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  1. Next² Generation Consoles

    littlebigplanert, drakes fortune 1 &2, wipeout3d, pixeljunk eden, pixeljunk monsters, echochrome, MGS 4, and real HD are some good reasons.... but perhaps not platform purchasing ones necessarily. But I know what you mean, it is weird, I even find it weird, but I friggin' love my PS3 (i friggin love you too mr Burgandy) , it gets used for all media related things now, and when cross platform game choices come about, i pick ps3.... GH World Tour, Dead Space, etc. Also one extra bonus, it doesnt make a fucking sound.. ever. My Elite makes weird background beeping noises when i play DVDs..... WHY? that on top of the fans and whirring makes ut a useless media device. but back on topic.... new handheld revisions perhaps? i mean DSi is coming but that doesnt exactly count... think PSP will do anything to boost itself a bit?
  2. How to fly

    fuck that. Is there a video game where you can do it instead?
  3. Next² Generation Consoles

    I'm having a hard time at the moment eating all the hats because PS3 has become a clear favourite of mine, the wii having been used once in 2008 and the 360 not getting much play time at all since Castle Crashers... The Wii isnt even plugged in. wow. tell that to me 2 years ago.
  4. undefined

    i dont know how to change that so fuck it
  5. undefined

  6. undefined

  7. Little BIG Planet

    I'll be online for the next two hours, hit me up if you see me
  8. Little BIG Planet

    haha yeah Chris... I made Tom add that warning to them because Holy shit some of them look so real... kudos to Tom i guess! more up now though, a real fanboy dream destroyer included
  9. I must out-beard Tim Schafer

    done that's a pretty important poll there
  10. Little BIG Planet

    check out our latest article on (mostly comedy) DLC predictions for little big planet there are 5 more coming later today and another 5 tomorrow.... preview:
  11. Merry fucking Christmas

    I'm out, I lived, I'm in pain. vigi vigi vigi err anyways, thanks for your nice messages and things, iphone kept me sane in there, i can tell you
  12. Merry fucking Christmas

    Never! Omfg the polar express is on tv, uncannyvalley+ morphine could work! Nurse, stat!
  13. Merry fucking Christmas

    Live from the hospital!! Man thank you Jesus for iPhones, a lifeline to the internet, and crazy old man snore blocker. This morning i had morphine for breakfast and watched mornin Xmas cartoons whilst high as a fucking kite.... In 2 hours I get operated on, I keep thinking of trauma center..... And house m.d Help!
  14. Hey guys, since losing my job at NC, I've been working part time with Eurogamer to help organise their expo. I wouldn't normally advertise but, this doesn't count because: 1. I'm working on this, and so is Nachimir 2. It's £5 to get in and it's all for charity 3. it's a perfect chance for a london Thumbs meet up 4. Nachimir and myself (mainly Nach) have been working to get a little indie arcade area set up there, and we have a winning selection of games: Braid Dangerous Highschool Girls In Trouble Jetpack Brontosaurus Multiwinia Plain Sight (important note: this is made by Elijay and mr Alex Ashby ) Machinarium Samorost Shift War Twat World of Goo Additionally there are loads of other games, you know, commercialised horseshit like left4dead and far Cry 2. Anyone fancy it? Of course I'll be working the entire god damn time (11am - 10pm), but I can probably escape for a drink at some point, maybe...
  15. So, Fable 2

    buy all the 5 star businesses and you'll have a million gold or whatever in no time, i was getting something stupid like like 20,000g every 5 minutes whilst i was doing the end part of the game. oh inside the castle there is a weird bonus quest line also. i need to remember to go trade fable in whilst it's still worth more than £3
  16. Plain Sight

    Anyone up for a christmas play session this week? ... between all the present buying and face stuffing and hangovers anyways
  17. sexy failures

    What the hell? Come on, seriosuly? Sexy Sherlock? She doesn't even have a pipe.
  18. Game Damage

    I agree.... i miss game life
  19. Little BIG Planet

    image import - silence. Last we heard was a picture on Mm's flickr proving that it exsits whilst Sony denied that it could ever work. lost in the ether whilst they try and get people like disney to spend money to get their art in the game, not wanting people to just put it there themselves. My co-blogger tom has 100% of everything and all the trophies, he is a sicko. On that level there are some hidden ones like umm when you ride the horse down the hill, jump off him and get up onto the trees... also you can jump along from the castley bit to the left to get some other ones. I'll happily play with you and help you find missing ones, I've got a buch myself for other levels
  20. sexy failures

    If you dressed like that in England, The Sun readers would insta-lynch you, but they wouldnt understand why they did it. man i seriously need to get some new christmas decorations someone needs to plot the thread de-railment course of this thread, it's gone off somewhere completley insane.
  21. Little BIG Planet

    The latest patch 1.07 brings the photo export feature that someone was asking about a few pages back, i think maybe it was Chris MGS video is amazing
  22. Game Damage

    man fail, we had the excellent Dominic Diamond and Sir Patrick Moore at that time to keep us informed awesome, a Christmas episode! sadly also this crap Oh Look it's TV's Peter Molyneux!
  23. Ad fail

    Also, his 'mansion' looks like a motel
  24. Plain Sight

    some feature notes before i forget em - score board should display in order of winner -> loser - needs in-game chat and notification x kills y, Z has joined the game etc - bring up score board with tab plz power ups and objectives and things are gonna make it even more fun, I look forward to that the net code is scary, hosting a game turned my internet into 1996, should probably consider getting some dedicated servers ....