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  1. Specific Lost question

    Didn't she always speak with an American accent..?
  2. Wiigion Locking

    It'd be cool if you got a free Super Mario game when you purchased, or finished, Super Mario Galaxy, or something. I think there's definitely going to be some free Wii points to unlock with some games.
  3. Wiigion Locking

    They have stated that they'll be making small updated-for-Wii... (shudders) Wii-makes of older Nintendo games, that will only be available on the VC. XBLA or VC, is no question for me, though. Simply because I love Nintendo's games and never played a lot of the old classics.
  4. Wiigion Locking

    Wii games, region-locked. VC games are a bit trickier. I mean, yes.. Japan gets a different catalogue of games than US and Europe. For example, they start with a whole lot more SNES games than us. So much is known. That doesn't mean we won't get games that used to be Japan-only, on our European/US VC download center.
  5. Well, he does say that publishers have actually seen the game, which sounds a lot like there's a game, at least prototype, done.
  6. Mario Galaxies: Excited or Not?

    Agreed. I'm looking forward to Yoshi's Island 2, though, even if it's probably just more of the same. It's just bound to be loads of fun.
  7. Limbo

    Looked like some pretty awesome level design there, with the rotating level. And as stated, of course, AWESOME style.
  8. Futurama returns in 2008

    What's so shocking, elmuerte?
  9. Sony: Nintendo to lose core audiance

    Wouldn't it be hilarious, though, if Sony took over the handheld market and Nintendo took over the console market.
  10. Rayman Raving Rabbids

    The game CVG is describing sounds a lot more like the game before they went for the minigame-angle. Where it was all about dancing and infiltrating and hypnotizing. I believe Planet GameCube's report. I think it's just minigames.
  11. (Ubisoft) Concept Art

    True. I guess my standards were just lowered quite considerably when they released the fiasco that was the Turtles games based on the new animated series.
  12. (Ubisoft) Concept Art

    You just have to complain.. I'd agree with you if the screenshot looked like some shitty rush job. But it looks awesome.
  13. (Ubisoft) Concept Art

    The TMNT GBA game looks pretty fucking awesome! It's like the already awesome looking SNES Turtles beat-em-up's with even nicer graphics and on a system that you can have in your pocket. Fortunately looks nothing like the shitty 3D Turtles games. EDIT: (linky) Last one for screenshot, the rest is just some hilarious concept art featuring possible moves.
  14. The Wii's Launch

    Don't know if I'm pre-ordering, since I doubt it's going to be that hard to get a console at launch in Denmark or Iceland. But when I get one, I think I'll be pretty satisfied with Wii Sports and a couple of Virtual Console games. Also, there's supposedly a Remote/Wii Play (Duck Hunt, Air Hockey, and so on..) bundle which I think'll be loads of fun. Out of the launch titles, though, I'm pretty interested in Zelda, Rayman, Monkey Ball and Red Steel. So yeah, just the console bundle, hopefully a nice remote/Wii Play bundle (maybe I'll buy three remotes) and some Virtual Console games. If I go for the launch games, I'm torn between Zelda and Monkey Ball (the GameCube one served me well..)
  15. Nintendo's star catalogue

    Well, in Danmark and Iceland they've got no such Star Catalogue. In fact, pretty much everything Nintendo sucks in Iceland. Not so much in Denmark, 'cause we have a service that ships in games from the US for less bucks.
  16. Suicide inducing gameplays

    You need friends who don't suck at Bt&DD, then.
  17. Insert Coin

    Or at least use gameplay videos from the net..
  18. Insert Coin

    HOLY DOCTOR JESUS!! That's horrible! Unlike Insert Coin and GameLife, I couldn't even make it through mere seconds of it. Ahhh, it's in MY HEAD!!
  19. Team Fortress 2 and Portal Pretty interesting piece of viral marketing for Portal. Type LOGIN and supply the password PORTAL, and you're in.
  20. Silent Hill - The Movie

    Eh.. WHO ISN'T?!
  21. Pit is not the Icarus from mythology

    I agree. That would be awesome.
  22. Excellent Wii video on .... IGN

    Man, that's taking a long time to load. (BWii looks nice, though) EDIT: Curses! The video decided to render itself completely unviewable right after I made this post.. like it knew something.
  23. Forum Game

    I like the idea, but I had no idea what to do with Harry the flying fucker-on-a-stick. Should I continue throwing the balls at him?
  24. Insert Coin

    Wow, compared to this Game Life has great audio. At least you can hear what the retards are saying.
  25. Movie/TV recommendations

    "Noone was killed but a lot of people were surprised." Loved it.