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  1. Portal 2

    Finished single player mode yesterday. Steam says I did it in 16 hours, but I think it was closer to 10 hours. I kept the game on the menu a few times when I went to get something to eat. I don't have much to add about Portal 2 what's already been said here. I think it's fantastic, and the only detail that could've been improved is the loading screens. My favorite part is what Toblix describes as the depressing 60s/70s thing with the huge domes. Partly because of Cave Johnson (great character), but also because I liked you got to see how the company evolved through the years. Now I hope there's still people left for me to play coop with.
  2. I have to speed up the metro from New Haven, though. I have 4 powered rails every 64 blocks, which is not quite enough. It takes more than 2 minutes to get there!
  3. Portal 2

    I'm somewhere in the middle of Chapter 6 with 8 hours clocked in. Got stuck 2 times so far, but not for very long. Didn't need any hints yet, which I think shows how great the level design is.
  4. Yeah, but you probably already updated the game the last time you were running it. I'm in the same boat. But at least it won't happen the next time Minecraft is updated.
  5. Portal 2

    Seems that 4chan is behind fucking up the Metacritic score. Not surprised. Someone on RPS posted this:
  6. Aha. So I've been working with an outdated launcher. Thanks!
  7. Is there even a way to stop it from updating?
  8. Portal 2

    Finally I've had some time to play! I'm at chapter 3 right now and loving every minute of it.
  9. Portal 2

    Not so fast, guys! Sheesh! Don't you people need any sleep or have a job?
  10. Me too. Something wrong with the server?
  11. It's a pretty long walk from spawn and not easy to find on the map, 'cause it's all built out of sand(stone). I'm building a minecart track connection right now.
  12. ...which could be the strength of the game. After a period of leaving it behind I find myself returning to Minecraft when new things have been added. Still haven't found any wolves, though. And I've been walking for 3 day/night cycles now.
  13. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    RPS is detailing it as a slap on the ass. It generated a lengthy and somewhat heated discussion over there.
  14. Best idea ever. I hope the wolves will attack evil mobs without you having to deal damage to them first. Especially helpful if they detect creepers before you do.
  15. Hard disk fail

    Wait. Don't vacuum it? I have vacuumed the fans and floor of my machine many times. Did I risk something?
  16. Gemini Rue

    Hmm. Even the first Blackwell? I have mixed feelings about that game.
  17. Recently completed video games

    Hell yeah! Just completed the first level, and I see what you mean. Already there's more variation in this game. More action sequences, for starters. I really had to drag myself away from it.
  18. Recently completed video games

    That's exactly how I felt about this game! Torchlight needs more polish. I've seen indie games with higher production values. In other news: I finished Dead Space 1. Yes, I'm behind as always. But now I'm finally ready to play Dead Space 2!
  19. (Unconfirmed)Telltale tackles.. KING'S QUEST?

    My first Sierra adventure was King's Quest 3. I remember not having any clue what to do and where to go. I was also pretty impressed by the scale of the world, once I managed to survive the walk down the mountain.
  20. Gemini Rue

    Picked it up as well. I'm not very far in the game yet, but so far it feels really solid and polished. Love the atmosphere as well.
  21. Oh. Well, at least the floating paintings are an interesting sight...
  22. There's a hole in the world that sometimes appears. It's always at the same location when it does:
  23. Swarm

    Well yeah, a Mac is a PC too, but Windows is an Operating System and Macintosh is not. Bleh. Semantics.