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  1. GTA: San Andreas (Screenshots)

    I hope they'll release it for the PC too. If they don't, I see no other option than shooting cars and running-over old ladies in real life. I mean, my needs have to be fulfilled somewhere, right? --Erwin
  2. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Oh, and I'm sure Half Life 2 is going to kick Doom 3's arse in terms of gameplay. I mean, what's Doom 3 about? Shooting mutilated corpses batch after batch? The only tactics being: Don't get too near them. [insert rolls-eyes smiley here] --Erwin PS: Marek/Spaff/Jake/Tabacco: get a rolls-eyes smiley
  3. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Marek seems to have picked the worst image from that gallery, though. I don't think the graphics look *that* dated, but if they are: who cares!? A lot of folks (myself included) still play Counter-Strike for crying out loud! Why? Because it's the best damn gameplay I've ever seen in a FPS. --Erwin