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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    lazy mods? oh right, hang on....
  2. Nobi Nobi Boy

    I didn't like it ¬¬ I like lots of different elements of it a lot - menus, music high scores board, etc, but so far I havent clicked with the gaming element of it enough to feel compelled to keep playing. I'm hoping it will click into place with a bit more time spent though
  3. Save us John Connor!!! (Part II)

    Funny how all the skynet security installations are in comic shops ¬¬ man that'sa failure of an ARG / viral site thing.
  4. Flower

    the 'Dual Analog controller' for PS1 was entirely analogue, or at least some of it was, hence the name - You had to press that little 'analog' button in the middle to activate it though. DS2 it became standard. wow i hate that i know that. Flower is win though
  5. Dreamcast VGA mod (or: Hardware hack help, please!)

    I used to have a VGA adaptor for dreamcast, ran it on my monitor and it looked awesome.
  6. Flower

    go for some of the trophies
  7. No I've been getting those forbidden messages too, when psoting new threads or replying... not sure what it is though...
  8. LittleBigThumb

    oh also. if you want to communicate to other ppl, i suggest having a mic - any usb mic works, in using the eyetoy thingy as a mic currently and or a usb keyboard plugged in
  9. LittleBigThumb

    had a winning game with Toblix, filled with embarrassing spinny wheel falling, taking a break, we need more people so we can do all the 4 player challenges! thanks for the game toblix, i forgot to say that when i logged off there, hehe bbiab
  10. LittleBigThumb

    Right, I'm playing this all evening (Thursday), with a probably short gap to get beers or cook food - hit me up and lets get some 4 player shenanigans on the go! I'm thespaff on psn if you dont have me already!
  11. Plain Sight

    there are quite a number of gameplay changes being added soon that should address some of those things hopefully!
  12. Pigeons

    it's Lili actually dan, get it right and I painted the purple tentacle painting about 5 years ago or so
  13. Pigeons

  14. Pigeons

    the bathroom isn't as bad this time.... yet heh
  15. Quake Live

    Woot i got it working. also im using the clan tag aka : TUP : feel free to join the clan ¬¬ heh
  16. Million Dollar Traders

    mind blowing - IGN ?
  17. ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮Mirror's Edge

    wow.... this game improves 1,000,000,000% (non US billion) when you play it on a PC, with usual PC FPS Controls. I'm only near the start though, so I don;t know how long it will hold me. Also, seeing as easy mode only tunes down the *combat* to be easier, i decided to play on easy andavoid the apparently god awful fighting stuff people keep going on about man whoever decided to add snipers to this game needs to be taken into a small room and :pan: oh and i almost pissed myself when i came across a steam valve that I needed to turn off. edit: having said that, playing it with these pc controls really takes away from the arcade action feel of the game, it no longer feels as unique as maybe it was intended, and sometimes just feels I'm playing around in a quake map or something.... almost. also, wow. I heard the story was terrible but wow.
  18. Quake Live

    I can't log into the site at the mo, it jsut gets stuck telling me to download the plugin, which I have done now, 7 times. stupid thing
  19. Plain Sight

    Right, a new build of this is now available, I'm gonna jump into those daily sessions and help the guys out, I'll be there tonight hopefully, not tomorrow due to mister Obama, but then again on Wednesday. Come join me? sorry about the xmas plays sessions, i wastaken out of action: hehe.
  20. LittleBigThumb

    count me in! Any day is good well except tomorrow, but usually a tuesday is fine
  21. Little BIG Planet

    Does anyone mind if i continue to hype my little off-shoot project... good, ok then ¬¬ we just launched our second designer sticker pack for LBP, kind of our own DLC basically: if anyone reading this is a designer that fancies showcasing their work in a little sticker pack, hit me up we also made a bonus Uncharted costume mockup in a response to a tweet from Naughty dog asking where it was! aaanyways on a secondary note, lets get some 4 player online going on, i'm failing to organise it though, anyone want to take a lead on that?
  22. I havent watched it yet, but.... the end? Say it aint so!