo meter. One time I rode back from my friends house and had to stop cycling because I could still hear the sound of Streets of Rage, even though I was in the middle of the countryside.
  12. Recently completed video games

    My review for Yoku went up:
  13. Recently completed video games

    I was just coming to post about it - it is one of my games of the year, alongside Death Road to Canada.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Jesse Plemons was actually really good in that film, and it was nice to see Kyle Chandler being allowed to use more than two facial expressions. But yeah, from your spoilers - I was sitting there thinking 'Why don't I just watch that film instead? Oh, I am on a plane'
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Travelled to Thailand and watched a bunch of fillms too: Justice League - Pretty much what I expected. Terrible from beginning to end and uneven Game Night - I am starting to get tired of these comedies set around couples and a ludicrous plot device. Not bad, not good, just a film I, Tonya - Margot Robbie is fantastic in this jet-black comedy. Sebastian Stan is creepy and unpleasant. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - I found this more enjoyable than the original film. Jack Black is genuinely very good as the selfie girl trapped inside a man's body. I was worried that it was going to be one joke for 2 hours but the writers decided to throw that out of the window quickly and just have fun, as does Jack Black. Kevin Hart is the weakest as he does the least amount with his part.
  16. They have the Thai Finals tomorrow - so I might go check them out, then a few days later they have the regional finals with players from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and I think the Philiphines playing.
  17. I was getting my laptop repaired in a Mall in Bangkok and they were hosting a preliminary local event for the Thai finals of the South East Asia Championships. The setup was 4 man teams, with the TVs on the peripheral being controlled by the announcers and the audience could see player outlines through walls and get all kinds of additional information that the players themselves had to do without (taken from my Discord channel): I spent three hours watching the 4 team, FPS PUBG tournaments. Some weird less than Semi-Pro behaviour, like everyone always shot at vehicles no matter how far away they were. Nonetheless it was great to watch, especially when you know exactly where someone is in a house and you see 3 dudes charge in to murder them Some really close shaves with one dude downing a person, throwing a grenade that killed that person and downed the person trying to revive them, and then they jumped out of a window and killed the third dude Team I liked the most was the RA group, a bunch of kids who were really good at getting out of tough combat situations, they were really well co-ordinated but it seemed that they were not good in clutch situations - they were number 2 in the first match and barely scraped the top 5 in the second two matches I watched Team I liked the least were the MTX team - almost all their tactics involved getting in a house and then shooting at anything that moved - frustratingly that got them to two top five finishes with some of the most boring plays However, the clear heroes of the tournament (loved by the presenters as much as me as they kept switching back to check what they were doing) were the FOCUS team, led by KiSsMyAsZ Honestly, it was like A Keystone cop, a person who had never played the game before, and someone that didn't know what a mouse and keyboard was, got in a team together and decided they would show up for the PUBG nationals Everytime the controlled camera switched back to them they were doing sick jumps off of things, throwing Smoke bombs at themselves, or trolling another team, before escaping in a jeep and doing more sick stunts. I am not sure they got a single kill Way more exciting than I was hoping, and I couldn't understand anything that was being said The most exciting play had the logitech-sponsored players parking jeeps in a field with a single player trapped in a shed, while the Logitech players got in a shoot out with two other teams, lots of smoke grenades and tentative sniping led to a really intense threeway.
  18. GOTFHOTY 2018

    Death Road to Canada - Easily the most fun I have had with a new(to consoles) game this year. I wrote a review for it up on gamecritics. Yoku's Island Express - Have not finsihed the review, but one of the most relaxing metroid style games I have ever played. All the mechanics are based around pinball and works really well, art, music and mood are all very nice too. State of Decay 2 - I don't care what reviews are saying, the game is still great (even if they have removed some of the stress that I miss from the first game) and the base and resource management is perfect. Other than that I have just found myself gravitating back to Forza Horizon 3...
  19. E3 2018

    They finally did it! I talked about it last year after Microsoft announced Xbox back compatibility. But yeah, Devolver Digital are doing Metal Wolf Chaos remake. So excited!
  20. Red Faction: Guerilla

    I tried this game as a demo and it immediately grabbed me. I've just bought the full game and it is absolutely awesome. The sheer amount of destruction in it is just too much. It makes me think of what Mercenaries 2 should have been. The multiplayer is also pretty sweet with small but fully destructible levels, the power ups make it really enjoyable too. The story line is, however, complete balls.
  21. Red Faction: Guerilla

    Yeah, same feelings on it. At the same time though, I was very pleased to see the song on there, like someone at Deep Silver/Volition gave a shit enough to know the song.
  22. South Park

    Okay, so thanks for exaplaining the episode. And here are my thoughts based on the summary on the wikipedia entry and your interpretation.
  23. South Park

    Interesting to see that not everyone hates later seasons of South Park. The last episode I watched all the way through was the 300 episode where it ends with Mrs. Garrison scissoring her enemy. I was really closed minded about transgender issues at the time, but that episode felt utterly tasteless even to me. I caught some of the episode where Cartman is trying to cancel/stop the airing of a Family Guy episode but it is pretty lost to me. I guess my main problem is I hear a lot of people spouting fairly shitty opinions and then go 'I feel this way after I watched this episode of South Park that really articulated my thoughts'. This has been enough to put me off watching anymore South Park. For me, rather than teaching me more about biggots' thought processes, biggots have used the show as a touch point to reinforce their ideas.
  24. Recently completed video games

    Hey, so this doesn't really fit in here, but I didn't want to create a new thread. Getting into this game right now: And I am almost done, and have a question: Is this an original take on Match 3? I've only played Puzzle Quest and Gems of War seriously so I am curious about whether anyone else has made a combination of Steamworld Dig/Miner Dig Deep with a Match 3 game? The reason I ask is that the gameplay itself is top notch but the shell around it (the GUI primarily) is really shoddy, which suggested to me that it was a clone of a better, more polished experience.