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  1. Because everyone is making games...

    nice. Seven minutes.
  2. I can see your house from where I'm sitting

    Flat? No.. Oh, with MAP selected. Yes, yes it does. It's actually like that because that's all of the area that there is street data for.
  3. Grounded

    Indeed, and don't feel bad if she gets fired (if she wanted to keep her job she should do her job). It's happened at my high school before, though through more subversive means because it's hard to fire teachers with tenure. The counselors usually ignore whining kids but when they see someone with 6 A's and one F they take heed.
  4. College

  5. College

    If it's any consolation, IMO everything and almost everyone in Texas sucks.
  6. College

    I hated my dorms with a passion. The bathrooms were always disgusting. People made waste in the sinks, showers, and sometimes the toilets, but when they did use the toilets they refused to flush. Noise all of the time. Filled with stoners and alcoholics. Couldn't cook anything because there was no kitchen. Had to have a roommate who once masturbated to porn on my computer then left his soiled shirt on my bed. Don't tell him I told you that. Now I live in an on-campus apartment with a kindly Moroccan gentleman who is earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry. It's wonderful because I'm only sharing a bathroom with one person, I have a kitchen, and everything is so clean and not destroyed every weekend. My university just started phase 1 of tearing down the traditional dorm halls to be replaced with suites. All for the best, I say.
  7. My parents are having sex.

    This was years ago, actually. I moved out of my mom's house when I was 18 (fortunately). Now she's marrying a different guy, slightly more sane. I haven't heard them because I don't stay overnight there.
  8. My parents are having sex.

    I tried something like that with my mom, they just giggled as if it was some kind of weird turn on that I could hear them. It wasn't actually my mom.. just her boyfriend. He would scream, "OH BAY-BEH, THOT'S HOW I LACK IT!!" and they'd stuff pillows against the door and turn the radio up.. which must have been some sort of mood enhancer, because he was easily screaming 5 times as loud, it couldn't have possibly attenuated the noise. I just kinda hugged my pillow and cried, usually.. then it would be over. I actually directly referred to the sex noises twice, the second time in front of family. That slowed the frequency, but it didn't stop the train.
  9. Smoking

    Do you mean organic? I just drink soy.. it tastes fucking terrible at first, then it gets to where it tastes regular terrible and it's tolerable for when I need it.
  10. Poetry Remix0red!

    What's the deal? Am I not cool enough to be in your poem or could you not rhyme anything with shbazjinkens?
  11. Not so funny

    Speaking of made up words, I read on that someone wanted to use "baby" as a unit of volume measurement. This would work as such: That microwave is easily a five baby unit. "Can you pick up trash bags for the kitchen?" "What size?" "Oh about a 10 baby bag will do." I think it's brilliant.
  12. Not so funny

    While I was reading this, laughing hysterically, my new roomate (who is a Moroccan man here working on his Ph.D.) comically ran in with his backpack and shouted, "Ross! I'm going to IHOP!" and I guess he thought my laughter was happiness to see him or something, because he was also laughing jovially, then just like that, he ran back out, in case his friends were short tempered enough to leave him here and go to IHOP without him. I guess you would have had to be here.
  13. What's with the bad weather?

    More specifically.. certain environmentalists believe that an increase in CO2 levels cause the Earth to retain more heat, thus causing global warming. The root cause of CO2 excess is claimed to be automobile and factory emissions, despite overwhelming evidence that this is merely a part of a cycle that takes place every couple of thousand years. Therefore our gas-mask wearing grandchilren will thank this Michael character for underestimating the effects of CO2 emissions on global warming, because other harmful chemical emissions come along with the CO2 and undershadowing any of these emissions will undershadow all of them as a whole as well.
  14. Happy new year!

    Me and a few of my friends went to climb an old railroad bridge and hang out.. we didn't really watch the time, we knew that it was 12:00 when we heard gunshots all around us. Such is life in Oklahoma, USA.
  15. White Christmas in fucking GALVESTON

    On the other hand, someone elses disaster shouldn't ruin every one elses self-satisfaction, and I think the tax money from the US going there more than makes up for what I could afford to give anyway. Anyone who wants to give more can easily afford to still give and pop fireworks. People die every day, and at the same time there are people having sex, drinking, and blowing money on pointless shit. It's life.