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  1. Reverse Game Design

    dammit, why do people still get stuck on Meat Circus? it wasn't that freaking hard. really, it wasn't. challenging, yes, but not hard.

    hey, we've got something in common with Gamelife. ZONG.

    that was the first thought that entered my head also.
  4. THE END OF GAMELIFE?!?!? truly, shocking news.
  5. Final Fantasy for the PC

    was there a recent international convention on spelling "console" wrong? seriously, i swear i've seen it wrong far more times than right in the past week. the worst, by far, is "counsel," which may be a Phoenix Wright joke, i don't know. to the point, Final Fantasy is a couch and TV experience, dammit. don't lie to yourself and say it's fine hunched over a desk, 7 inches from a screen.
  6. Idle Thumbs Giveaway!! - DOOM III Xbox

    like a sensual tattoo, my sexiest hair is hidden.
  7. Poetry Remix0red!

    i was the supermod thug that everyone wanted to plug i can rhyme, but prose is superior.
  8. Crap... little help please? FF7 on ps2

    that's so not true. name a single anime with heroic ecoterrorism in it. frankly, the enviromentalist stuff in the game is part of why i think it's great. i understand if none of you agree.
  9. Poetry Remix0red!

    emi forums always remember never forget
  10. Crap... little help please? FF7 on ps2

    SHUT UP I HATE YOU GUYS i guess i should clarify that the story, not humor, is what keeps me captivated in an rpg. i just took issue with 'humor' being a big important thing. if you don't like the gameplay, fine. i loved the whole materia thing and every character in FF7, especially Cid and Barret. I actually found them quite amusing, actually, albeit not for real comedy reasons. Even if it was unintentional due to crap translation, I really liked piecing together what I could about cloud and seph's whole history. you can find words to stupify it through simplification, as i'm sure you will, but it really deserves better than that. like i said, it's not my favorite final fantasy. the story isn't even that compelling compared to the other games. i do, however, find it the most fun and entertaining for whatever reason. also FF7 is the only RPG i've ever played where the bonus quests didn't actually feel like a waste of time, Weapons aside. i like that.
  11. Poetry Remix0red!

    yufster still annoys me i wish she wasn't mildly attractive addendum: i guess i should note i like girls that are as feminine as i am except that the girl is masculine but not enough to be gay which is why my girlfriend is so great
  12. Has it come to this?

    in reference to the picture, it's like crawling inside a tauntaun. //GROSS,@
  13. Crap... little help please? FF7 on ps2

    just fyi, if your PSone memory card gets full, you can copy its files onto the PS2's card. FF7 is fucking fantastic unlike some awfully critical, misguided fools would have you believe. it isn't "funny", as Japanese RPGs aren't unless the translators add fart jokes (which is say, Lunar) so enjoy what matters: the plot. I honestly don't see how anyone couldn't find the fall of cloud a compelling concept, but what do I know? i'm just a psych freak. the translation makes it a bit overpretentious, i guess. but if you're intelligent enough to look past that niggle, it's fantastic. but to be fair, it isn't my favorite final fantasy, even though it's the only one i've played through several times. ff6, 8 and 10 are all dead-locked for me.
  14. And when varmint hunting gets a little too intense and you need to take a break, don't worry! We know how you feel and we've made accommodations.
  15. "What's wrong with game reviews"

    credible, but keep in mind they also said that LSD is a "real [sic] drug" like cocaine. there wasn't much for insight that we haven't already discussed on these here forums, but it's still a decent article.