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  1. This is what I think he meant too although I think it ends up with his family being killed and he wakes up, but I hope not.
  2. I am probably the only person in the world that enjoyed that Roadhouse scene.
  3. The FBI stuff made me really happy. The Audrey was weirdly disappointing. Who were the people the two girls were talking about in that last scene? I didn't really understand what was going on there.
  4. That was kind of the first episode I've been disappointed in so far. It was pretty short and not a lot seemed to happen? Or maybe a lot did and I just need to think about the episode some more. EDIT: The more I think about it I think I like it now. I think some things were just a little off putting to me like Richard Horne and the Vegas girls being dumb gag.
  5. Online Tabletop Role-Playing Extravaganza

    Yeah that's because I'm dumb and didn't use the invite link
  6. Well he killed a guy that pulled a gun out and was about to shoot him. I don't really think that makes Bobby evil.
  7. The Bobby stuff made me happy and I guess I was totally wrong about Hastings not showing up again. I'm assuming when they run the prints on the coffee mug, that's going to alert the FBI as well.
  8. Online Tabletop Role-Playing Extravaganza

    Ok, I made a general Looking for Group game on Roll20 that people can use. And I'm EST.
  9. Online Tabletop Role-Playing Extravaganza

    Actually I've changed my answer, I would strongly prefer doing a one shot. Should I set up a Roll20 game?
  10. Online Tabletop Role-Playing Extravaganza

    I would be fine with either a one shot or campaign!
  11. Online Tabletop Role-Playing Extravaganza

    Bump! Would anyone here be interested in playing Dungeon World or Torchbearer over Roll20 sometime?
  12. I absolutely agree. This feels 100% like something written by Mark Frost.
  13. Everyone said it was either too weird or nothing happened in it Like it was weird but not anything that is that surprising? And I get that people just want people in Twin Peaks doing quirky stuff but I'm ok with this stuff too.
  14. Man, I feel like the only person that liked this episodes. Everyone I know hated it.
  15. Idle Weekend June 18, 2017: Madness Mechanics

    Oh man, I had the same Gabriel Knight 2 experience as Rob. No idea how I didn't pick up on any of that stuff as I played it. Also the adventure game that Danielle talks about after that is Moebius, it was in fact designed by Jane Jensen, and it's TERRIBLE. I don't know how the writing in it was so bad considering she wrote my favorite adventure game series, cowrote the best King's Quest, and even her game before Moebius, Gray Matter, was fine if kind of corny. It was also really buggy and the art design was bad too.