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  1. I've become a demo whore

    pah! your dollars are worthless here! ¬
  2. Intro Sequences in Games

    i like a nice intro it has to be said, sometimes you feel a bit sad when ther eis nothing. Never winter nights skimped out a bit.. had a lame animation at the start. lame. Warcraft II and in fact all blizzard games make the most of really powerfully rendered cut scenes and intros that arent particularly inspired story wise always make you say 'oooh'. Also the warcraft iii cut scenes are suspiciously the same as the lord of the rings movies in places. Fat eof antlantis' interactive intro was amazing... more please. other intros i dig: GTA3 vice city the settlers (first one)
  3. Intro Sequences in Games

    try testing an EA game.. everyitme it crashes and you reset... that fucking sample.. holy shit its annoying
  4. Intro Sequences in Games

    the doom 3 trailer thats up at the moment does that nicely... nothing amazing, just has the logos as part of the trailer. v decent of them
  5. Dawn of War beta

    I've just been playing the beta of this game and its fucking good. Not good in the sense that its breaking new ground, has new ideas, is well polished etc. Good in the way that its really god damn fun to play. Also its violent it is of course based on Warhammer 40k, the tabletop game played by geeks everywhere, which means it holds much more appeal for me having been a fan when i was younger than someone who gives not a shit. Having said that the unit animation and design plus the action physics etc is bound to make even a games workshop skeptic turn and look. The gameplay mechanic is lost somewhere between starcraft and warcraft III, but is more or less identical to one of those two at all times. Except the resource stuff - which involves capturing different strategic points etc in order to get a bigger army.. somewhat based on the army points system from the table top game. That and you can zoom in and watch all the troops go for it. Playable races are nicely customisable (you can 'paint' them ¬ ¬) and all work differently.. The orks weapons and upgrades are even localised: 'more gunz' 'more choppe' ' biggest gunz' 'rokit' etc hehehe you can upgrade squds on the fly with reinforce options and also customise them to have heavy weapons of your choice... It really is beautiful to watch the huge-ass, flaming-footstep-leaving-behind, Eldar avatar impaling a troop on the end of his sword and flinging them across the map woooo, or the chaos blood thirster being summoned and then ripping troops limb from limb... i mean.. Just look at the war!! .. just look. winner anyone on the beta want a game? (you get it from file planet subscriptions)
  6. It's gettin' hot in here

    hahahahaha thats stupid. well done.
  7. Features all games should have

    microsoft and sony both require the rolling demos to be skippable, but sadly not cutscenes, although they do frown on them occasionally.....
  8. Interesting bit about Psychonauts

    the xbox primarily uses direct X doesnt it? i thought that was the whole premise of the console. multi-platform usually means all 3 consoles... normally people dont make gamecube versions of crap games, but this is jsut the kind of title that would do well on the NGC.
  9. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Im not gonna steal another tank....
  10. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    ~Nick's avatar is surely the finest: he's a sicko
  11. Misse & Murre in space

    Crush Them Alllll
  12. Misse & Murre in space

    idlethumbs.not is my bastard friend at work!! crush him!!!! this game is both sick and amazing
  13. jake, you already look 45 ¬ that face scares me.. wtf is going on?!?!
  14. damn that sucks. I dont like STEAM, it makes me scared for soem reason... like its going to destroy the world one day or something. anyways, it sounds like its not really worth playng this little game for anything more than a time wasting session so i'll check it out at work some time
  15. BUY games? what are you, stupid?

    i use a combination of total warez, real life purchasing and blagging free copies from companies i tested for or review for. This combination seems to work quite well and i end up with most of the games i want to play before i turn to warez somehow. The problem with downloading gmes and then buying a copy if they are good is that most of the time games arent *that* good... certainly not worth £40. I tend to buy a pc game if its REALLY good or i happen to have money at the time.. i mostly save my money for import console games which are more of a pain in the ass to warez and are also cooler boxed somehow. The last pc game i downloaded was: Dungeon Siege: Ledgends of Arana The last pc game i paid for was: Planetside + Core Combat The last Console game i downloaded was.... erm.. ikaruga Dreamcast? aaages ago the last console game i bought was Mario Golf import! woooo heh. The warez scene is a dodgy subject for some it seems... sometimes to forget the guilt, I remind myself that I work in the industry, and spend 7.5 hours a day making it a better place.. so i am exempt from the criminal aspect of downloading games.. heh. It works quite well in my head.
  16. You have to get it trhough STEAM? fucks sake i hate steam. someone upload it soemwhere else would they please? ¬ ¬
  17. Traditions and Customs of your country.

    watching fear and loathing whilst playing Diablo is fucking insane. but Conan the barbarian goes quite well..
  18. I had to test Z2 steel soldiers... it was a nightmare. heh oh well.
  19. fear : of other games..

    Yeah but if the scare factor is merely /part/ of a good game - like doom - then its a really good extra factor. Plus the whole point of HP Lovecrat is to wet yourself and run away... the character will spack out and fail to aim properly forcing the player to play a character who is scared and going insane rather than trying to force them to feel scared.... anyways hopefully that is also combined with a good game ¬
  20. Nintendo DS pics

    Not one of those DS games used that other screen for anything more than a menu or a map screen. some of them didnt use it at all. Ok Wario ware use dit and also Picto chat, if you can call that a game, As far as i can tell this is a portable n64 that looks like a lunchbox or something and has poor attempts at cash-in games. I mean some of the games look decent enough to play, but the system is stupid. Also picto chat is useless and gay, funny maybe at work or soemthing? i dunno... maybe you could play consequences with it where is smash bros DS?
  21. This Transformers game

    if you like the new Transformers generation then it's ok. It's using that mini con story line which i personally find a bit ¬ shifty The game play is pure action, imagine GTA where instead of being bored walking around on foot and you search around until you find a good enough car / bike, instead you just press the button and turn into one and wooooo drive around running over decepticons. weeeee I'm Optimis mother fucking Prime!!!!!! some of the people I know that played it said it was pretty challenging, a bit samey but mostly ok... I'd probably try and get a go on it if i were you Also, Being Optimus Prime for 13 years in a row scares me.. show me photographic evidence