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  1. Steven Seagal's Under Siege is the Fable 6 of movies
  2. Clever reinvention...?

    "much more hip" "Hip"? Really? plz stop.
  3. Plain Sight

    The guys are working hard to get the code ready for release, but i think they plan a second trial phase shortly before launch
  4. (

    "Health and Safety prevents me from telling you how good this game is" -
  5. (

    "Cum like Superman" -
  6. (

    "This game will make your ejaculation like a bubbling fountain" -
  7. (

    "This game will make you cum like a bison" - IGN
  8. Hellooo I just spent ages writing up the NCsoft Europe Christmas party '07, it's potentially an interesting read for some of you, especially the bored amongst you, as it's kinda long. I felt that now the company is practically dead anyways, it would be fine to share the story. It was a kind of a semi ARG style treasure hunt for 100 odd people in 30 taxis, and took me and my team months of planning to put together. To tempt you further I can reveal that it features Alex Ashby as a butler.
  9. [youtube] now exists

  10. [youtube] now exists

    hacked was probably the wrong term, the BB code isnt an optimal thing though, but it seems to work so, woot!
  11. Anyone grabbed Eliss for iphone yet? It's awesome, I've been playing it for the last 20 minutes, and my brain asplode. ... it's quite hard to describe really, so watch this video instead! 7fELPZ26QRk £2.50 / $3.99 on the itunes store
  12. Ellis is yes. Not Eliss.
  13. Auditorium was awesome from the demo thing on the site, it looks like they're trying to port it to iphone, so i'll wait for that version with much anticipation. As for Eliss, stage 3 is a bitch. i think this is going to require 3 people to play usefully hehe.
  14. Bafta Game Awards 2009

    Mario Galaxy won best game... Which is nice! But it's interesting that something can be the best game when it doesn't have Best Story, Best Use of Audio, Best Character, Best Technical achievement, Best Artistic achievement, Best soundtrack, Best game play, or Best multiplayer. What does it have then ? ¬¬.
  15. that's my favourite wizard.
  16. "Dear Blizzard"

    you are not a douche, i encountered this many times or got angry at other departments for cutting corners and being happy with shite, instead of trying to output to the highest attainable quality. some people are so mediocre it burns.
  17. "Dear Blizzard"

  18. Whilst at the Science museum a few months ago with Rusalka (yusfter) and her little sisters, Marek and myself discovered a PC in the corner of the kids area with a game on it, sarcastically proclaming "video games!" we sat down to play, and err well it wasn't that bad actually, and we completed it You can play it online, It's not exactly mind taxing, but it does have user created content and was quite a fun little puzzle thing. Maybe someone here can make something good from it. Or at least rude. It revolves around a little ball, and placing tiles that affect the environment in different ways, that can eventually be used to get your ball to safety. It's like chu chu rocket meets lemmings or something. "Play, Create and Share." I'm sure that's someone else's tag line ¬¬ updated! Actually I've just noticed that the online version has far more levels than the one we played, maybe it does get evil at the end, far too evil for small children to be exposed to ¬¬ Also it has won some awards... neat
  19. The Science Museum presents: Launchball

    cant you just share the link it gives you in the email or something?
  20. Quake Live

    who made it to the last door in the difficulty selection then, hands up!
  21. i drew it with my hands
  22. Here's one i made earlier
  23. Dawn of War makes me want to do Warhammer art

    it's a hidden compliment, you have to work for it, even though you deserve it a thousand times.
  24. Dawn of War makes me want to do Warhammer art

    whatever, that's nothing, check this out:
  25. NCsoft Europe gather together one final time, and 'sing' the final countdown in singstar. hehehe.