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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi all. I've actually been a member of this site since the beginning under a different username that I've now gotten fed up with. I hadn't been on this site in quite a while mostly due to me being distracted by other websites, but I'm back anyway.
  2. Kingzjester Hate Club

    Oh right. Well thats one mystery solved. Now all that has to be done is for Skinkie to explain what he meant by 'evidence'. And I suppose it was stupid to advertise something here for something thats happening in Cumbernauld. As if anyone here apart from me would be able to go there anyway. Besides, I got lazy updating the site. No. My name is not Bobo... Donk...ey. And its not Bobo Donkey either. Its Bobo Donkey™. Remember the ™ next time, ok.
  3. Kingzjester Hate Club

    I just remembered why I hate Kingzjester. In this post that involves me trying to advertise something in Cumbernauld, Kingz told me to go fuck myself, called me a donkey and told me to die. Why is that?
  4. Kingzjester Hate Club

    Thats true.
  5. After a good long wait of god knows how long, DNF is finally among us.
  6. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    Do you expect me to beleive that pile of crap? When its done.
  7. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    You are wrong. Its going to be released "When its done". heh
  8. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    I didn't say "Oh no it isn't" for the sake of panto style arguement by the way.
  9. Maniac Mansion

  10. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    Oh no it isn't
  11. Google in Klingon

    Heh heh, they have Esperanto too
  12. Happy Birthday, Spaff!

    I knew I forgot something. Ah well, Happy (belated) Birthday Spaff.
  13. Gamecube or Xbox

    Gamecube is well better than the Xbox. Something I noticed here that hasn't been mentioned so far is what the Sonic fanatic would buy. Sure, you can get Sonic Heroes for PS2 and Xbox. But you get more Sonic games for the Gamecube. Plus, loading times are better on the Gamecube. I once rented Sonic Heroes for PS2 despite already having it for Gamecube and I find that I prefered the Gamecubes loading times.
  14. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    Ok well. Its been a while since I browsed these forums and so I just read this for the first time. I don't know whether or not its too late to have my say, but if I don't then Trep would consider me 'gay'. If theres one thing I hate, its being called gay. As for how I would seduce you Yufster. Well, you did say that you love Scottish accents didn't you? (Click here if you cant remember) Ah could show ye roond a wee bit o' Cumbernauld tae start off wi'. And if any o' ma pals show up, we'd all sing you a lovely Scottish song. Ah'd then buy ye a boatle o New Zealand Lager Neds juice (aka. Bucky), and we would neck it like we were Neds or somethin. Dunno whit we'd dae afterwards though. Probably go clubbin in 'Sacks' (Its the name of a local drinking area supposedly located in Cumbernaulds town centre but wherever it is, its a mystery tae me) then Ah'd spread ma wings and fly ye tae ma home on 'Donkey™ Island' (I've been busy building my own Island which explains the very slow progress of my comic strip) As for whit happens after that, we would have tae wait and see.
  15. Itchy Loomy Sweater

    When I get the free time I'll get those screenshots, hopefully I'll still have those games I saved on expert mode. I just hope I can play it on Win2000 without ScummVM cause otherwise I'll need to play through expert mode again.
  16. Dammit, Marek switches identities!!

    Bonking is when you hit someone on the head with a wooden club to make a 'bonk' sound. There is of course an alternative meeting which I'm sure is what Intrepid Homoludens was talking about.
  17. ladder

    Theres actually a graphical remake of that called Aldo's Adventure with a little animated Mario lookalike.
  18. That little rant of mine was actually taken from last years school yearbook. It was a comment that a teacher put in and I just used it here.
  19. iMacs - The most useless piece of computer junk ever invented by any company. A masterpiece of marketing hype, they are sold with cute names and in lots of juicy colours. They are so pretty. Excuse me, but computers are not meant to be pretty, they are meant to be a communication device, thats what the "C" in ICT means. How useful is 'pretty' when you can't get your document out of it because Apple forgot to put in a floppy disk drive? Then theres that stupid name which starts with a lower case letter, and that awful round mouse. Aargh! Nurse pass me my medication! iMacs, however, are not totally useless. Cut off the power cord and they make good doorstops for a real computer room, full of real computers, PCs.
  20. The Massive List of Retro Games!

    @bobodonkey??? Don't speak like that, people will think you are unsophisticated. As for Amazon Queen™, its brilliant. But you will need ScummVm 6 if you want to play it.
  21. The Massive List of Retro Games!

    Flight of the Amazon Queen - My first ever Adventure game Sonic 1,2,3,Sonic & Knuckles. Dynamite Headdy was also a good game for the Mega Drive. And even though I only first played it months ago (using an emulator), Zero Wing. The game that kicked off the "All Your Base" craze.