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  1. Bought Advent Rising? Get Psychonauts instead!

    alan, you rock man. im your biggest fan. i loved your show.
  2. San Andreas (PC)

    i personally don't like san andreas. used to like vice city though.. because of the atmosphere. i find san andreas too "hip-hop" for me although i like the acid house radio with the gay german dj. funny as hell and the music is great... nostalgic and shit. i like acid house. although you can do so much in that came, i just don't like the vibe.
  3. Psychonauts technical help

    i bought a new graphics card especially for psychonauts. although it was used and cost me only 60 bucks, i now run psychonauts with max details, anti-aliasing on and reso at 800x600. i bought a used 128bit 128mb ati radeon 9600xt. i used to have 64bit 128mb nvidia geforce fx5200 which totally sucked bums. i have an amd athlon xp2500, with abit an7 mobo and 512mb of ram (not in dual channel).
  4. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    what the hell is a cherrypicker?
  5. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    look at my picture (my avatar)! it's from 1987 and i'm sexy as hell.
  6. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    nice cover, ben. : )
  7. knar, dude, that's called madness, not patriotism. this is patriotism... and he is the father of... freedom. or something.
  8. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    well im not british. so maybe i just... misunderstood... because of the language barrier... or something.
  9. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    but come on... that sounds like. things were like *blink*... back on track. something like... "things started to get back on track" or something would have sounded much better. or something.
  10. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    haha! i noticed the same sentence and thought the same thing.
  11. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    yeah-yeah... details. uhm...
  12. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    no way, man, it was too friggin expensive to share. but. just one minute. some "scans" coming up. edit: too complicated. just try this. maybe it will work (although unlikely). but, yeah, the project budget was $11,8 million
  13. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    ok, i could not wait and bought the friggin magazine.
  14. Psychonauts postmortem in Game Developer

    how about some scans, dudes?
  15. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    doublefine should sell the original demo cdr on their website or something. i would definetely buy it for like... a hundred bucks. but i believe there would be some problems with majesco or something... edit: btw. has anyone seen this super psychonauts cover?
  16. Psychonauts box art

    teh secret list?
  17. Psychonauts box art

    question: does game developing always take 4-5 years or it's just like that with psychonauts only? or is it related with the change of publisher and that the game is going to be on pc too?