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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    There's some stuff in it that makes use of the camera if you're on a DSi, like videochat
  2. Nintendo 3DS

    There are a small number of "DSi enhanced" titles like Pokemon Black/White that are also region locked (and I have confirmed that my japanese copy of Pokemon White does not work on my US version 3DS). All my other imports work fine.
  3. Nintendo 3DS

    Is this after updating your firmware (to the one with the OK Go video)?
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah this works fine (you only have to hold start or select when you run a DS cart), but the DS resolution is quite low compared to the native resolution of the 3DS screens so both images are made quite small. Different DS games handle the upressing better than others, depending on how much sprite or 3D stuff they use. I'm perfectly happy with the upressed (default) mode when it means I don't have to carry two consoles around all the time just to play Pokemon or whatever.
  5. Nintendo 3DS

    I meant that the online play for SF4 is not terrible. It's a very good version, but wifi online with the DS controls is not quite the same as my home wired setup with TE stick. SF4 3D is really good and it's not just because it's the only decent launch title.
  6. 3DS Friend Codes

    My code is: 1676-3705-9228 Can we migrate this thread into the Multiplayer Networking subforum and get it stickied? I know that was the first place I looked when I was looking for a code exchange and started a new thread in error as I didn't see this one.
  7. Early days yet but I'm sure there are a couple of you who've gotten one of these. 3DS friend codes work as a one-time 2-way exchange (both people need eachother's code). Unlike previous friend code systems, this is a one-time exchange rather than something you have to do on a per-game basis. You generate your code after you make a Mii for yourself, and can see it when you look at the "Friends List" icon on the top of the Home menu. My code is: 1676-3705-9228
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    It does: WEP WPA-PSK(TKIP) WPA2-PSK(TKIP) WPA-PSK(AES) WPA2-PSK(AES) Speaking of connectivity, is there anyone interested in a 3DS Friend code exchange? It has a vague sort of online friends list thing, and SF4 isn't too horrible if you can get over the fact that the 3DS doesn't exactly have ideal controls for it.
  9. Recently completed video games

    A big issue with the premise is that they are trapping themselves by trying to have cake + eat cake by running two plots in parallel: the in-Animus stuff and the framing story. It's difficult to get properly engaged in either one. From the IRL perspective the Ezio material only has significance on the same sort of level as the books on the shelves in Oblivion or whatever, providing context for the IRL story. Despite comprising the majority of the game, Ezio's stuff is historical and the Animus is not a time machine. From the "Ezio" perspective, if you want to pretend the framing story isn't there (not a bad idea), then I also hated having to collect all those codex pieces in order to get to the final part, what is it with Ubisoft games and making me do exploration/collection shit to progress the plot (bastarding Prince of Persia light orbs gyaah)
  10. I usually just play UT3 but I got L4D2 on sale today (a tenner!) so I should probably find some peeps to play with...
  11. I always loved "All Hallow's Sunset" from Unreal: Those guys really know how to make .mods work. My nomination is: Ecco the Dolphin 2: The Tides of Time (Megadrive). What's nice about the Ecco series is that the two megadrive games had remakes on the Mega CD that featured really nice redbook audio Spencer Nielsen soundtracks which are excellent in their own right, but I still side with the megadrive music for the sweet tunes, yo: Even so, the Mega CD version has a lovely ST unfettered by the Megadrive's audio limitations (ecco 1 megacd also sounds great):
  12. Super Thumb Fighter 4

    I used to hate Vega until I found out chun can jump back and medium Kick to stuff almost everything. Juri is so fuuun, I have this one replay I saved where some Ken jumped into her crouching HP 6 times in a row The other thing is everyone gets offended when I do the parry thing and assumes I'm taunting them.
  13. Super Thumb Fighter 4

    Tell me about it, I've had carpal tunnel syndrome in my joystick hand for the last week I've been working on Juri for the last few days, it's taking me a while to get used to her normals but she seems to have some good tools and a bit of crossover with Chun (like she has a toned down version of chun's neutral j.HK, a knockdown HK version of chun's MK headstomp, an air-to-air juggling punch and good anti-air c.MP). It's taking me a while to get the timing right on her Ultra-2 setups but it was the same for chun landing the various juggle-Ultras on different size characters. Her sweep is godawful which is taking some getting used to as chun's is very very good, and she has a terrible walking speed which makes it very hard to tick-throw (though she has an ok kara-throw which compensates a little).
  14. Super Thumb Fighter 4

    She sure has some fine shenanigans Once I get the target combos to muscle-memory it should be a bit easier to get the mixups and hitconfirms going. I played against one Ibuki online (as Chun) which was interesting, it took me a while to get used to where shurikens go and hazanshu past them which she actually beat with her HCB-P command grab to my astonishment. I am absolutely in love with the Replay channel, so great being able to look over your own games without owning a whole bunch of recording equipment. Just watching one or two of my own games again has improved my play a lot, and shown me some stuff I need to work on Training Mode. Best €30 I ever spent