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  1. 3DS Friend Codes

    Does anyone still play MarioKart? I guess not If anyone is up for some fun, I've added all of you guys. My code is: 524111 931423
  2. Okami

    Currently playing it, great great game, maybe too easy, but from what I'm reading it will probably take years for me to finish it... I'm a really slow gamer, TR Anniversary took me like 3 months to finish, and that's supposed to be a short game... BTW congratulations Wii owners.
  3. Brutal Legend magazine scans

    Woah! Full Throttle meets God of War!
  4. Awesome DS Games

    You didn't mention Elite Beat Agents and Super Mario 64 DS, both AWESOME.
  5. DS Games

    I'm currently playing Dawn of Sorrow, I've never liked 2D platformers (well maybe Prince of persia), but since I saw so many excellent reviews of the game in this forum and EVERYWHERE, I decided to give it a try. I've played like 30% of it and I'm still not sure if I like it, yes it's a very good game and it's fun to play, but I'm not used to the annoying genre (or series) conventions, like the ever-respawning enemies and the lack of save rooms when you need'em. Dunno, I'll tell you if I finish it... Oh and I dont think it's deep at all Changing subject: what do you think about MySims? It's starting to feel like a fleshed out Animal Crossing instead of a dumbed down Sims...
  6. Okami

    Yup, so I heard. I just got me Okami for my boyfriend's birthday (Ain't I smart? ), but I'm saving it while I finish all the DS games I've started, and can enjoy it from start to end without interruptions...
  7. DS Games

    Just finished: Phoenix Wright. I loved every second of it Just started: Elite Beat Agents. So much coolness in such a tiny card! Next to come: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I'm slowly catching up
  8. Post You Pic Thread

    I kinda prefer "Transyl"
  9. Housewife Superstar

    The visual style looks great, but I hope you can choose a househusband too or I already can feel the wrath of feminists...
  10. Reh Dogg

    LOL classic.
  11. Post You Pic Thread

    this is the most embarrassing recent picture I could find...
  12. DS Games

    Currently enjoying Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (finally), what a cool game it is. And just got the last house expansion in Animal Crossing
  13. Post You Pic Thread

    Whoa! you look so eerily similar to a friend of mine in that photo! Not that I want to turn the thread into a gay thread *¬¬ yufster* But I must say that Wormsie and Wrestle are gorgeous!! That said, I'll try to post a recent pic of mine later...
  14. So this is now a "What are you doing" thread? I'm playing Animal Crossing WW, after playing for 2 months every single day, I'm only one room away to get the biggest house. I'm playing Big Brain Academy, pretty good, much much better than Brain Training. Also I'm playing Starwars Lethal Alliance, It's not a bad game, but it's too simple and the story is pretty lame, probably I won't finish it... I've already downloaded S&M ep 3 though I still haven't finished ep2...