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  1. Hello there mister new person! Sadly because of the amount of annoying spam we got, we set it so that new forum members cannot make new threads until they have been members for a short while, or accumulated some posts in other forums. So post here and say "hi!" if this thread gets spammed, It will say "goodbye" no but really, just post a bit and you'll be able to make new threads later. p.s idle banter posts do not count towards your post-count, also please do not post just 10 random posts or we will use the hammer on you.
  2. I did, i loved them! I was sad recently when i checked to see if any modern versions existed and found out that no, they don't. The reference point of Sim city / Civ is still useful because no one has heard of those games except you and me. I also played a crap ton of Settlers I & II, I'd say The Settlers battles Monkey Island 2 for the game i played most on my Amiga. I feel like Anno 1404 especially is a direct descendant of those early settlers games. p.s the artwork for this thread is remarkably similar to the thumbs utopia banner above it, but nowhere near as interesting. We discussed architecture of the future Anno games being a bit of let down in the cast. It's a real shame because people could easily be imagining a more interesting future architecturally and that banner is proof, snowmen and all.
  3. Brighton's Daddy Long Legs:
  4. You just described every single Monkey Island website from the 90's
  5. The monkey island site was pretty short-lived, so it was unlikely mine. I turned the focus to all LucasArts games and created instead. It's highly likely that the site in question was part of the mojo hosted sites network though, and maybe still is
  6. Oh man good find, kinda. I think i have some of the imagery somewhere, suffice to say it was pretty terrible. The main logo was made in MS paint. I did make some of my own GIFs though of the dancing monkeys and stuff, so you know, not all terrible
  7. it's got to be top partridge action.
  8. I don't remember being a crazy racist and punching anyone in the face, even though i wanted to obviously.
  9. UK Thumbs

    Depressing links o' the day "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone." - David Cameron David Cameron puts God back into politics The Telegraph’s Tactical Voting Tool Was Coded To Never Recommend The SNP David Cameron says there should be no "means of communication" which "we cannot read" But finally, the Save our Human Rights petition.
  10. I randomly stumbled upon the old gross 'logo' we were talking about whilst looking for other old things. Enjoy!
  11. Another World Windows

    let's move the discussion here! Original post: wooot:
  12. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    me, bob, nick, and Alice will be there.. maybe glenn also.
  13. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Ysbreker - make a new thread? I and some other brighton based thumb types will be around
  14. Star Wars The Old Republic

    Tycho had some stuff to say on the matter today that made me say "yes! Fuck you everyone, exactly." i thought it was worth copying over here.... also the footage looks ¬¬ Could it actually be good underneath? It certainly has a chance at it, and we all loved KoToR. I can't help feeling that the mmo part of the game will be shit, and the rest will be pretty great. I am eager to learn more of their 'fourth pillar' that I apparently have never experienced before.
  15. Plain Sight

    Hey guys, we have a favour to ask of you, and you might have some fun as a bonus Plain Sight is a 3D multiplayer Indie arcade game made by your fellow forum members. The small five man dev team includes staff writer Alex Ashby, the excellent eljay (aka Lawrence Bishop), and Mega Artist John G. Marek and I are also working for them in consulting / freelance roles at the mo. The game will go into pre beta soon, and we’d like to get as many thumbs people into it, and then arrange a play session or two for just us lot. There are various motives for this, and some are slightly…. ulterior… They aren’t sinister though, I will share with you our hopes: We want to have some fun with you guys We actually do need to test the game We value your opinion highly, so we’d very much be after feedback, even if you hate it We’re hoping some blogging about the game and the beta can come of this… nudge nudge wink wink. Basically this is a call to action – please come and help support, improve and promote a genuinely fun game made by your friends! ------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN UP!! If you are interested, or feel the Call of Duty, then 1. Sign up here: 2. Send me a PM telling me you have done so, and what username you used Then we will arrange the client download and all that jazz, and sort a time for a couple of play sessions next week. You will continue having access to the game beta after the thumbs sessions are done, and hey maybe we could have some more ------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT PLAIN SIGHT Plain Sight is a 3D multiplayer arcade game with robots; robots who bounce around cityscapes on mini planetoids and wield swords which are used to destroy one another. Destroying another robot makes you bigger, stronger, better, a different colour. It also gives you points. Spoiler: You can’t keep the points until you kill yourself. Robots! Swords!! Explosions!!! Oh my! watch the trailer! look here's some John G art now....
  16. Instant Messenger

    I use Adium, it's so fucking good, and totally visually customisable.. get a mac otherwise if iam stuck in windows i jut use gtalk and ignore all other things because ughhhhhhh trillian is like ICQ now. ahh remember ICQ?
  17. Eurogamer Expo '10

    anyone fancy a drink friday night?
  18. Eurogamer Expo '10

    I'll be there for the whole thing, but working it, come and find me wherever LitleBigPlanet 2 is, I'll probably be wearing pink and black striped burglar type clothes. If there's a pub meet upon friday night or something, count me in, I'll drag Marek Von Bismark along.
  19. Eric Chahi's Project Dust

    It's hilarious to me that this game features volcanoes We tried to track Eric down after he disappeared from the gaming scene, so we could do this interview ( and I managed to find him via a big gallery of his volcano photos, and politely emailed him if he was the same Eric Chahi that made awesome video games. We helped him with his another World special edition website too, and as a thank you we got some big prints of his volcanoes, awesome pics But yeah, it's good that he used all that time around volcanoes to think of a new game project... Maybe Dust is the game he mentions working on in that interview?
  20. If there's one thing I can't stand it's shitty headlines that take the subject matter in question, take a method of transportation or something from it and use it in the headline to describe how it is arriving onto the console or wherever it is destined to be going, assuming that it is in some way hilariously clever. I've used some borIng headlines in the past but for fucks sake, this style get used over and over again by every hapless shit that has a shitty games blog. Same fucking 'joke' on a million sites because it's so obvious and so so shitty. Argh. Examples: Sonic spins onto DS Star Trek beams down to Xbox 360 Katamari rolling it's way to PSP FUCK OFF. I mean look at this google search and this one FFS.
  21. Crayon Physics

    Don't have time to see if this is old news as i'm jsut leaving work, but check this out, and apologies if it is FROM THE PAST! It's... like.. line rider meets that weird pac man game on DS, and er other crazy shit :tup:
  22. Happy Birthday!

    \o/ etc!