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  1. Haze

    Eurogamer thrashed it.
  2. PS3 multiplayer

    Well, if you are aiming to get it for multiplayer, I'd say pass, because it's nothing special. But the single player portion is pretty good.
  3. PSN ID exchange

  4. Haze

    It reminds me a lot of Resistance in its meh -ness. There's nothing outwardly wrong with it, it's quite pretty, but it's also not very inspiring, either.
  5. The Club

    For any US Thumbs, the PS3 version is currently on clearance at many Target stores for about $40, and will probably keep dropping every week. I plan to pick it up when it hits the $20 range.
  6. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    Any of you tried out multiplayer yet? I normally skip that portion of any game, but good lord, I may be having more fun with it than the single player campaign itself. If you can get a load of people into a Cops and Crooks match, there's some endless fun to be had.
  7. So, this "GTA 4" thing then...

    My brother is playing the game on the PS3 at the same time as I'm playing on the 360 and I'm amazed by how different our adventures have been, even with little minor things. Like picking up a gun. I got my first handgun Whereas my brother went out drinking with Roman at a strip bar and, while trying to stumble drunkenly out of the club, he accidentally found himself on stage. The bouncers went after him and he ran into the back, where a gun was laying on a desk, which he used to escape. I have a feeling this game is going to lead to all kinds of wacky stories.
  8. The Club

    twmac, you may also enjoy GripShift on 360 or PS3, which sounds a lot like what you are describing as well.
  9. XBox Live

    Are you using a generic wireless adapter, or the official Microsoft one? I had no end of trouble using a Linksys adapter, but as soon as I popped in the Official Microsoft Xbox 360 $50 Overpriced Wireless Accessory, it worked fine.
  10. Tomb Raider Anniversary

    I've yet to play it, but I heard on one of the CheapAssGamer podcasts that a 360 version should be released in the near future, possibly coupled with Legends.
  11. Jack Black is AWESOME

    This isn't too surprising, considering Jack Black
  12. Eastern European Games

  13. Why I hate you, and the internet

    Why would someone who hates reviews write one?
  14. Penumbra

    This episode one demo is different from the one I was originally talking about. This one looks much, much better by comparison.
  15. Is Odama worth US$38?

    If you have a friend in the US, have them check some local Toys-R-Us stores for you. Most of them have the game on clearance and have for some time. I picked it up a few weeks ago for $5, complete with the Microphone.