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  1. They should replace the emergency flotation devices on planes with those pillows.
  2. Favorite: Grim Fandango - Still the greatest use of Video game storytelling of all time. Best: Grim Fandango Desert Island: If I have a second person with me on the island to play with me, I'd have to go with Toejam and Earl. With the random levels, each time you play it's a new challenge, and some of those pesky earthlings never get tiresome. If I'm all alone,… I'll have to think about it longer.
  3. Brütal Legend overload...!

    I'm also in Thorn's position of not being able to purchase a PS3. Hopefully a PC edition will come out soon.
  4. Google Wave

    Of course, the lava lamp hasn't needed a makeover in the past 40 years, so why should email? Just kidding. It does look like it could be cool. But I'm not going to go begging for an invite.
  5. Film editing software suggestions

    I generally don't use anything besides FCP or Avid, but Premiere has supposed to have gotten better (I haven't used it for six years), and there are a few cool (but rarely used) features to edit filmstrips in Photoshop. Other than that your only real option on the PC is Vegas, but I think you'd be better off with Premiere.
  6. Brütal Legend overload...!

    Yeah, that was the only part that really got me. Anyhow, I still maintain that the last level should have a few excessively trick parts—makes it more of an accomplishment. (And at least it's not like when I was playing Ninja Gaiden on my NES and had to start over if I died too many times. You kids have it too easy nowadays.) Also, I love that the subject of how fucking hard the Meat Circus is can still take a thread on a page-long detour.
  7. Wii Sports Resort

    I never played Wii Sports alone, EVER, but I was just trying out Table Tennis and that shit is addictive as hell. I've also never had to calibrate my remote mid-game, and never felt like it needed it even when it made me do it pre-game. My friend's Tiger Woods game made no mention of calibration. (Also, Tiger Woods never forced me to watch a three-minute video explaining the mind-numbingly obvious. The golfer or the game.)
  8. Nintendo Inflatable Donkey

    They're going to need to include a disclaimer warning against wearing skirts, dresses and kilts while riding the Wii inflatable donkey.
  9. Wii Sports Resort

    I always thought Tennis was a big one—certainly the most played in my circles, but maybe that's because we have four wiimotes from the get-go. Bowling always felt the most accurate of all the Wii games, with golf being fun until the putting stage, but tennis was the real champ in terms of fun multiplayer. My friend lent me his Tiger Woods '10 game and his Wii Motion Plus (I'm not a gold fan, but did enjoy it on Wii Sports), and it's definitely an improvement. The putting is definitely more accurate. I hope to try resort out soon too. Woods also has frisbee golf, and I suck at it as much as I do throwing real frisbees, so it's pretty accurate. Messing around with it, I've found that I can throw the frisbee in whatever crazy manner I like, including overhand and underhand, so that's pretty cool. (Although it corrects for me if I try to throw it backwards over my head.)
  10. Telltale and Doctor Who?

    Maybe they could work in some "The Last Express"-style against-the-clock stuff.
  11. Tone Matrix

    I find myself inspired to post this Balldroppings, which isn't inspired by The Tone Matrix, but could very well inspire an iPhone app. http://balldroppings.com/js/
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wasn't into it the first time I watched it, but gave it another spin today and it was quite funny. Seems to be getting into its groove.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yes, the suckage was shocking. I can only hope that Hurwitz was in a corner and had to make it so, so terrible. Maybe the Two and a half Men writers helped make it so bad. I was really looking forward to it, too. Anyone seen the Australian original? I don't know how it compares with that.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Funny—I was asking some friends if it got better and one of them said that it did…around episode seven. I am a fan of Firefly and wanted to like Dollhouse, which is why I was thinking of giving it another shot. But if it's essential to watch all the previous episodes to appreciate the good stuff, then toblix is probably right and I should continue to stay away.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    If you're willing to pinpoint the exact episode number at which it gets good, I might be willing to try it from there. But I found the eps I watched borderline unwatchable.