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  1. After installing Psychonauts on CrossOver Games for Mac and trying to run the Psychonauts app, I get the error message "Psychonauts EU CD 1 not inserted". Needless to say, the CD is inserted. Any way to make CrossOver games recognize my CD? Pan me for being a n00b.
  2. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    The fight is over: Psychonauts for Mac has been released.
  3. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    Oh, and true, this is probably not the best place, but I haven't had good experiences of posting to official boards.(Though CrossOver isn't an issue anymore.) And the guy who posted to Double Fine forum didn't get any real help either, and as far as I know Majesco is bankrupt or something.
  4. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    I just read one long long thread I happened to find by searching for the word "Psychonauts", and would like to point out to everyone that there is a difference between a "principal" and a "principle". To the point: I finally managed to reconfigure my Windows XP -machine, but apparently certain ATI cards hate Psychonauts, or vice versa. I googlesearched for "psychonauts voices play but screen black" (well, not really, but that should tell you what the problem is) and didn't find anything; though lots of ATI users had had problems, they had either given up, or the problems had mysteriously disappeared. So I turn to you, though I'm not too hopeful. Oh, I do remember having played the game in my old machine before, so downgrading my drivers might work (upgrading didn't help), but doing that might be tricky...
  5. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I just had to say that I disagree - I prefer the third game to all the others in the series. FMV with the incredibly talented actors was enough to make #2 unenjoyable.Ooh, and Andrew Bird roxors.
  6. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    Idle Thumbs did a review back in the day of this website that was full of flash games, and now I can't find the review or the site. I remember most of the games had fluffy animals and stuff, one of them had little piggies that you could drop on one another to form a totem-kinda-thing and one had newly hatched birds and one had a bicycle... Does this ring a bell? EDIT: Found it. After I found old.idlethumbs.net.
  7. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    Thus shall Finnish gibberish disappear from your Facebook page forever.
  8. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    Hey guys As for Facebook, I think I just have way too much procrastinating to do and haven't found a better outlet, since Psychonauts isn't running and all that. Kingz, you are currently on my Facebook list called "Gay Sauna". The members of that list get to read all the gory details of my life. If you like, I can move you to the list called "B-list" which will bestow upon you a blissful silence from my direction. 90% of updates I see on my Twitter page are by Trep.
  9. Psychonauts on CrossOver Games Mac

    Haven't found such a setting anywhere yet. Tried using a crack, which didn't run. I curse Apple for taking away the BootCamp download for Tiger! Can't find it anywhere else...
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I didn't mean my post as a reply to yours directly, just as a sarcastic comment about how MP3s are slightly easier to destroy than CDs.
  11. Blantant heterosexuality, the horror! Castrate them all!
  12. The Sam & Max games are so great

    I got Season one and haven't played it past the demo point at all. Go figure.
  13. Hollywood is a state of mind. I should have used a lower-case letter there.
  14. The first movie, at least, was quite bland. Didn't watch the others because of that. By not making them at all. Or with less Hollywood.I thus end my almost worthless contribution to the thread.
  15. Ooh, the sex-thong thread! :innocent: :chaste:
  16. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Digital Transfer is the future of music business!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  17. Captain August is back

    Then again, if you are a student, Facebook is yet another way for you to waste your time on something other than studying (or actual social life/hobbies/work/whatever). However, without Facebook, I'd be wasting my time at Wikipedia or the Thumb or YouTube, so it's really not such a big deal!
  18. Captain August is back

    Facebook is that latest online thingy everybody should be registered on (OK, so I've got nothing against people who want to avoid that sort of thing, since essentially Facebook is a waste of time). A friend introduced it to me with the words "it's like Myspace but more fun". You can connect with friends new and old (it's actually pretty good if you can hook up with old schoolmates from another country or something like that) and just waste time doing things like playing Scrabulous (=Scrabble), join groups like "Idle Thumbs", "Captain August Rules" and "Abolish Poverty", create a list of movies you've seen with reviews, a list of books and CDs you own, discover strange social networks between people (like "woa, the brother of my friend who now lives in Congo dated my ex!"), keep a blog, communicate with friends, hear about new parties and events in your area and much more. Yeah, "waste of time" was the more succinct way of putting it. But it's also a way of documenting your life, if you like that sort of thing. And it can even be fun. Anwyway, back to August!
  19. Captain August is back

    To spread the word of August, I added a Facebook group for Captain August. Imaginatively, it's called "Captain August Fanclub". (I tried to borrow a scaled-down version of the Captain August ad from the first year and put it as the group image, but Facebook is buggy today so it didn't work. I you don't mind me adding it, Rodi ) So join up, join up! As I don't know any of you other August fans, I decided to advertise here first. Spread the word! Maybe we'll even have some discussions there now that the official forums are closed. And msg me if you think your status warrants adminship. This link might or might not work: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7121895685
  20. Apartment hunting

    So with "home" you meant "with your parent(s)"? Then I understand. But don't worry, we all have to live on our own sooner or later, and millions of us have managed just fine! Look at all the homeless people roaming the parks!I remember when I moved away from home (at the age of 19) I spent the first two weeks battling great despair and anxiety. Cooking was something especially scary.
  21. Apartment hunting

    A new apartment, great! Why the holy shit part?
  22. Captain August is back

    I am shocked by the brutal bloodbath we have had to endure in the end. Oh my! I reread the first August book a while ago. It has got better with age, like fine wine.
  23. I'd need a gun for one peasant, but I can't find it from the castle. Any tips? (A descriptive screenshot would be awesome.)
  24. Stuck in Psychonauts: Waterloo World

    Whoo, I finally finished the game. It ended kinda abruptly, I would have expeced something more fun than Meat Circus as the final level (it did make me miss the leisurous campground). It still wasn't as frustraiting as climbing up Thorney Tower's Home of the Disturbed. Raz's dad appeared as a deus ex machina in the end which was kinda meh. I would have expected a more fun ending, something other than "beat these monsters!!!" About the second wheel and the knife thrower: where are you supposed to jump to from there? I never managed to reach the ledge (double jumping didn't work), but by chance I sometimes fell on a net that then bounced me to the next level. That was frustrating when I was supposed to get the bunny and I had to wait for that lucky chance. Now I'm wondering is it worth it getting a console just for Brütal Legend. If it came for Wii I might.
  25. Double Fine

    I don't? About the screenshots: I wonder when we will see (in games) muscular characters whose muscles actually flex instead of being solid lumps. (Of course, the last time I played a game with such characters was in... uhm... can't remember, but I've seen screen shots!)