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  1. Most Dull Online game Ever

    But it's a 200% accurate representation of what life is like for a Third World Farmer! Complete with rampant AIDS, the shady 'Peanut Market' and the all-too-familiar complete-and-total-lack-of-fun! Maybe there should be an option added to the game where you can opt to receive a care package of razor blades to slit your wrists. Sure would beat having your corn molested by gangs and your cows die of drought.
  2. Real Life Doom

    I thought Japanese people re-cycled their urine and fecal matter by covering their naked bodies with it while wearing protective eyewear. Oh wait, that was semen - the other bodily fluid.
  3. Beyond Good and Evil - stuck and up the creek.

    If my patience can put up with the 4th phase, I'll beat it. Otherwise, I find it just too incredibly cheap when the DomZ Priest goes above you. Dodging that without taking a hit (and hitting him before the 'timer' resets and his pattern goes back to the beginning) isn't challenging - it's just stupidly frustrating. I guess I read it best on the Mobygames: "An eclectic gem in the rough, marred by a few rather silly problems"
  4. Beyond Good and Evil - stuck and up the creek.

    Current plan: Drink more Grolsch beer and try again. If I don't beat it on the next half-dozen tries, I'm going to just ask for someone to spoil the ending for me and move on to another game. This has to be one of the single worst game design crapfests I've ever encountered. And I've played Daikatana and the Iron Maiden "Ed Hunter" game. Ugh.
  5. Beyond Good and Evil - stuck and up the creek.

    I -thought- I did that. I don't know, maybe I can take their picture while fighting the final boss? Oh, and on that note, the final boss is a total fucking pile of crap. The first three phases are fine, but the fourth phase is unnecessarily stupid and frustrating. I know y'all love Ancel Marcel or whatever his name is, but I really want to kick him in the nuts for this routine in pure frustration featuring backwards controls, blurred vision and horribly designed 'must hit him in this order only' attack plan of pure molestation.
  6. Beyond Good and Evil - stuck and up the creek.

    The whale, yep. Still one short... goddamnit. Just one...
  7. Beyond Good and Evil - stuck and up the creek.

    I'm pretty sure I got the Albino Mouse. I don't know what the fuck I'm missing but I definately consider this a bad level design move. I'm not a "hardcore gamer", I don't intend to replay the game but I would have liked to at least gotten my M-Disc so I could look back at the kickass animal designs that the team created. Eh. I'll just finish it off and play Indigo Prophecy.
  8. I bring this to you, 'Thumbers, because you are the only people besides my pal LeChimp and myself who have ever played the game Beyond Good and Evil. Setup: I'm about to go to the moon, but then I decide "shit, I'm missing a few animals - better get pictures before I go." I start hunting them down, get almost all of them on Hillys and then realize one is in the Factory in the 4th floor before the 'Boss Fight' area. I high-tail it to the Factory with Double H in tow only to find that the elevator that Pey'J half-assedly fixed is now fully broken and cannot be summoned and the only other way I can figure out to get to the area I need to is behind a set of red lasers (the Entrance to the arena where you fight the Robot Domz boss fight with Double H on your side) that I can't turn off. This irks the living crap out of me. I like BG+E. A lot. But I am not going to replay a whole shit-ton of crap (and at this point, due to the game only allowing five saves - that would be the entire game) in my quest to get every animal photographed in order to get the Animal M-Disk. Does anyone know another route around this or am I up shit creek without a paddle and just biding my time using my hands? In shit, -Erik
  9. The XBOX 360 revelation thingy

    If the rumored backwards compatability option does end up being true, I'll crap my pants and buy an Xbox 360 the moment it shits the shelves.
  10. A Conclusion

    The imagery was great, the acting was good and the music fit wonderfully... ...oh, and the last 20 minutes were fucking awful.
  11. Psychonauts hate thread

    Hrm? Do ya' think there is some big-time illuminai conspiracy where Gamestop is messing up the CD's on purpose? That's big time crazy nuts, man! Then again, after the amount of crap we've all had to go thru with Gamestop, it might not be to ofar fetched.
  12. my fan made monkey island game

    I'd pay big money for a Sanford and Son Wolf 3D mod. You could play as Son and be like "shut up dad, I'm a real man!" and pop Sanford in the ass with a BFG 9000.
  13. Psychonauts hate thread

    I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I checked my copy at Gamestop before I walked out and all 5 discs are in my posession and the game takes up 3.61 gigs of my hard-drive.
  14. Reasons why Steam is useless and bad

    Contact Valve.
  15. Psychonauts hate thread

    Psychonauts damn well better be in tommorow. 1) I stopped by the Gamestop that I pre-ordered at and as soon as I walked in the door the clerk noticed me and ran to grab a folder with a tracking slip from UPS saying that it should be in tommorow. It appears that I've frequented their establishment enough to qualify as having the Cheers theme song play when I enter the door. 2) I got a phone call from some hot-sounding baby named 'Aeris' at Gamestop saying that Psychonauts will be in tommorow. I hope to spend Wednesday night and Thursday morning/afternoon gaming it up, Doublefine style.