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  1. Did any of The Thumbs play the Impressions Games city builders:  Caesar, Pharaoh, etc?


    These were the direct predecessors of (and for a brief while, contemporary and competitors with) the Anno series, and would be a much closer point of comparison than either Sim City or Civilization.


    I did, i loved them! I was sad recently when i checked to see if any modern versions existed and found out that no, they don't.

    The reference point of Sim city / Civ is still useful because no one has heard of those games except you and me. :)


    I also played a crap ton of Settlers I & II, I'd say The Settlers battles Monkey Island 2 for the game i played most on my Amiga.

    I feel like Anno 1404 especially is a direct descendant of those early settlers games.


    p.s the artwork for this thread is remarkably similar to the thumbs utopia banner above it, but nowhere near as interesting. We discussed architecture of the future Anno games being a bit of let down in the cast. It's a real shame because people could easily be imagining a more interesting future architecturally and that banner is proof, snowmen and all.

  2. Hah, okay, I was thinking maybe it was the same because it was one long page of text on possibly Geocities with screenshots and probably some dancing monkey gifs. Also I think it had a MIDI song playing in the background.


    You just described every single Monkey Island website from the 90's :)

  3. Was it your website that went on a ramble about the life and times Blackbeard in the middle of talking about Monkey Island or am I thinking of some other Monkey Island page?


    The monkey island site was pretty short-lived, so it was unlikely mine. I turned the focus to all LucasArts games and created instead. It's highly likely that the site in question was part of the mojo hosted sites network though, and maybe still is :)

  4. I use Adium, it's so fucking good, and totally visually customisable.. get a mac :)

    otherwise if iam stuck in windows i jut use gtalk and ignore all other things because ughhhhhhh trillian is like ICQ now.

    ahh remember ICQ? :)

  5. I'll be there for the whole thing, but working it, come and find me wherever LitleBigPlanet 2 is, I'll probably be wearing pink and black striped burglar type clothes. :)

    If there's a pub meet upon friday night or something, count me in, I'll drag Marek Von Bismark along.

  6. It's hilarious to me that this game features volcanoes :)

    We tried to track Eric down after he disappeared from the gaming scene, so we could do this interview ( and I managed to find him via a big gallery of his volcano photos, and politely emailed him if he was the same Eric Chahi that made awesome video games.

    We helped him with his another World special edition website too, and as a thank you we got some big prints of his volcanoes, awesome pics :) But yeah, it's good that he used all that time around volcanoes to think of a new game project...

    Maybe Dust is the game he mentions working on in that interview?

    Do you have any plans to revisit Another World in some form? More generally speaking, do you think you'll go back to design a new game?

    A GBA version of AW may come one day. But more seriously, at the moment, I'm assembling my ideas to crystallise them into a new project.

  7. Tools wise, I don't really know what they all are cus I don't use them, but there are things that make it easier to search for certain items to put in prizes, or certain stickers. It also makes tweaking existing levels a bit easier. I'd like to do a proper article on them some time for the blog, so maybe i'll do that :)

    For levels, check here

    those guys are good at finding interesting things for sure, also check out this level

    just played it, was quite awesome :)


  8. Well, I know they're limited to the same materials, mechanisms, etc., but I assume they're sitting at PCs using a much more advanced user interface, being able to do more complex operations with regards to exporting, copying and stuff like that.

    The designers all use the exact same Popit that you have to make the levels, but in addition there are some PC tools that make some things a bit easier, not many people use them very frequently though - some more than others - but the majority of the stuff is built in the same way as everyone else.:)

    Also, look for levels by Johnee, his levels were so good we hired him, they might entertain you :) There are tons of levels that are much better than 'ours' out there.