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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi all. I've actually been a member of this site since the beginning under a different username that I've now gotten fed up with. I hadn't been on this site in quite a while mostly due to me being distracted by other websites, but I'm back anyway.
  2. Kingzjester Hate Club

    Oh right. Well thats one mystery solved. Now all that has to be done is for Skinkie to explain what he meant by 'evidence'. And I suppose it was stupid to advertise something here for something thats happening in Cumbernauld. As if anyone here apart from me would be able to go there anyway. Besides, I got lazy updating the site. No. My name is not Bobo... Donk...ey. And its not Bobo Donkey either. Its Bobo Donkey™. Remember the ™ next time, ok.
  3. Kingzjester Hate Club

    I just remembered why I hate Kingzjester. In this post that involves me trying to advertise something in Cumbernauld, Kingz told me to go fuck myself, called me a donkey and told me to die. Why is that?
  4. Kingzjester Hate Club

    Thats true.
  5. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    Do you expect me to beleive that pile of crap? When its done.
  6. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    You are wrong. Its going to be released "When its done". heh
  7. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    I didn't say "Oh no it isn't" for the sake of panto style arguement by the way.
  8. Maniac Mansion

  9. Duke Nukem Forever Released

    Oh no it isn't
  10. After a good long wait of god knows how long, DNF is finally among us.
  11. Google in Klingon

    Heh heh, they have Esperanto too
  12. Happy Birthday, Spaff!

    I knew I forgot something. Ah well, Happy (belated) Birthday Spaff.