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  1. Jeff Goldblum

    Those are some Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition levels of digital noise reduction right there.
  2. Filmmaking

    Wow, that is an insane career trajectory.
  3. The Cutdown Episode 10: Motion Graphics

    Hooray, episode 10! My listening habits mean I don't end up posting a lot of comments or questions on these threads, but I'm enjoying this 'cast very much!
  4. Filmmaking

    I think you mean "vowel" rather than "vocal"... I was pleased to help with such a lovely film - it's a very impressive debut! Also, that poster is great. I hope it does well on the festival circuit, and that you can muster the energy at some point to dive back in and replace the licensed track with a public domain one
  5. Did you mention Watchmen in the 'cast? The Koyaanisquatsi one is also cool, but I prefer the Pumpkins one, partly because it sticks to one track (as far as I can tell) and has a lot less dialogue. I wouldn't mind naming inconsistencies so much if at least each trailer was publicly given specific designations for each of its versions and all the people on YouTube used those names instead of just calling all of them "official trailer"!
  6. I'm totally with you on the Sin City trailer - I was a big fan of the comics and this trailer got me so excited. It was the early days of being able to easily view trailers online, and I went through this one frame by frame, as much as technology would allow. Apparently that second track is an instrumental version of Cells by The Servant, the original of which was also used in The Transporter a few years earlier. It's cheesy but propulsive and kind of Wild Westy, so it's a great choice. The film turned out to make a lot of bad choices on what to keep and what to drop, sadly. I think this is the right one: Similarly, the Watchmen trailer had a great vibe, helped by another great music choice (a deliberate, sleazy Smashing Pumpkins track which is an alternative version of a track they wrote for Batman & Robin), a great look and more exact panel recreations to pause on. And similarly again, the film turned out to be... misguided. Again, I'm pretty sure this is the right one, but there are some slightly different edits out there and there often doesn't seem to be much attention put into formalised naming of different trailer versions: In fact, I think superhero adaptations are generally a good place to go when trying to find great trailers for awful movies. The Green Lantern trailer was really promising as well!
  7. I promise this is the last time I'll do this: The Swindle for the Switch is now 60% off in the UK and the US. Well worth £6 or $6 in my biased opinion!
  8. (Note: Although people asssume so because of the Dan and Ben games, I am not a Size Five Games permanent employee. I was not involved in the making of this game!)
  9. I just saw an online organisation asking for donations specifically in bitcoin, and it made me realise that I don't really understand how this thing works. So, it's a digital currency, right? It's essentially like transferring money to your Paypal account but with a different exchange rate. Is it safe? Easy? Ethically sound? Also, it seems like there's a social stigma attached to it. Is it because it's so nerdy and annabe-cyberpunk, or is there some kind of alt-right/MRA/similar association?
  10. Marvel movies

    Finally saw Away From Home today. Things I liked - ; the end action scene (for once, I could tell what was going on and where everyone was, and it had some character beats. Spidey still didn't get to do much past his basic move-set, though). Things I didn't like - pretty much everything else. All of the comedy was dreadful, the script is flabby and aimless and doesn't gather any energy for the first hour or so, the action is mostly dull and muddled, the exposition is clumsy, and SLJ obviously didn't have much time booked because there's some really sloppy editing papering over cracks in his scenes.
  11. Please keep posting about it here! Looks really cool!
  12. I haven't read it yet, but here's a New Yorker article on the rise of sad cover songs in trailers:
  13. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    Bit of a weird thread title for it. Couldn't we use the Games Writing thread?
  14. Marvel movies

    I think it's unfair in that Marvel is doing something very specific and it's understood that, despite the titles, these films are all chapters in a single story. I also think it's understandable, if one isn't au fait with the Marvel set-up, to have assumed that Spider-Man 1 -> Spider-Man 2 would not have huge story jumps.
  15. Due to various things I've barely got anything done on this (thankfully I didn't mention it to my sister!). I'm hoping to bend the rules, as is WizJam tradition, and get something basic in for the Showcase Weekend/Breckon Stream... EDIT: this did not happen
  16. At the last minute, I've decided to take part in Wiz Jam 9! I've just realised that my sister's birthday is right near the end of it, so I'm taking this opportunity to make her a little game as a present. She loves her cocker spaniel so my immediate thought is a simple platformer with her dog as the player character, and the endorsement 'interacting with humans' will hopefully give me some ideas for mechanics. I'll probably use Construct 2, as it's free and hopefully quite easy to learn the basics of. I'll probably also change the name at some point, so my thread title is placeholder. Depending on how things go, I might put a call out for help with art and sound..!
  17. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    We discussed the term a bit here.
  18. SGDQ 2019

    SUMMER GAMES DONE QUICK 2019 June 23rd - 30th Courtesy of @SecretAsianMan, a brief description: Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons with events in the winter and summer. Speedrunners from all over come together in one place and stream a nonstop barrage of high-level gameplay. This summer's event benefits Doctors without Borders. Tune in to see some games getting completely taken apart. The runs will eventually be archived if you can't see it live. Schedule Twitch YouTube
  19. Another great episode! I don't have much to say, but I was wondering whether you think that editing a very recent movie would be more or less successful for a movie trailer reel than doing something more showy like making a trailer with modern sensibilities for a movie from the 30s or changing a movie's genre (like the well-known 'Shining as romcom' or 'Mrs Doubtfire as horror' ones). Are they about the same, and are there trends in reels? Feel free to answer this on a 'cast rather than here, but I felt it maybe covered too similar ground to this episode for me to email it in!
  20. Stranger Things

    Yeah, definitely a lot more goopy. I'm enjoying it too. It took maybe an episode longer than it should have to get going but it's still very entertaining.
  21. Marvel movies

    Did you type spoiled instead of spoiler on purpose there, @Roderick?
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    Interesting, thanks!