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  1. Does anyone care about the new consoles?

    I mostly care about finally getting an UHD Bly-Ray player (PS5) and maybe a system that is better/faster/quieter with improved versions of streaming apps (I hope) than my current PS3. For some reason after my first XBox died (I don't even remember which version it was, maybe the 360) I switched to PlayStation and never looked back. But yeah, I plan to play some games on it too. Not sure if I care about any of the PS5 games, but I still haven't played some PS4 games that I'd like to.
  2. Finished it! It's kind of one of those things where your memory plays tricks and you think "isn't this how Outcast always looked?" But I did get occasional flashbacks to how it actually looked, mostly with the Hoti fruit that were neon-red in the original so that even my colorblind eyes could spot them much more easily, especially since the terrain was also much less detailed. Got 95% side quests, not sure what I missed. I read about some smoke grenade gun or something that I never found, maybe because Oru died before I met Kyuran. So many details in this game, but it does play a lot worse compared to newer open world games. Not sure how I like that many items are placed along walls and other extremities so it keeps you running along walls. And the twon-has ended up being so useless, even as I had 3 guis in the end There were several places that looked like secret doors, e.g. in the temples of Shamazaar, I never found out if I could open them or they are not actual doors. Tried several essence idol combinations.
  3. One of the things I was stuck with was the Daoka to Okaar. I thought I had to do something to get to it, but as I just found it, I realized I could have easily gone there in the beginning of the game. That's one of the cool things about Outcast, that it's really open world from the start. There was a boatman that kept yapping on about that Daoka, I think to give me more chance to find it, but I wasn't paying close attention to what he said. I think I had the same problem the first time I played Outcast.
  4. Oh man, this game. It has so many flaws, but I think at the time it came out it had so many new ideas. As I'm playing it for the 3rd 6th time I still needed to get the help of a walkthrough when it seemed I was stuck because I had forgotten a few things and because the names of the talan are so similar (e.g. Zeb vs. Zeo). As I'm trying to ride the twon-ha again, I think this is where the main flaw of the game is with regarding getting stuck in terrain. It's such a faster mode of transport, but can't really get arround the same terrain that I can on foot and has to use stairs in Shamazaar All the high-tech equipment seems kind of unnecessary in this game. Well, maybe for an alternative play style the PPS would be useful, but I'm just killing soldiers wherever I can now. The land mines don't seem to work at all and the CALPR-T is also something I haven't found a use for, yet I have like 70 of them. Same with proxy and UBIK stuff really.
  5. Actually Tomb Raider came before Outcast, right, don't remember how that played.
  6. @Roderick I started playing Second Contact and I know Outcast's controls feel very clunky now and I still feel it too. Especially the swimming feels so imprecise when you are trying to reach some underwater object. But I think I can tolerate the controls and the poor geometry interactions because I just loved that game to death. I think it's worth to remember that at the time of it's launch, wasn't it actually the very first (or one of the first) 3rd person 3D action adventure game where you had isolation of upper and lower body movement - separation of looking, aiming, shooting from what the legs were doing? At least some memories are coming back to me that this felt revolutionary at the time. AFAIK, before Outcast, 3rd person action game characters had you running only in the direction you were looking. I hope I'm not totally off with this, maybe I'm remembering only in terms of games that people in accepted as adventure games.
  7. Half-Life 3

    Well, I have the Valve Index now, but before I properly get into playing games on it, I have to clean up a room to have a nice playing area of about 10 square meters and I'm also waiting for RTX 30xx availability. Actually saw the local store had just one option of 3080 in stock, but it was 1000€ +. I might actually get a RTX 3090, even as it's very expensive, it should last longer with the increased memory size and be more useful for video editing as well. And I think it's probably the last video card I'll get for my current system, as the next one would likely be a completely new build with PCIe 4.0 in a couple of years or so.
  8. Filmmaking

    If you want to keep an eye out for my next movies... well I probably can't stop myself from spamming here, but you can subscribe to Sudenpäh Productions on YouTube. Or Facebook page.
  9. Filmmaking

    Who wants to see my final movie, an unlisted preview is now available on Vimeo:
  10. Filmmaking

    I just realized that if I’m going to reduce the dynamic range of audio volume, I’ll possibly have to be more precise with dialogue, SFX volumes etc., re-tweaking the hundreds of clips... Or maybe I could just apply a compressor to the whole audio mix...
  11. Filmmaking

    Although I listened to it on my living room screen, which I had to put on quiet recently because of neighbours and I realized that I can't hear half the background sounds. Then started reading about good practices for mixing sound and realized I might have to go over the audio mix so that everything is within a dynamic range of just 20 dB or so.
  12. Filmmaking

    Yay, just finished it!
  13. Filmmaking

    @Ben X , well I'm almost done with step 1. now I don't know why but I just couldn't work on the film for months, also because with the coronavirus I had moved my work office to my editing room and I was too lazy to clear the desk for the editing work. But anyway now I had to make these kickstarter pre-launch videos (this also got delayed months) and got back into the habit of editing. I almost finished my film today (yeah, all I needed was one day really :|) and all I need is to add some more footsteps and maybe office ambiance. My music license will expire in about 4 months so I think I will skip step 2. and just put the film online and then start looking into festivals that accept movies that are already online. And hopefully next month I'll do step 5.
  14. Building a home theater...

    Seems complicated Weirdly my projector refused to turn on today, maybe because the 28 degrees celsius indoor temperature... I hope it'll be ok.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yesterday I finished my movie-watching quest of recent years. I looked up some old posts in this thread I made when I starting it. 1. I did see a lot of Bergman movies and liked most of them, but I realized he made so many movies, that I'm probably never going to watch all of them. I have the new Blu-Ray box set, will go through that and I'm sure Bergman will actually become my most watched director. 2. It took me a while to actually get the Letterbox Top 100 watched! I only finished it this month. Because it had Satantango and I just never picked it for watching. I had to go through almost all the other films in the various Top 100s and Top 250s I ended up going through, before I dared go for the 10 or so 4-15 hour length movies that were on Letterboxd and Sight & Sound Top 250. 3. I have now marked 2871 films as watched. Always my disclaimer when talking about number of movies watched: some of them were shorts. (But then again a couple of them were 14 hours long). Hi Patrick! I also took it as a side quest to watch through all the Oscar best picture winners now. 15 to go, I hope to finish in June. Driving Miss Daisy, yeah, not great. I'm not sure how one would compile a list of every "essential arthouse" film, but I do think I have some more to do here. So I should maybe start looking in that direction, but no doubt I've seen a lot of them by now. And Harakiri by Kobayashi was one of the first movies I picked to watch back then from the very top and then started going down from there. And yesterday I appropriately closed the circle with the same director's Samurai Rebellion. To sum up, these are the lists I ended up watching to 100%, in order of completion: 1. AFI 100 Years 100 Movies 2. Sight & Sound 2012 Directors Poll Extended 3. Sight & Sound 2012 Critics Poll Extended 4. First 300 only: /r/TrueFilm Canon (1000 films) (it was mostly automatic, seems to match my watching habits well - only had to watch 3 or so extra films from here) 5. Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films Bonus side quest TODO: 6. Academy Award Winners for Best Picture And I think after doing the last one I will still at some point try to get more of IMDB Top 250, maybe during a decade or so every movie from 1000 films to watch before you die etc. But generally I will start to scale down my film watching now, I hope. Or at least try to be less obsessive about it. What have I learned from all this? I'm not sure. I am not very good at expressing my thoughts about the films or deeply analyzing them so I haven't even written short reviews on Letterboxd for most of them. But recently I did start writing more reviews, even if they don't say much. I mostly watch these films as entertainment, and to broaden my horizon. Eventually I did start having a more analytical thoughts while watching and I definitely get a feeling early on just from the cinematography whether a movie is going to be a 3-star or 4-star movie for me. And I try to analyze the dramatic structure and take that into account when rating. I also made a short film while doing this, and I want to continue making those. I also started taking part of a local movie quiz season and my team is nearing 3rd place but never quite able to get there. Most of the ones above us have film critics, distribution professionals etc. in their teams, though. Was it worth it? Eventually it definitely got obsessive, and when this quarantine started I saw that as a chance to get this over with more quickly than I had planned. I like that I've seen all these films now and have a wider picture of the history of cinema. I have some regrets about not spending my free time in a more balanced way... but not so much really, it was fine.