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  1. Meh... Don't feel like downgrading.
  2. Swarm

    I will be only happy when they release a PC, or better yet, Mac version.
  3. Recently completed video games

    I started playing Thongs of Virtue immediately after I finished its predecessor and the gameplay was getting stale halfway through. I think I took the wrong dosage there. Better wait a few days before going on. But yeah, TOV is the better part of the two. I liked the pacing better, and it was also more balanced. The cutscene animations were nice little rewards.
  4. Recently completed video games

    I finished both Deathspanks. Had a lot of fun with them.
  5. Hmm, I haven't been able to login for almost 2 days now... Anyone else getting a, or is it just me?
  6. Server appears to be down? First I was floating indefinitely in the bright blue sky, then when I tried to reconnect... Nothing...
  7. Is this the same fire Tabacco, Elmuerte, and I cleaned up?
  8. GTA V - Female Lead Character

    I never managed to finish any of the GTA games. At some point there's always this mission that I have to replay so many times it gets annoying and makes me put it away.
  9. The chocolate top was delicious.
  10. A few days ago I stashed a big pile of TNT in the catacombs of my cathedral. I set it off today, and it left an impressive hole in the cathedral. The tower and big parts of the walls are still standing, but that really gives it a nice effect. Go check it out!
  11. Please announce a time so everybody who wants to join can be there right on time for the fireworks.
  12. Minecraft

    The new address is
  13. Minecraft

    It's all right. Like I said, we'll start over in a few days anyway. I still have to make a screen recording of the world, so I hope people won't screw it up before the last day, though.
  14. Minecraft

    And a tree on the roof. Oh well, all is going to hell in a couple of days anyway.
  15. minecraft server new world?

    Different climates would be awesome, but I don't think MineCraft will support that. Not in one world, I mean. I did read that Notch was planning to have different seasons, though. Which would be awesome too.
  16. minecraft server new world?

    I hope the new world won't be snowy. It's fun at first, but the snowfall gets very depressing and annoying after a while. (My first world was a snow world) Plus, snow world means no boats. And I love boats.
  17. Minecraft

    Just found out someone vandalized my cathedral. I fixed everything, but there's one block of indestructible stone floating near the altar that I can't remove. I'm disappointed.
  18. minecraft server new world?

    I've grown attached to this world.
  19. Minecraft

  20. Minecraft

    It's disturbing how I create things in Minecraft in a similar way I created things with Lego. - Trying to build as realistically as possible with the limitations of your tools being just blocks. When I was a kid, I tried to build everything I saw in real life. After I went to a big shopping center, for example, I just had to build one with Legos. I just realized I've never really grown up!
  21. Minecraft

    My cathedral now has a little tower on the top roof. I think I'm nearly finished now. Here are a few (moody) shots:
  22. Minecraft

    More (belated) screenshots of the WIP on my cathedral. Yesterday I finished the inside and outside balcony, added some details inside the building, including the chandeliers pictured below. Today I worked some more on the roof. More pictures soon.